Legion of Heroes Review: MMORPG on Mobile

Updated on March 16, 2017
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MMO Legion of Heroes published by Nexon Company is an Android game from the creators of Atlantica Online (NDOORS) that strives to offer mobile gamers a PC quality MMORPG on the go. Interested in a more in-depth fantasy RPG game for your mobile device? Give Legion of Heroes a try.

Story and Combat

Set in the mash-up of unique fiction and traditional legend that is the world of Britannica, the Sovereign of Darkness is scheming to sink the world into chaos. Elements of Arthurian legend mix with unique high-fantasy to flesh out the world and its story. As with most MMO’s the story is just enough to move the player along their quest line and the graphics and 3D world look really nice.

Legion of Heroes has a tactical, turn-based combat system. Players lead teams of heroes with different skill sets in battle and can change their formations and turn orders to achieve the surest chance of victory. Each PVE battle consists of three rounds: 1st tier enemies, more difficult 2nd tier enemies, and a final boss fight.

The tactical elements of LoH’s combat are great on a touch screen and the turn-based combat makes playing on a mobile device (where you might need to put down your phone or divert your attention from the screen often) an ideal pairing. The prolonged combat systems make gaining loot and exp more convenient but also prone to tedium. PVP battles are far more fun and a core draw to the game.

Nexon Mobile
Nexon Mobile | Source

Social Interactions and User Interface

Teaming up and making friends is simple with LoH. The game recommends friends for you and will connect you with your Facebook friends. The game is available in Australia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands and Canada so there is a thriving community to play with.

LoH does a good job of streamlining the plethora of menus, items, command keys etc. that come with an MMO experience. Yet, there is still plenty of strategy with over a hundred heroes to collect, 45 v. 45 PVP conflicts and epic dungeons to adventure through. Players can join guilds, improve their gear and farm/grind to their hearts content. They also will have a quick and easy prompted menu to equip and reinforce gear, or improve a hero's skill.

Nexon Mobile
Nexon Mobile | Source

Should MMORPG's Be Mobile?

On a completely subjective note, there aren’t too many MMORPG’s on the mobile market and perhaps that’s because it isn’t the best platform for the genre. The draw for many to an MMORPG is the complete control and customization one has over their character. Whether it’s which path they take to get to the next village, the skills their improving, or crafting armor themselves, a PC MMORPG has a player constantly making decisions while they sit at their computer for hours at a time. The mobile MMORPG experience lacks a bit of that complete autonomy and playing for hours will massively drain your device's battery. However, that’s a comment on the genre not necessarily Legion of Heroes as a game.

Another thing that keeps Legion of Heroes from being a stellar gaming experience is how being able to progress later in the game becomes rather difficult. Reliance on micro-transactions can bog down progress and leveling up later into the game slows significantly. Nevertheless, there aren't many other MMORPG's on mobile that even come close to this one.

Players will enjoy LoH if they like turn-based combat, PVP battles and the general fantasy MMORPG setting and story elements. Legion of Heroes would be recommended for players who have also enjoyed games like Atlantica Online or Dragon Eternity. Quick to get into with simple controls, LoH has an addictive quality as players start to immerse themselves in the depth of strategy available in combat. Legion of Heroes is available to download for free on Google Play.

4 stars for Legion of Heroes


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