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Updated on March 20, 2018
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You wake up in a cold, damp prison to find that you have been betrayed and imprisoned by Lord Rastin. With the help of a purple ghost named Geffi, you escape the dungeon with a vengeance to retake your place as the King of Thieves. Now you must steal, mine, craft spells, and create gems with high deltas to advance throughout the many tournaments of the game to reclaim your title. You will have to go through many dungeons and use many totems to upgrade your gems to eventually reclaim your rightful title as King of Thieves!

My Current Dungeon
My Current Dungeon


Guilds: You can team up with up to 25 players to create gems with higher ratings. You can also steal gems from other players during the multiplayer matches. Members of the guild also have an opportunity to retrieve your stolen gems. Prizes include orbs, gold, and a hire delta rating for your guild, which will result in the following bonuses:

  • Totem Gem Bonus: Gives you an additional bonus when you create gems via totem rituals
  • Stolen Gem Bonus: Adds Bonus delta to gems you steal from other players
  • Retrieved Gem Bonus: Adds Bonus delta to gems retrieved by teammates
  • Mined Gem Bonus: Adds delta to gems mined in the game.

To obtain these bonuses, guilds will have to win a certain number of guild battles and obtain the required delta.

I highly recommend that players join a guild as soon as possible because it allows you to upgrade your dungeon quickly and provides an additional competitive element to the game.

Arena: Your guild also participates in the “Arena”; there are 4 arenas in total and your position is based on how many guild battles your team wins as well as the net increase of delta . The 4 arenas are Key, Glove, Mask, and Crown. At the end of the season, everybody on the team is rewarded based on their participation and the ranking of their guild in the arena. Prizes include tears, gold, orbs, and even costumes!

Upgrades: Spend your gold, tears and emeralds on upgrading your dungeon's defenses and your throne and to improve the rate of gold production, key production, and other valuable upgrades.

Treasure Hall: This is where you can store your largest gems to prevent someone from stealing them. Once you store your gems in Treasure hall, your saved gem rating will increase. Once your saved gem rating reaches a certain number, then your rank will increase, and you will receive magical spheres. Once you open them, you will obtain special gems, which can be used to create spells to further enhance your dungeon.

Ancient Totem: This ancient relic was found at the bottom of your headquarters one random night. This totem is used to craft spells that can further enhance your defenses and can improve your stealing prowess. Spells can either have a temporary effect or a permanent effect.

King of Thieves Official Gameplay Trailer


Gameplay: King of Thieves has a simple set of controls, tap the screen for your avatar to jump over cannonballs, ravines, spinners, and much more. It has very high replay value.

Multiplayer: The PVP multiplayer games test your mental fortitude and your reflexes while stealing gems and gold from other players. I love this because it challenges your reflexes and gives you a manic high whenever you successfully pull off a gem heist.

Costumes: You can spend ingredients to acquire costumes that will differentiate your avatar from the others. What I like about this is the sheer variety of costumes available.

Guilds: I love the guilds because it makes the game much more playable and because the guilds help you advance in the individual arenas. It is also fun to talk to your teammates on the team chat and to test each other's dungeons.

Cons/What to Improve On

Listed below, are the items that I believe the game can improve on:

  • Single player mode is more like a chore, needs a story
  • Should let you have access to more than 3 missions
  • Does not have a go back button to go back to dungeons
  • Should have a global chat do you can chat with all players, regardless if they are in your guild and regardless of level
  • The shield should a bit longer. The current shield lasts only 45 min. It needs to last for at least 1 hour.


Recommendations While Playing

I highly recommend that you place additional focus on the following upgrades to help you purchase more expensive upgrades later in the game:

  • Gold Mine Capacity
  • Lock Capacity
  • Master Lock Picker
  • Revitalizing Heartbeat
  • Seeker Spell

It is also highly recommended that you upgrade your defenses so you can keep your gems and gold safe from other thieves.

Do not spend too many Ingredients on Costumes because the costumes do not help you advance. Rather, I would save them to upgrade your throne, which will help you much later in the game, specially since the spinner never lands on powder.

Never put all of your delta in one gem or else. If you leave your largest gem in the totem for a long ritual then you are risking losing a significant amount of delta. (Trust me!)

Do you play King of Thieves?

Do you play King of Thieves?

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Final Verdict

All in all, King of Thieves is an effective time killer that challenges your reflexes and your cunning. It has great game play and plenty of replay value. There are some minor items that need to be tweaked, but the developers are always working to make the game better for all players, making it the massive success that it is today.

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