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"Kingdoms at War" Guide: Allies and Volleying


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In Kingdoms at War, allies can make huge profits for a player. Most players rapidly become aware that hitting Epic Battles, especially high paying ones like Haunts, can easily earn them 1-2,000,000,000 an hour and for those dedicated enough to login in every hour for say 15 hours a day that can mean almost 30,000,000,000 a day in profit.

But those earnings are limited and without using crystals which cost real money it can take a long time to “build complete” unlock all lands and put the highest level of buildings on each land and max their levels. To unlock every land in the game will cost you a staggering 2,021,803,735,000 (that’s trillion!) gold. On top of that cost depending on the final buildings that you choose you will spend another 4,000,000,000,000 gold. If you earn 30,000,000,000 a day it will take you 200 days to pay for everything.

Starting out though you will need to work up to those kinds of figures so you could be looking at almost a complete year of play and that is as long as you never get involved in any wars and only spend your money on lands and buildings (which means you spent nothing on added attack and defense for your kingdom by buying potions).

Note: You can speed up your early growth by reading this article.

So while you are making money on cash-rich Epic Battles what you should also be doing is making money from Ally Trading. The amount of money you can make doing this is limitless. There is no limit to the number of times allies can be bought and sold each day.

Ally Money Mechanics

(This section can seem complicated at first because of the figures and maths involved. But these examples are for illustration and to help you understand what happens when you buy and sell allies. The exact figures are not important as you will find as your experience grows you will get a fell for what kind of money you will be making!)

Each player begins the game with a base price of 10,000 gold. Each time that player is bought their price goes up by 5% (rounded down to the nearest whole number at each step). This cumulative increase makes a players price grow slowly at first. For example by the time a player is hired:

  • 100 times: Their price would be 1,251,184.
  • 200 times: Their price would be 164,531,274.
  • 300 times: Their price would be 21,636,068,299.
  • 400 times: Their price would be 2,845,170,194,990.

(The most expensive player in the game has been hired 430 times.)

What is very important about each hire is that a portion of that 5% gets distributed as profit to the players:

Approximately 1.6% goes to the player being hired*

*This is a capped earning though. The most that can be earned for being hired is 1,000,000 gold; which means that once your price hits approximately 67,000,000 you hit the limit.

Approximately 1.6% goes to the player selling the Ally**

** This profit is uncapped. This means, for example, that if you hire an ally at 100,000,000,000 you will earn just under 1,600,000,000 gold in a single transaction.

So if Player A has an ally that costs 10,196,681 (he, therefore, paid 9,711,125 for him) and Player B buys him the result is this:

  • Ally: receives 163,146 (1.6% profit of 10,196,681) for being hired
  • Player A: gets 9,711,125 (ally’s original price) back + 155,378 (1.6% profit)
  • Player B: pays 10,196,681 for the ally and now owns him at his new price of 10,706,515

So everyone is making a profit at this stage. But now take the same scenario and alter the allies’ price. So if Player A has an ally that costs 2,080,137,245 (he, therefore, paid 1,981,083,091 for him) and Player B buys him the result is this:

  • Ally: receives 1,000,000 for being hired (capped value)
  • Player A: gets 1,981,083,091 (ally original price) + 31,697,329 (1.6% profit)
  • Player B: pays 2,080,137,245 for the ally and now owns him at his new price of 2,184,144,107

So very quickly you get to the stage where if you are the person being hired you are making very little money compared to the people doing the hiring. In short, always make sure you are the one hiring for the biggest profit!


“Volleying” an Ally

A “volley” is where a player is repeatedly hired over and over again between two or more players in a short space of time. For every billion gold that a player’s price is raised through hiring, the players who are doing the hiring will share approximately 320 million gold profit.

Generally, a player will volley an ally if they feel the ally is under-priced and want to raise their price to where they feel it should be. Or if they wish to overprice the ally to ensure that no-one is likely to buy the ally from them. There are also opportunistic volleys when a player resets or when a new player enters the game.

It is safest to volley with a friend or clan mate in the game and some players will volley allies between multiple accounts they own in order to keep as much of the profit that they own.

There is a danger in volleying allies with people you don’t know as they may scam you. The scam is simply that they announce they want to volley one of their allies up to a named price. However, as soon as you buy the ally from them they simply don’t buy back which leaves you stuck with the ally. In these cases, the ally is overpriced and unlikely ever to sell.


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