Magikarp Jump: Decorations and Themes Guide

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Magikarp Jump: Decorations and Themes Guide
Magikarp Jump: Decorations and Themes Guide | Source

As far as the Magikarp Jump game goes, decorations and themes play a big role in the game. Decorations and themes are essential as you progress and level up.

There are various decorations in the game and their effects are just as varied. You can gain more Jump Power (JP), collect more Coins, trigger more special events, and level up faster just by getting the right decorations. As for the Themes, well...uh...they're just there as backdrops for aesthetics.

If your goal is to collect all the Magikarp Jump decorations and themes, then this comprehensive guide is for you. Good luck on your adventure with your Magikarp!

Magikarp Jump Decorations

1. Aegislash Statue

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 350 Diamonds

Description: With the Aegislash Statue, JP from training increases by 20 percent! No wonder it’s shaped like a sword and a shield. It helps you train and build more power!

2. Bronze Eevee

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 550 Diamonds

Description: It’s so fluffy, cute, and oh so bronze! With this Bronze Eevee, League event rate increases by 4 percent! Woah, that means more special events for you!

3. Cacnea Planter

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 400 Diamonds

Description: The Cacnea Planter may seem prickly and all, but it’s actually such a wonderful sight! With this decoration, Skill recovery rate increases by 10 percent! That’s actually a huge boost—all to help you in your jumping adventure!

4. Clefairy Doll

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 350 Diamonds

Description: Clefairy's power comes from the moon. Even as a doll, its power is a force to be reckoned with. And so, with the presence of the Clefairy Doll, JP gained from skills increases by 20 percent.

5. Ditto Cushion

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 550 Diamonds after Unlocking Event No. 46

Description: If comfort is your priority, then the Ditto Cushion is perfect for you! Just look at that! It feels like sitting on it will bring out the most out of comfort. Ah, so comfy! Also, it has the effect of yielding 10% more Coins from everything!

6. Dugtrio Rock

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 400 Diamonds

Description: If you want to place lucky statues on your pond, then the Dugtrio Rock will surely do the job for you! It brings good fortune and luck that it enables you to gain 32% more Lv. Up Coins. Sweet!

7. Exeggutor Palm

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 150 Diamonds

Description: Does it look like money grow from trees? Well, for the Exeggutor palm, it sure does! With this decoration, Coins from league battles increases by 12 percent!

8. Gold Magikarp Statue

Unlock Condition: Claim Victory in the Master League

Description: Is that gold I see? Oh, it’s a golden magikarp statue! Just looking at it makes everything feel luxurious. As for its effect, it increases Coins received by 12%. Woah, that effect suits it well! Golden and opulent, the Gold Magikarp Statue is definitely a must-have treasure.

9. Important Sign

Unlock Condition: Mayor Karp will give this to you early in the Game

Description: It’s just a sign, but for some reason, it has the power to make more food available. That’s right! With this Important Sign, the Max food number increases by 1. And mind you, more food means more jump power!

10. Lampent Lamp

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 250 Diamonds

Description: The more you level up, the more coins you get! That’s what the Lampent Lamp promises you. It increases Lv. Up Coins by 29 percent, so it’s a must-have for the pond.

11. Lilligant Doll

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 450 Diamonds

Description: Lilligant looks so stylish it’s as if it’s going to an event somewhere else. But hey, that’s the effect of this decoration. True to its look, the Lilligant Doll increases the Training Event rate by 6 percent.

12. Octillery Pot

Unlock Condition: Finish the Heavy League

Description: So, what does this decoration do? Well, it increases JP gained from food by 10 percent! That’s really cool but, where does the food come from? From the pot? Then, does that mean the food is actually grilled octopus? Hmmm…

13. Parasect Puffballs

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 100 Diamonds

Description: You can never go wrong with mushrooms. And that’s because with the Parasect Puffballs, you gain as much as 16 percent more JP from events! Woot, that’s so sweet!

14. Red Cap

Unlock Condition: Beat the Elite Four League

Description: It’s a cap that proves your overwhelming battling tenacity! Red means passion that burns strong with your strong. With this in your pond, JP from Training increases by 20%. Now that’s what I call enthusiasm!

