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How to Beat Levels in "Lost Bubble": Tips and Tricks

There’s something unique about Lost Bubble. The enchanting Greek mythology backdrop, challenging levels and an “out of the Pandora’s Box” objective all give bubble poppers some very good reasons to play the game. With a gorgeous Greek goddess by your side, you match three or more same-colored bubbles. But the level gets completed successfully only when you drop a Pandora’s Box and earn at least one key.

Several fun elements add more excitement to the game. However, Lost Bubble can get quite challenging as you progress. These beginner-level tips and hints will help you achieve higher scores, earn multiplier bubbles and help you complete levels.


Tips, Hints and Tricks

1. Know your objectives before you complete a level. In this bubble popping game, there are two objectives to complete before you reach the next stage:

  • In every level, you will find Pandora’s Boxes – red-colored cubes. You will have to drop one of them using your bubble shooting skills.
  • Earn at least one key from three keys to get to the next stage.

2. You will have to drop the Pandora’s Box without hitting it. If the shooter bubble hits the box, you will have to re-play the level.

3. Target the bubbles around the Pandora’s Box. This way it will be easy to drop it. Once the last Pandora’s Box drops, it will trigger a massive bubble drop.

4. You should score enough points to earn a key. If the score is insufficient, you don’t earn a key, failing to complete a level, even though you have dropped all Pandora’s Boxes.

5. It all depends on your match-3 skills. Match those bubbles that trigger drops. Make the most out of the side walls. Advanced levels will force you to do that, so start practicing hitting side walls and pop bubbles from the initial levels.

6. Every shot costs a bubble. There are only 30–40 bubbles per level. Plan before you pop bubbles. Check the color/design of the unused bubble before using the bubble on the magic wand. Don’t run out of bubbles before dropping the Pandora’s Box.

7. Falling bubbles give plenty of bonus points and goodies. You will notice stars, candies and other stuff appearing out of dropping bubbles. You will have to click on these goodies to collect them and earn bonus points. You can also mouse-over on them to collect quickly. If you don’t, you might lose them and won’t earn any bonus points.

8. You also get a chance to collect a bonus bubble. This usually happens during massive bubble drops. Click on the bonus bubbles to collect.

9. In between levels, players also get to a chance to buy power-ups. They can be bought for real cash or gold coins. Always buy the ones that require gold coins earned in-game. They can be more useful compared to the ones bought by Facebook credits.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Multiplier Bubbles

  • A special “multiplier bubble” appears when you pop bubbles three times in a row. This special bubble glows and looks quite different from other bubbles. You will also find a number etched on it (x2, x3 etc.), which indicates the number the score will be multiplied by. When you hit the multiplier bubble to make a match, you double/triple the score. It also triggers the multiplier meter (check out the glowing rope to your left).
  • Once you trigger it, the multiplier meter keeps on increasing your score. But you will have to keep popping bubbles to keep the momentum going. It will stop multiplying your score and come down if you miss a bubble match. You will have to start from scratch, earning multipliers and triggering the meter.
  • Multiplier bubbles vanish when you miss a bubble match. When you see one, target the multiplier bubble first (if it’s reachable). Also, don’t worry if you can’t reach a multiplier bubble. It will stay there as long as you pop bubbles.
  • When you target a multiplier bubble, make sure it involves a bubble pop (match). Simply hitting it won’t trigger the multiplier. You will also lose it.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you score more in Lost Bubble. Have any questions or suggestions for your fellow bubble gamers? Do post them using the comment box below.

Questions & Answers

Question: I’m stuck at level 406. How can I play better?

Answer: Your priority should be to get rid of bubbles which contain horizontal arrows facing opposite sides.

You can start by removing arrow bubbles on the left side of the screen. You will notice that arrow bubbles are clinging to green/blue bubbles. Target those bubbles to make arrow bubbles fall on the ground. As you do this, don't forget to remove black bubbles. They too will be hanging from green bubbles and so you must target such bubbles to get rid of a bunch of black bubbles. Make the most of the aiming line and look for those bubbles that hang from green or blue bubbles.


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Joelle924 on August 05, 2020:

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laura m Adkins on January 01, 2019:

I have free lives for 24 hours, and no new levels. Please, please keep up with your levels. Also it's January

and you don't even have that opened. I am beginning to think I should just quit playing this game.

Sherrie McGinty on February 25, 2016:

Jennifer berry you do not have enough keys to enter the next lvl...

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level 218 can't get rid of the black balls. Any hints?

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