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Mobile Game Review: "Fate Grand Order"

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

Official artwork for the "Fate/Grand Order" game.

Official artwork for the "Fate/Grand Order" game.

Quick Info

Developer: Lasengle
Publisher Aniplex
Released: July 27th, 2017 for USA
Platforms: Android and IOS

What Is “Fate/Grand Order”?

Fate/Grand Order is a JRPG mobile game available on IOS and Android and tells the story of you, Humanity’s Last Master candidate number 48 who is brought to the Chaldea Organization for the mission of saving humanity from being incinerated by traveling to different eras of history to correct deviations from recorded history with the help of Mash Kyrielight and other Servants you summon using Saint Quarts.

The Gameplay Is Very Dated, but Fun

This game is six years old in Japan, four years old in America, and since it’s an old game it doesn’t have the quality of life features that many newer more modern mobile games have.

The gameplay is also very simple and very old by comparison to newer games as well. There is also no automatic farming and you have to play through the game’s story and events manually, although some players have figured out how to do auto-clickers, I am not one of them.

The gameplay is not amazing for a mobile game, but I enjoy the game because of the characters more than the gameplay.

This game doesn’t have amazing gameplay, but you can do fun team comps for content that make the game fun to play, but it’s a very typical mobile game, but it doesn’t have auto-farming.

"Fate/Grand Order" gameplay.

"Fate/Grand Order" gameplay.

The Story and Characters Are the Reason People Love This Game

I love the story of Fate/Grand Order, but I am a big fan of Fate/Stay Night and the other Fate spin-offs, so I have prior experience with this franchise. I enjoyed the writing of this game.

At first, it is not the best writing you will ever read because this game was just meant to be a cheap cash grab for the Fate franchise but then the creator Kinoko Nasu became involved in the franchise and wrote Singularity six and seven and then the writing quality went up from there.

But the main reason people come to Fate/Grand Order is the characters because either they’ve seen the memes, or they’ve heard of the Fate franchise or they are already fans of the Fate franchise.

People come for the story and the characters and they stay because of those. Some fans do come for gameplay but the gameplay isn’t really amazing or anything.

The Writing Improves Over Time

The writing of Fate/Grand Order is not the best writing you will ever read when the story starts. It has decent writing in the early Singularities but it’s not the most amazing stories you’ll ever read. They can be fun but it’s not going to blow you away in the writing department.

It’s not until the Camelot singularity that the writing really picks up and becomes amazing. When Nasu started writing some of the Singularities the writing picked up and many other writers associated with the Fate franchise started helping write the main story and events too.

As a result, the story’s quality has picked up but it takes a lot of time to get to the good writing. Whether or not you stick around to read the story is up to you.

Fate/Grand Order - Sixth Singularity: Camelot PV

The Art Looks Great!

The artwork for Fate/Grand Order looks good, but as the story goes on the artwork continues to improve for the main story visuals. The character sprits have also improved over the years with certain popular Servants receiving animation updates that make them look better than they used to because the game is four years old and did not have the most impressive art sprites during the first year of the game. Fate/Grand Order survived as a game due to the IP it was using, but fortunately, the art and the story have improved since launch.

I like the character art and the sprits look pretty good, barring very old Servants that haven’t gotten animation updates yet.

A typical gacha roll in "Fate/Grand Order".

A typical gacha roll in "Fate/Grand Order".

The Voice Acting Is Great!

The voice acting for the game is fantastic. They hired top-notch seiyuu for many roles for Servants; they brought back the original cast members for various Fate anime and games to reprise their roles for the Servants they voiced.

They also brought in other famous Japanese seiyuu to voice many new characters created for the game.

Some characters have annoying voices but that’s all personal taste, I’ve always enjoyed the voice acting of the characters I’ve pulled, but they brought the best voice actors to this game and it really shows if you know who your Japanese seiyuu.

Fate/Grand Order OST - Grand Battle Theme [4k/60fps]

The Music Is Great, but It’s Repetitive When You Have to Farm

Keita Haga and James Harris composed the music for this game. Now there are also other composers for event music but it depends on the event. The music sounds good but if you play in long bursts you’ll get bored of hearing the same music throughout the story.

The music is very nice to listen to but it’s very limited outside of the story sections and events. It does become repetitive if you play the game for long periods of time but in short bursts, it’s very nice.

The Gacha Rates Are Bad!

When it comes to pulling characters on rate up the pull rates are really bad for this game, not as bad as the mobile game Genshin Impact but the rates are still bad. I have been very lucky to pull SSR characters but I don’t pull that often unless there’s a character I really want to pull, but I usually get lucky.

