“Legend of Empire” Tips and Tricks

Updated on February 18, 2019
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I am a front end developer by profession and an avid gamer. I play a number of PC and mobile games. My favorite genre is strategy games.

Legend of Emires
Legend of Emires

Legend of Empire is an online multiplayer game for Android as well as IOS devices. This is one of the best multiplayer strategy games out there, and it is really fun to play. Unlike most mobile games where the person who spends real cash dominates the rest, Legend of Empire is considerably better to play with. Although the people who spend real money on the game can easily advance faster, it does not stop the others from having fun too.

Jumper Account

It is always good to start off with a “Jumper account”. This means that you will create a small account in a server in which you are already playing and join your alliance. You can now get all the benefits and chests that you get from the alliance. You can also build up your city buildings up to level 4. All available researches can also be done.

Please ensure that your stronghold level does not exceed level 4 as then you will not be able to switch servers. You will also not be able to carry more than a set amount of resources. Once you have collected enough gold and speedups from chests, you can then teleport to a new server once it is released. This will give you a very good head start.

Army Composition

Army Composition
Army Composition

Deciding your army composition is very important. It is not wise to create and upgrade all three types of units (melee, medium and ranged). Try to concentrate on upgrading just two types of units and only create these units. The reason for this is that you will not be having the time or resources to build up the researches of all three types of units easily and is pointless to do so as well.

Your hero will also be having gems and specialization for only two types of units making the third type of unit too weak. My favorite unit combo is melee and ranged as the melee units have the best defense, and the ranged units have the best attack. Some people also go with the all medium unit combo which is also very strong to counter.

Research Priority

Research Priority
Research Priority

Always try to max out your research speed first which is under support. This will help you finish other researches faster. Your second priority will be Construction research. This will help you reduce the time for creating your buildings. You are essentially trying to build up your economy so that after a few days you can grow a lot faster than anyone else.

Do not bother with any other researches in Economics or Support for now. Try to max out your Troops research for the type of units you are planning to create. If you are going for melee and ranged, then upgrade only the melee and ranged units. Just ensure that you have done enough researches to unlock all medium units.


A farm city
A farm city

I am not talking about the farms you have within your city. These are resource cities which are created exclusively to generate resources. There is no point in upgrading all your resource buildings as the benefit of upgrading them next to useless. So instead you need to create separate cities next to your main city, each city dedicated to producing a specific resource. Ideally, create two cities for each resource and upgrade that particular building to the max.

Now you can just hit these cities every day to get all the resources you will ever need. This is a lot safer than sending your troops to resource tiles which are vulnerable to attack. Creating farm cities will ensure that you never run out of resources. Upgrading your villas is also a good idea as you will also get silver from your farms.


Event Rewards
Event Rewards

There will be an event conducted every week with lots of rewards. The events include Resource gathering, Construction event, Forts event, Recruitment event, and PvP kill event. There are special events conducted later on such as Rebel base and KvK events. It is important to be aware of and prepared for these events in advance.

For instance, you need to save up your energy before the Fort event and you need to be cautious of Kill events as your city will get attacked. The more points you acquire, the better rewards you get. Try to perform well to get speedups and gold so that you can advance even faster.

Selecting Heroes

Madness Squid Fasher
Madness Squid Fasher

You will also need to get a good hero if you hope to survive in this game. Legendary heroes are the best but are hard to acquire. They are however worth the effort as they make you very strong in arena battles. Select a hero based on the army composition you have. If you are going for a melee and ranged combo, then Madness Squid Fasher would be a good choice.

Defense Hero

You will also have to make sure that you have a decent hero for defense. If you are sending your primary hero to attack a city, then place your next best hero on your wall. This is very important as if you do not have any hero place in your wall you will lose very badly. If you are not using your main hero, then he must always be stationed on your wall.

Hero Items and Gems

Hero Gear
Hero Gear

Hero items and gems are as important as your army size. With the right amount of equipment and gems, your army will be two to three times stronger than an army with no equipment. Once again craft equipment and embed gems which are for the type of units which you recruit. If you are using melee and ranged, then use mixed gems with attributes of ranged and melee.

Try to wait until you have level 50 equipment as they have four gem slots. It will also be better to embed gems of higher level in order to not waste gold in removing them. Don’t bother with embedded level 1 or level 2 gems as you can get a higher-level gem in its place. Always keep upgrading your gems and equipment and switch to better equipment if possible.


Hospital Capacity
Hospital Capacity

No matter how strong you are, you can easily be zeroed by a good war rally. So, you must always be prepared for the possibility that you will be zeroed (your city destroyed with your whole army). This is when hospitals come into play. You always need to have a hospital capacity which is almost equal to the total size of your army.

This way, even if your army gets destroyed, they are only injured in hospitals and can be recovered quickly. Recruiting units takes a whole lot more time and effort. So, if you make sure that you have a good hospital capacity, this will ensure that you do not rage quit from the game!

Using Buffs

This is very important when participating in Kill events. If you plan on attacking someone, make sure that you have your attack, defense and health buffs active. You will also need to activate your anti-scout so that the enemy is unaware of your true strength. These three buffs are always necessary when in battle.

Another buff which can also be used is the increase march size buff. This is however expensive and can be skipped. Try to use it when attacking big cities. Do not forget to use these buffs before attacking as they will provide a considerable bonus to your troops and most enemy cities will be using them themselves.

Tips on Attacking

Minimize your losses
Minimize your losses

If you are a lot stronger than the enemy, then you can probably use just 1 troop each of all your melee and medium units and max out your ranged units. This way you can destroy the enemy without much loss yourself. If your strength is somewhat closer to the enemy, then you will need some Dwarves, Swordsmen, Treants or Paladins to soak some damage.

Try to scout the enemy before attacking unless you are sure that you can take them on easily. Scouting can sometimes alert the enemy to bubble but it can also provide valuable information. If you are afraid that they might bubble, then teleport right next to their city and attack them as this will not give them time to react.

Sending all troops out when attacking
Sending all troops out when attacking

While attacking send ALL your troops out in multiple marches. When you are attacking, you will be very vulnerable as you cannot bubble. So, if you send all troops out at once, the enemy will not have any target to hit. Losing resources is nothing when compared to your army. And when you are not attacking, make sure you are ready to bubble always as there will be some player stronger than you waiting to attack. You will, however, have a good chance to win if you have your best hero on your wall.

As a bonus, if you do not have a strong city, you can always get points by hitting the enemy on tiles. Tile hitting is always frowned upon in the game but it is a legitimate strategy. Hitting the enemy on tiles will also ensure that some of their troops die which will give you even more points in Kill events. If you are skipping the Kill event, then make sure you are bubbled and NOT gathering resources as the other players will still attack you.

Spending Gold and Using Speedups

Gold is a precious resource in the game and can be used to purchase a lot of essential items. But it is also hard to acquire without spending real money. Always make sure that you spend gold wisely. Buying a 7 day or 30-day speedup is more efficient than buying a 1-hour speedup. Try not to use gold for healing troops as it won’t have many benefits.

Speedups and gold will always need to be used during events when you get the maximum benefit out of them. Using speedups during construction event will give you a lot of points and help you out better. You can also recruit more troops with speedups during the Recruit event. Always try to optimize the usage of your gold and speedups.

Bonus: A Match Made in One of My Alliances

Love and War
Love and War

This a fun game with a lot more strategy than you may expect. There is always some rivalry and wars between alliances which makes this an interesting game. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a question or comment. My game name is "Warlord".

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