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"KingsRoad" Tips and Tricks

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KingsRoad is an excellent hack-and-slash RPG on the Android platform. Its gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of epic action role-playing games like Torchlight. The visuals are stunning, and character animation, environments, and game design are paced to perfection.

The game lets you choose from three character classes. The best part is that you can switch to a totally new class at any time. If you have played action RPGs before, then you will be familiar with several gameplay features. The game has separate forge, class training, skill, spell, and crafting systems—the crafting system is in-depth.

If you are new to this RPG title or want some additional tips, here are some pointers that will improve your gameplay experience immensely.

Tips and Hints

  • Replay levels to earn mastery and gems, with rewards of up to 50 gems if you play previous levels more than once. Gems can be used to buy special items, purchase vanity skins, add extra slots to your inventory, and break open rare chests.
  • To remove unwanted items, click on the Inventory menu, or press the “I” key. Next, click on the “Trash Items” button at the bottom of the screen, and click on the item you want to remove.
  • Not all items collected as loot will be useful to you; it depends on your class and level. For example, a hunting bow gathered from a dead corpse would be of use to an archer, but not a warrior. Also, one needs to level up to use certain items. Press "I" to access inventory, and place your mouse cursor over unequipped items to check their stats and level-up requirements.
  • Make sure enemies follow your character in large numbers. When they surround him, start killing them all using special skills. This way, you get an attack boost and level-up quickly.
  • Become a member of a party by clicking on the “Find Party” button. A party consists of three online players who embark on a quest together. Hunting in packs is more fun than attacking enemies alone, although you may not be able to collect all rewards as your party members will also be busy collecting loot.
  • The faint glow around an item's tile is color-coded to show the item's rarity. Items with a white glow are common items, while Items with an orange glow are the rarest.

Tips to Make the Most of Vendors and Trainers in Town

1. Click on "Bertha the Merchant” to get access to the General Store. Here, you can buy food and drink to restore health and mana. Each item has a “cool-down” time of 5 seconds. Make sure you buy your food, water, or special potions before embarking on an adventure.

  • Parsnip: 250 Health
  • Water: 25 Mana
  • Bread: 500 Health (unlocks at Level 7)
  • Apple: 750 Health (unlocks at Level 10)
  • Cabbage: 1000 Health (unlocks at Level 15)

2. Click on “Grisolm the Class Trainer” to switch to a new class at any time.

3. Click on “Sir Galeb the Skill Trainer” to distribute skill points to special attacks.

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4. Click on "Father Byron the Sage" to get access to spells and scrolls. You will need to visit Father Byron to identify items marked with a green “?”. Items crafted in a forge or collected from chests don't need to be identified, but unidentified items collected from corpses and barrels do.

5. Click on "Lorian the Cook" to concoct powerful potions and food.

6. Click on "Magnus the Blacksmith" to get entry into the Forge. The forge lets you craft a special item out of six items of a certain “quality.” There are four types of quality: Fine, Superior, Epic, and Legendary.

  • Don’t forget to upgrade the forge; this allows you to craft high-quality weapons and special items.
  • You can also upgrade your unwanted weapons, armor, and other items by visiting the Blacksmith in town.
Mastery Rewards

Mastery Rewards

Additional Hints and Tricks

  • After completing all levels in KingsRoad, you can unlock “Heroic” difficulty mode. In this mode, more loot will drop from corpses, barrels, and treasure chests.
  • To get better rewards (more coins and gems at the end of the game), start playing in co-op mode with your online friend.
  • Items you don’t need any more can be sold for gold. Click on any vendor, click on the “Sell Items” button at the bottom, and then click on an item you want to sell.
  • To boost skills, make sure you distribute skill points after completing a quest. Visit Sir Galeb to upgrade skills. You can also reset skills to redistribute skill points to each special skill. To purchase skill points, click on the yellow “Buy Skill Points” button.
  • If you have chosen the Archer class, then the best way to hit your target is to press the SHIFT button while clicking the mouse button. Your character will stick to his position and can easily eliminate his target from a distance.
  • To score more points and get closer to the next level, kill more enemies and wild animals, and destroy objects (barrels, dummy targets, treasure chests, and so on).
  • To save time, press a hotkey associated with each special attack, food, or drink. For example, in Food/Drink, Q = Parsnip. W = Water. In Special Skills, 1 = Maim, 2 = Cleave. I=Items panel.

Screenshots were taken by the writer, courtesy Rumble Entertainment.


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