I haven’t been able to pull every character I wanted but I have been very lucky. If you constantly chase gold characters or try to get multiple copies for Noble Phantasm levels you will have to resort to whaling this game.

You can play this game completely free-to-play but don’t expect to pull the SSR Servants that often.

This game is also able to be beaten by 3* Servants so you don’t necessarily have to have SR and SSR Servants but if you expect to pull a lot of gold Servants without whaling you might be disappointed.

Rolling gacha for "Fate/Grand Order".

Rolling gacha for "Fate/Grand Order".

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There Is a Lot of Grinding in This Game

While mobile games are intentionally grindy to keep you playing, Fate/Grand Order is extremely grindy and it takes a lot of grinding for materials and experience cards to get your Servants leveled and skilled up.

If you try to get your Servant leveled and give them decent skills, this game will feel very grindy and you might not like it that much, but you don’t need to work too hard on your account unless you’re focused on doing very well during events.

Some people don’t like how much grinding there is in this game and that’s understandable.

If You’re Not Into the Story, You’ll Drop This Game

The Fate franchise is known for its storytelling and writing, and this game is known for its great story and writing but some people do play this game for gameplay but if you’re not really into the story you’ll probably drop this game because the gameplay is really old and not as interesting as other mobile games that are out now.

There are people that play for gameplay or the characters, but many Fate fans are here for the story and if you’re not really into the story you’ll probably drop this game.

The Game Is Fun if You Take Your Time With It, but It’s Not for Everyone

Fate/Grand Order is a fun game, it’s an enjoyable game for me as a fan of the Fate franchise but you can go into the game without prior knowledge of the franchise since the game explains the world and the lore enough for newcomers to understand, even though it is complicated.

The gameplay is good but the story and the characters are what make the game fun. Most people will enjoy this game but some won’t due to the low pull rates for rate-up Servants or the fact that the story takes a while to become the amazing story that fans talk about.

I do recommend you try it if you like fantasy with a historical twist or if you’re already into the Fate franchise.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

Less popular characters lack animation and Noble Phantasm updates

Nice artwork for sprites and nice animation for Noble Phantasm

The story takes a long time to become amazing

Great voice acting

There is a lot of grinding in this game

Great soundtrack

The gacha rates for pulling SSRs are very bad

My Grade: B

Fate/Grand Order is a fun and entertaining game, but it’s not for everyone. It has an excellent story that I enjoy reading, the characters are fun and interesting and I enjoy rolling for them.

Despite the fact that it is hard to get a lot of SSR servants without whaling for this game it is still a lot of fun to play. The writing a lot of fun and the story is very good, but it takes a lot of time to get there and you have to be invested in the story and characters to stay with the game because the gameplay is dated compared to newer mobile games.

The reason this game has been around for six years in Japan and four in America is because of the Fate franchise keeping it afloat and the story being so good.

I do recommend trying this game if you’re already a fan of the Fate franchise and you have familiarity with the franchise. You can go in without any previous knowledge but you’ll have to pay attention to the early story because they explain a lot of the lore early on.

The story and the characters are the reason you should try the game. The gameplay isn’t super impressive and that there’s no auto-farming might turn off people used to new mobile games that have auto-farming.

It is a game worth playing, but only spend money if you’re invested in the characters. This game is free-to-play friendly and all content can be cleared with silver Servants.

This game is worth your time if you love Fate or you are curious about the Fate franchise. It is not necessarily worth your money to pay to buy currency to roll the gacha. You get decent amounts of free quarts just doing things in the game, but the game’s pull rates are so low that it’s not worth chasing a lot of gold Servants because if you want to remain free-to-play that requires a lot of saving and patience.

This is a fun game, but it’s not for everyone, whether it’s the gacha rates, the dated gameplay, or the story being stalled for so long in Japan and in turn, NA.

I recommend this game, but do not recommend spending money on this game unless you really love the Fate franchise. Having a lot of currency, whether you pay for it or not doesn’t guarantee to roll the rate up SSR so whaling is only for people that can afford it.

Give the game a try, but don’t spend a lot of money and if you want a guaranteed SSR, you get to roll a guaranteed SSR twice every year on New Year’s and Anniversary for 15 paid quarts but it’s random, but if you don’t care about who you want then it’s fine, but if you’re a whale, getting a duplicate is more likely.

It’s worth playing for free but I’ve seen too many whale streams of people chasing gold to spend a lot of money on this game.

My Rating

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