15. S.S. Anne Model

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 450 Diamonds

Description: This really answers the mystery of the sunken treasure. So, where do sunken treasures come from? Well, that’s easy—from sunken ships! And so, with this S.S. Anne Model, Coins from sunken treasure increases by 68 percent.

16. Shaymin Planter

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 250 Diamonds

Description: The Shaymin Planter is an essential if you love food. Well, that’s because it has the effect of increasing JP gained from food by 14 percent. It's not surprising because it’s a plant; and we all know where berries come from. Yes, from plants!

17. Starmie Bubbler

Unlock Condition: Seize Triumph in the Heal League

Description: The Starmie Bubbler is a very convenient decoration to have. Why? It’s because it increases Skill recovery rate by up to 10 percent. As to why that is very helpful, it’s because Support Pokemon and their Friendship Items give a lot of help whilst leveling up, collecting Coins, and building up some considerable amount of JP.

18. Substitute Plush

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 300 Diamonds

Description: There's no need to explain. Just get this decoration and enjoy the additional 2 Max food number in your pond. The more food there is, the happier and stronger your Magikarp becomes.

19. Sudowoodo Bonsai

Unlock Condition: Emerge Victorious in the Fast League

Description: They say bonsai trees are lucky to have; and that holds true especially for the Sudowoodo Bonsai! The effect? It increases Coins from events by up to 29 percent! Lucky for you because that means more Coins for you to spend on upgrades and other stuff!

20. Sunflora Bunch

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Store for 200 Diamonds

Description: Doesn’t Sunflora look like it’s going to give you Coins any moment? Well, it does, because the effect of the Sunflora Bunch is to increase Coins from events by 28 percent! What a rich, gold sunflower Sunflora truly is!

21. Whimsicott Cushion

Unlock Condition: Purchase it from the Shop for 450 Diamonds

Description: Need some help leveling up? Well, look who’s here—Whimsicott is ready to help! And that’s because the effect of the Whimsicott Cushion is to increase Trainer Exp. Points by 9 percent. That’s really generous of Whimsicott because you really need all the help you can get.

What is your favorite Magikarp Jump Pond Decoration?

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Magikarp Jump Themes

1. Starter Pond

Unlock Condition: No Known Requirement, Available from the Start

Description: It’s basic, it’s simple—it’s the pond that everyone’s all too familiar with. Nothing beats simplicity; and as many people say, “Simplicity is elegance.”

2. Forest Lagoon

Unlock Condition: Compete and Win Everything in the Friend League

Description: Nowadays, who in the world doesn’t like greenery? I mean, there’s pollution everywhere now, so going back to a pond rich in greenery must be a really soothing and relaxing thing to do.

3. Mountain Stream

Unlock Condition: Defeat Everyone in the Quick League

Description: Like who wants to train hard when it’s hot, humid, and uncomfortable? Well, the solution for that—train in a cool place. And in this case, a snowy mountain!

4. Hot Springs

Unlock Condition: Win Every Battle in the Great League

Description: Whew! All that training must be so hard for Magikarp. But then, if it’s a nice hot spring waiting after every training and battle, then it’s all worth the effort.

5. Dank Theme

Unlock Condition: Beat the Luxury League

Description: It’s dank and it’s dark, it’s the pond that everyone is scared of. This pond is so dark it feels like horrible monsters are lurking beneath. Perhaps, this is the kind of pond needed to toughen and strengthen any weak-willed individual.

6. Swampy Jungle

Unlock Condition: Seize Triumph in the Heal League

Description: Beware, it’s the swamps! Everything’s rough and wild goes here, so it’s the best training place. It’s perfect for honing abilities and strengthening thy will. Once you survive this place, you’ll surely be ready for the toughest of challenges.

7. Red Rock

Unlock Condition: Conquer the Ultra League

Description: Just the sound of "Red Rock" can send shivers down anyone's spine. Everything is red and dangerous here! That is why this is the perfect place for professionals to train their Magikarp. As harsh as the conditions here are, Magikarp will certainly turn out to be a more vicious and ferocious jumper.

What is your favorite Magikarp Jump Pond Theme?

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    • profile image


      14 months ago

      Dank theme looks like a stage

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      You should get Litten,buy Bronze Eevee,and trigger Let’s Push It. You will get a Skill Restore.Use this to restore Litten’s skill and gain lots of Jump Power!!!!!


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