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"Magikarp Jump": Item Guide

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Magikarp Jump Item Guide

Magikarp Jump Item Guide

In Magikarp Jump, items can be very helpful and useful while you train your Magikarp and level it up. But mind you, they are not actually compulsory. In fact, you can play the game to no end without ever using an item bought from the shop. Yes, it's true!

Even though this is the case, items can be very handy and convenient when all you want is to level up fast and progress through the game swiftly. And that is why this guide was made. It is here to help you learn more about the items, how to get them, and what their effects are.

Without further ado, here is the Magikarp Jump item guide made just for you and your jumping needs.

Included in this guide are the following:

  • Training soda
  • Power up
  • LP restore
  • Skill restore
  • Purse of coins
  • Sack of coins
  • Mountain of coins
  • Diamond driller

1. Training Soda

Cost: 25 Diamonds

Description: Restores 1 Training Point. It’s called Training Soda after all. Once your Magikarp drinks this soda, it will regain some energy to help it squeeze some more training into its routine.

I don't know what the specific ingredients are, but it helps, and that’s what matters. Now get your Magikarp to drink it and train until you beat all the matches in the Leagues.


2. Power Up

Cost: 200 Diamonds

Description: Boosts JP gains from training, etc., by 50% for 3 hours. Now that’s one hell of a power-up! With this item, your Magikarp will drift easily through everything in no time.

I mean, that’s 3 hours’ worth of extra JP just from eating delectable berries and doing some training. This item really pushes things to the limit.


3. LP Restore

Cost: 25 Diamonds

Description: Restores your League Play. Although no one really wants to restore their League Play—given that you’ll end up losing anyway—it’s worth it if you time it well enough.

You could use it if your Magikarp has powered enough in the short time that it lost its last match. Well, the LP Restore has its merits if you’re impatient or you know how to time its usage.


4. Skill Restore

Cost: 150 Diamonds

Description: Restores any Support Pokemon’s skill. Since Support Pokémon skills take time to cool down, Skill Restore becomes handy because it instantly cools down any skill just for you to make the most out of them.

May it be to collect more coins, gain JP, or any other effects, this is a must-have item if you want to make progress in the game faster.


5. Purse of Coins

Cost: 100 Diamonds

Description: Exchange for a slight amount of coins based on the Trainer Rank. It’s only a slight amount of coins but they’re worth well enough if you’re in a rush. Perhaps you want to upgrade the food or the training equipment, and coins are all you need to do so.


6. Sack of Coins

Cost: 300 Diamonds

Description: Exchange for a considerable amount of coins based on the Trainer Rank. That’s right, you get a considerable amount of coins for this one. With the coins you garner, you can buy more food upgrades and more training equipment upgrades, which in turn will help your Magikarp unlock its full potential.

You and your Magikarp are on the quest to beat all the leagues, so you both need all the help you can get.


7. Mountain of Coins

Cost: 800 Diamonds

Description: Exchange for a humongous amount of coins based on the Trainer Rank. Woah! Humongous amount of coins? Now that’s a lot. I mean, totally a lot! You can upgrade your food and training equipment all-you-want with this amount of coins.

You are basically rich now, so use that to your advantage and train the best Magikarp that can annihilate all Leagues in the world.


8. Diamond Driller

Cost: 2500 Exchange Tickets

Description: Mines 100 Diamonds every single day. The Diamond Miner is the most useful item of them all. Also, it’s the rarest and you there’s a big possibility that you might not get it. Why? It’s because in order to get it, you’ll have to spend 2500 Exchange Tickets. And when we’re talking about Exchange Tickets, we’re talking about real cash. Yup, that’s right. You’ll need to use real money in order to get the Diamond Miner.

But as I’ve said, the Diamond Miner is really useful. With it, you can mine 100 Diamonds every single day. And you know what that means? That means faster accrual of Diamonds, which you’ll need to buy the all-essential Decorations and Support Pokémon. Don’t get me wrong: You can get the Decorations and Support Pokémon without using the Diamond Miner, albeit slower. But, with the Diamond Miner, things will go considerably fast for you and your Magikarp.