A Detailed League of Gamers Review

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day.

League of Gamers - Be an Esports Legend is a mobile clicker game developed by Tapps Games. It is very much cut from the same cloth as the more famous clicker games like Cookie Clicker.

This guide discusses all aspects of League of Gamers and gives an honest and detailed opinion of this game.

In summary, this game will likely be interesting to those that are into the gaming and esports scenes of games like League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and CS:GO. It should be noted however, that the lack of complexity, challenges, and online play means that it won't keep you occupied for long.

Game Basics

Before we dive in, lets have a look at the basic game objectives and mechanics.

The overall objective of the game is develop your character to become a successful, competitive esports gamer.

To do this you tap on the screen to generate coins. With these coins you can purchase:

  • Team mates (increased passive income)
  • Game items (increased tapping income)
  • Gear upgrades (increase combat strength)

Each of these three purchasable choices gives you a bonus, either to help you amass coins faster passively, generate more coins through tapping or increasing your damage to other players.

There is a basic "offline" league system for you to climb, through the standard ranks of bronze, silver, gold etc. It should be noted that this is against NPC (non-playable characters) players, not other people.

You climb these leagues by challenging other players, again not other people. After a set amount of time, usually a couple of days, if you are still at the top you climb.

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Basic Game Progression

From my experience the basic game progression is quite smooth. If anything it is probably too easy. In my time playing this game I have never been stuck or unable to progress.

One aspect of the game I like and dislike equally, is that there is no cap to the coins you can generate passively when you are not playing the game. This means that overnight, or over weekends, it will continuously gather coins for you at the rate that your team mates would if you were playing the game.

This leads to very quick progression through the game as after a few days of not playing you can storm through the game with incredibly high combat strength compared to the rating you were at previously, using the windfall gathered while you were offline.

The benefit to this, is that the casual player doesn't need to worry about logging in regularly or playing for long periods of time. This is a great positive for more casual players.

This being said, however, if you like a challenge like me then it makes the game too easy. Introducing a cap to the earning potential when you are offline would increase the challenge of the game and make progress more rewarding, rather than just something that happens if you wait long enough.

Once you have progressed through this, there is a prestige system (much like Cookie Clicker) to encourage you to reset and start again. This gives you a prestige currency from which you get bigger and better upgrades to make your next adventure through the game faster.


Unlike many other games within this genre, this game doesn't feature events. In fact the only time you really interact with the game is to tap to gain coins or to upgrade.

This leaves extremely small amount of space for a player to have a tactical approach to the game or to play it their own way. A series of abilities, auras, events or the like would add an additional layer of complexity to the game that I think it really needs.


As per the standard clicking or tapping game, there are a couple of ways to go about playing the game.

  • Active - tapping
  • Passive - income gained through upgrades

Although the passive income is far superior due to the absence of an offline, passive income. This is certainly an area of the game that could be improved. There is little point in being active in this game, which is a real shame. The simple addition of abilities or "item actives" would make the game far more interesting to actively play. It would certainly give the player something to do whilst waiting for more coins and feel more involved in the game progression.

The league progress aspect is really quite nice within this game. It has a real life cut off time where you need to be number 1 in the league in order to progress. This is quite nice as it challenges the player to be aware of the timing and be at the top.

The biggest thing that this game lacks though, is online play. Achievements can feel a bit flat when you cannot compare them to other players. If this game were to introduce a leaderboard in the same style as the ranking system (bronze, silver, gold etc) with other real player it could add a really interesting aspect to the game. In my opinion, adding player vs player rankings would really grasp the type of audience that this game is looking to engage, gamers.


Overall Theme

Presentation, Artwork and Graphics

The overall theme is actually pretty good.

I think the graphics and artwork suit the game perfectly. I think the developers took the right path moving towards cartoon-like graphics which are overall clean and simple. That being said, it still carries the overall theme of gaming and esports very well. Those into the gaming and esports industry will get some satisfaction from the overall delivery of the presentation of this game.

Gaming References

There are some definite links back to the real world within this game. The items and players all carry references to actual players / streamers or in-game items if you understand them. The games that it seems to take most of its inspiration from are:

  • League of Legends
  • Starcraft 2
  • CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

This is a nice addition which keeps the player interested in the items and players.

Soundtrack and Audio

In terms of the soundtrack, the sound effects are nice with a keyboard and mouse sound in the background. The music picks up when you "challenge" the NPC's. There are no major positives or negatives to really take from the sound.

Micro Transactions

Micro transactions have become common place in most free mobile games. League of Gamers does indeed have micro transactions, but in my experience it does not impact those that want to play for free (which I expect most will).

The game features Gems, which can be used to unlock boosts. I have not found that it greatly affects the game, I see it as more of a pay-to-faster rather than pay-to-win.

This is a definite positive for this game.



My recommendation for this game is simple. If you enjoy competitive, online games and follow Starcraft 2, League of Legends or CS:GO then you will get some enjoyment from this game.

Its regular references and styling will be interesting to you. The big drawback is that this game lacks any real complexity or challenges to keep you interested for long.

Most true gamers enjoy a challenge, comparing themselves to other players and battling other players in an attempt to climb a leaderboard. This game targets that specific market, but have missed that important feature.

It is this reason that I would suggest that you play the game and engage with it, but don't expect to be hooked.

If you are still unsure, see the video below which demonstrates the basic game play very well.


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