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Is Mistplay Legit? Does It Really Pay?

Jade is a gaming enthusiast. Her decades of experience in gaming drive her passion to explore mobile gaming.

Can I Trust Mistplay?

Mistplay is an app that allows users to redeem points for various gift cards. They are a legitimate company that delivers gift cards in a timely manner. I have had a great experience with Mistplay, but it's important to understand that it is not really a side hustle. I do not work for Mistplay, nor am I being compensated by them for this content. I am a happy Mistplay user who is thrilled to share my experience with others.

Mistplay provides a platform to connect app developers to real users. It's not a job. It's a reward-based system where people who enjoy playing app games can make some extra gift cards for something they already do.

There are lots of people who play app games as a part of their normal, everyday behavior. Mistplay gives those users and ability to take an activity they love and turn it into a way to get some free stuff. The interface is user-friendly, smooth, and has a quick response time.

I have redeemed many Amazon gift cards because that's my gift card of choice. I believe Mistplay can be trusted. The user should understand that free gift cards are not a source of income. But they will help you get some free stuff just for playing games.

Earning Points

Points are earned as you interact with any particular Mistplay game. it's important to remember to log into the game through the Mistplay app. You will not earn points if you log directly into the game without using Mistplay.

There are two types of points. This causes a lot of confusion. There are points you earn to level your Mistplay account up, and there are points you redeem for gift cards. Learn about these and the system will make total sense to you.

As you play you will level up and earn GXP points faster. It might seem slow earning at first, but with time your loyalty is paid off by faster earnings. I love Mistplay and have never had a problem redeeming for gift cards. Mistplay is the clear leader of the pack.

Account Proof

Proof of Mistplay being a legit app.

Proof of Mistplay being a legit app.

Being a Mistplay User

If you were to calculate the number of points you can earn while playing games, you would find that the number of points would never even be close to matching an hourly wage. But, if you already play apps over the month, you might find you have enough to redeem for a few gift cards.

Being rewarded for downtime makes it feel like playing games is more productive. Who wouldn't want to relax and earn gift cards at the same time! The question you might be asking is if Mistplay is right for you. In most cases, the answer is yes, but here is a list to suggest who this app might be great for.

Who May Benefit From Using Mistplay:

  • People who enjoy playing games
  • Adults who are 18 years or older
  • People who already spend a fair amount of time playing apps
  • Users with a good phone
  • People who could use it long term
  • People who are looking for a few free gift cards
  • Any human who is self-isolating
  • Anyone who likes trying new things
  • Users who like free stuff

There are a few negative reviews about Mistplay out on the internet. It is my opinion that these come from people who don't understand the system, try to game the system, or a desperate to find a way to make a ton of extra money. If you're in a desperate situation, this is not a good way to make money! This app is for people who have free time on their hands and like gift cards. If you know how to read the terms of service, and how to follow rules, then Mistplay is for you.

Mistplay Is Not For:

  • People looking for a side hustle
  • Those who want to only work from home
  • Individuals who don't have much free time
  • People using a VPN
  • Those who take too many shortcuts
  • People with a short attention span

Does Everyone Get the Same Gift Card Selection?

I don't work for Mistplay, I'm just a user. I've seen a lot of different people reporting that the gift cards available to them are different from what others report. The types of gift cards you are offered would depend on where you were from. Not only will this vary from country to country. I theorize that this may also be from state to state within the US.

Mistplay is a legit company, which means that they follow applicable laws. It's likely that the variation in law around the country, and around the world, is what would affect the types of gift cards you might see. Your experience and gift cards may be different than mine.

I have a long list of gift cards that I can redeem for. A few free gift cards I can redeem are Google Play, Amazon, Visa, Uber, Starbucks, and more. Every single card I have ever gotten from Misplay has worked. I have never had a problem using them. While the gift cards you can redeem for could be different than mine, I feel safe to say whatever card you choose will work for you.


Is Mistplay Responsive to Customers Needs?

To be honest with you I only had one issue with Mistplay. that was more of a compatibility issue with one of the games than it was with anything else. I did contact customer support. They were very quick to reach back out to me. They were able to guide me through the problem, and I was able to fix the issue.

I have never had an issue with my gift cards. They have all been valid, and I've used them to buy things I need and even birthday and Christmas presents. The customer service agents are very friendly and helpful. If you have a problem, just reach out to them and they will try and fix it. This is a professional company. Within the app under the 'About Us' section, you can learn about the company, its history, and its employees.

Are There Enough Games to Redeem for Regular Free Gift Cards?

Yes! There are more than enough games to keep earning points. Some competitors might have enough games for one card. However, Mistplay has a huge selection of games. Over time you will notice the games being offered to you will change. The selection is so large it is unlikely you would run out of games to play.

Once you have played a game it will stay on your list. You can go back and play them to earn more points. My advice is to play enough games to make sure you build a large library of games to play.

Many of these games are very popular, you may have heard of, and fun to play. Some games will earn you more points than others. Mistplay will keep updating games and making sure users never run out of fun games to play. I really recommend using this app. Get in on now, and start earning your free gift cards!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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