Ultimate Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide: The AOE Nuking Archer Commander in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on January 9, 2020
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Kusunoki Commander Info Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"
Kusunoki Commander Info Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Kusunoki Masahige is one of the best AOE Nuking Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Also, he is a great archer commander, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Despite the fact that he is an epic commander, he still can be a great AOE nuking commander, and at the same time, a great archer commander. However, this can only be achieved if Kusunoki’s talent tree is built right. Don’t worry though because this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide will definitely help you build AOE Nuking machine that you can use even in PvP.

This guide will focus on building him as a nuking commander. His ability to deal skill damage to multiple enemies is very useful when up against multiple troops in PVP battles in Ark of Osiris, Kingdom versus Kingdom event or even in an open field battle. However, the ability to deal AOE damage also has its weakness. Since it can hit multiple targets, it is very likely that it can attract multiple troops. Nuking commanders usually lack in defense so they are not really good at sustaining damage from multiple troops so it can be a problem if your AOE attacks cause other troops to attack you. But then again, if someone is tanking all the damage for your troops, then Kusunoki’s AOE damage is definitely helpful in the battle. Other than that, he is also a good archer commander so we will cover talents in the Archer Talent Tree as well.

Kusunoki Skills Page in Rise of Kingdoms
Kusunoki Skills Page in Rise of Kingdoms

List of Skills

Here's a list of Kusunoki Masahige’s Skills to help us in this Kusunoki guide:

  1. Schichisei Hokoku: Removes all negative and control effects from Kusunoki Masahige’s troops. In addition, deals direct damage to a maximum of 3 targets in a fan-shaped area, then deals additional damage (Damage Factor 250) to targets each second for the next 2 seconds.
  2. Bravery and Wisdom: Increases the attack of archer units by 10% and defense of archer units by 10%.
  3. The Worthy Man: Increases garrison counterattack damage by 7% when this commander is serving as a garrison commander.
  4. Tragedy’s End: Normal attacks of troops have a 10% chance to deal additional damage (Damage Factor 450) each second to the target for 2 seconds.
  5. Soul of the Samurai (Expertise): Enhances Bravery and Wisdom. Increases the attack of archer units by 15% and defense of archer units by 15%.

Kusunoki’s first skill, Schichisei Hokoku, can deal a significant damage factor of up to 800 to a maximum of 3 targets since it deals a max additional damage factor of 250 per second for 2 seconds. Plus, you get a bonus effect that allows him to negate all of the negative and control effects inflicted on his troops. That is definitely one of the effects you hardly can see in any other nuking skills. This makes him a unique commander among all nuking commanders. His third skill, Tragedy’s End, is also a great nuking skill since he can potentially deal of up to a damage factor of 450 for each second in 2 seconds. Combining both of his nuking skills, he can deal up to a damage factor of 1250 in 2 seconds. To further improve his nuking ability, this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide will focus on the Skill Talent Tree.

Kusunoki’s second skill, Bravery and Wisdom, and expert skill, Soul of the Samurai, make him a great archer commander. But since this guide is prioritizing talents to improve his nuking ability, we won’t be building around his Archer Talent Tree. Instead, this guide will handpick some talents from the Archer Talent Tree to build him as a nuking and archer commander.

Kusunoki does have a garrison skill, The Worthy Man, which increases garrison counter-attack damage if he is serving as the garrison commander. But he is not ideally good for garrison or city defense we will build him as a nuking and archer commander.

An Unstoppable AOE Nuking Commander

First off, this build will ramp up Kusunoki’s nuking ability by unlocking talents that improve skill damage dealt and rage restoration. Burning Blood and Rejuvenate will improve his spamming ability by increasing his rage restoration rate. And then, All For One and Latent Power will increase the active skill damage. You have to take note that All For One increases the active skill damage of the secondary commander so it is also best that the pair for Kusunoki is a nuking commander. Also, Latent Power only increases the damage of your commander’s additional skill damage so make sure you’ve read your commander’s skill description so that it will be able to benefit from this talent.

Initial Talents to Unlock in this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide
Initial Talents to Unlock in this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide

Next, we will further improve rage restoration by unlocking Razor Sharp in the Archer Talent Tree and unlocking Thumb Ring along the way.

Initially improve further Kusunoki's Rage Restoration through these Archer Talents
Initially improve further Kusunoki's Rage Restoration through these Archer Talents

Third, unlock most of the talents in the Skill Talent Tree to significantly improve Kusunoki’s nuking ability. Tactical Mastery and Clarity will be unlocked to increase skill damage. Feral Nature will be unlocked to fully increase his rage restoration. And unlock Heraldic Shield to get a bit of defense against other nukers.

Recommended Talents to Unlock in Kusunoki's Skill Talent Tree
Recommended Talents to Unlock in Kusunoki's Skill Talent Tree

At this point, we still have 19 talent points to spend out of the total 74 talent points you can spend from a max level Kusunoki. We will spend it all in the Archer Talent Tree. This guide strongly recommends unlocking Venomous Sting Talent to increase active skill damage of both primary and secondary commanders. Once you have unlocked the Venomous Sting, you can then max out Rapid Fire Talent and spend the remaining talents on Arrows Nocked.

Talents to Unlock in the Skill Tree to Complete this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide
Talents to Unlock in the Skill Tree to Complete this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide

Recommended Secondary Commanders

Pairing Kusunoki with a commander, as a secondary commander, having the following skills will totally improve his troop's combat ability:

  1. Nuking Skills: Commanders that have high damage dealing active skills are definitely good pairs for Kusunoki. And it will be better if these commanders have AOE damage dealing skills, additional skill damage effects or even rage restoration effects.
  2. Archer Buffs: Commanders that improves Kusunoki's Archer troops would also be great pairs for him. He already has a good Archer Buffing Skill so pairing him with another Archer Commander will further boost his troops. Of course, you'll have to make sure that you'll only bring Archers in your march.


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