Little Galaxy Review - Endlessly Jumping Through Space

Updated on April 10, 2017
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Alexandria has been playing video games since the days of the Sega Genesis. She's been writing about video games going on four years.

Little Galaxy is an endless jumping game for mobile platforms from independent developer Bitmap Galaxy. Since receiving over 1 million downloads the game has been updated to add new objectives, a redesigned level system, new characters, costumes and an item upgrade system.If you are a fan of endless jumpers then you might want to give Little Galaxy a try.


Gameplay in Little Galaxy revolves around a simple one-touch, physics-based jumping mechanic. Time your jumps just right to collect gems and travel to new celestial bodies as they spin around. Goals for each level increase in difficulty as you progress through the game and include collecting a certain number of stars or making a certain number of big difficult jumps.

The one touch gameplay makes the game easy to play for gamers of all skill levels and ages but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging. Timing your jumps just right and trying to top your or others high scores gives Little Galaxy a lot of replay-ability. There are dozens of stages with challenges and quests to complete. And because all you have to do is tap to jump, the game is incredibly easy to learn and start playing.


In Little Galaxy you’ll play as a young inventor exploring the universe for a new home. The graphics are great with a beautiful, whimsical art style. The music is great too as it combines relaxing melodies with encouraging themes perfect for exploring space. As you play you’ll collect stars and diamonds giving players the option to chose different male and female avatars to play as. There are also cute, purchasable costumes and accessories such as a princess or ninja to customize your avatar.

Difficulty and In-App Purchases

The most punishing element of the game is once you miss a jump it’s game over, no check points. To continue from where you left off players can purchase hearts to keep going. There is an infinity mode where you can jump from planet to planet to your heart's content without any objectives to complete however, once you miss a jump it’s all over unless you purchase a heart to continue.

Another element that adds some difficulty to the gameplay is a timed challenge mechanic in which you have to jump quickly in order to avoid an encroaching darkness. To help you along with these challenges players can collect or purchase power-ups to boost you. With a galactic leaderboard the power-ups might seem unfair but the game is still incredibly fun.


Similar to games like Jelly Jumpers, anyone who enjoys endless jumpers will enjoy Little Galaxy. If you’re looking for an easy to jump into mobile game that will also challenge your gaming skills just a tad than this is certainly worth considering. The freemium game is available for iOS and Android. A premium version free of ads and in-app purchases (a great option for kids) is available for $1.99 for either platform.

4 stars for Little Galaxy

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