Mobile Legends: Argus' Skills and Abilities Guide

Updated on March 23, 2018
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Mobile Legends Argus Skills and Abilities Guide
Mobile Legends Argus Skills and Abilities Guide | Source

Possessed by his overwhelming hunger for power, Argus has become a fallen angel. As a result, he scrambles through countless battlefields seeking to increase his power and satisfy the insatiable thirst of his demonic blade for blood.

As a hero, Argus is extremely powerful! He relies on swift and strong attacks to punish his enemies. When well-equipped, he becomes a true terror with unmatched physical capabilities and ephemeral invincibility. With his ultimate skill, he can act as an invulnerable tank and an excellent carry at the same time!

This guide not only lists all of Argus’ skills and abilities, it also expands on each one of them and details some tips on how to use them effectively. That being said, it is time for you to learn them all! Rally to the battlefield and accrue as much power as you can as the Nightstalker, Argus!

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Argus’ Skills and Abilities
Warmonger (Passive Skill)
Demonic Grip (1st Skill)
Meteoric Sword (2nd Skill)
Eternal Evil (Ultimate Skill)

Warmonger (Passive Skill)

Argus’ demonic blade always thirsts for blood. Hence, it gains more power as it soaks in the sufferings of both Argus and his enemies. Over time, Argus’ demonic blade charges its malevolent power. Once fully charged, Argus’ next basic attack quickens and doubles in form. In essence, he makes a double attack the moment his demonic blade’s charge is full. Note that the lower Argus’ HP is, the faster his demonic blade charges.

For a heavy physical attacker, this is probably one of the best passive skills to have. With Warmonger, every time Argus’ demonic blade charges up, he is able to attack twice. Fundamentally, he gains the ability—double attack!

As Warmonger applies only to basic attacks, there’s nothing much to think about it. Just give Argus some critical damage, critical rate, and attack speed boosting items and he’s all set! The higher his attack speed, the faster his demonic blade charges. The faster his demonic blade charges, the more double attacks he can dish out. And the more double attacks he can dish out, the more critical hits he can land!

Argus is the Nightstalker
Argus is the Nightstalker

Demonic Grip (1st Skill)

With the fury of his demonic hand, Argus lunges toward an enemy hero and deals 175 [+200% Total Physical ATK] physical damage. Thereafter, he makes a quick slash behind the enemy hero and deals 125 [+60% Total Physical ATK] physical damage. If this skill doesn’t hit an enemy hero, Argus simply covers some distance by pulling himself into the location.

  • Skill Level 1 – 175 Base Damage, 125 Follow-up Damage, 12 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 2 – 200 Base Damage, 150 Follow-up Damage, 12 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 3 – 225 Base Damage, 175 Follow-up Damage, 11 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 4 – 250 Base Damage, 200 Follow-up Damage, 11 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 5 – 275 Base Damage, 225 Follow-up Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 6 – 300 Base Damage, 250 Follow-up Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown

Essentially, Demonic Grip is Argus’ main mobility skill. He can use it to either move around the battlefield faster or close the gap between him and an enemy. Furthermore, this skill deals considerable damage if it hits! A skill that boosts mobility, closes gaps, and deals damage? I’m sold!

The only downside to Demonic Grip, however, is that it can be a drag to aim it properly at the intended target. It can miss a lot if you’re auto aiming it or if you just suck at manual aiming. No frets, though. Just practice and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

As for skill point prioritization, it’s fine if you alternate placing points on both Demonic Grip and Meteoric Sword. Feel free to add points to either skill. After all, there’s a negligible difference in both skills’ effects, so there’s no need to prioritize one over the other.

Argus Grasping a Jungle Monster with his Demonic Grip
Argus Grasping a Jungle Monster with his Demonic Grip

Meteoric Sword (2nd Skill)

With a demonic blade that possesses an unsatiable thirst for blood, Argus mercilessly strikes the enemy with it—after a short period of charging—and deals 400 [+150% Total Physical ATK] physical damage. After hit, the enemy bleeds out for 5 seconds leaving a trail of blood for Argus to follow. If Argus follows the trail of blood, his movement speed drastically increases.

  • Skill Level 1 – 400 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 2 – 440 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 3 – 480 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 4 – 520 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 5 – 560 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 6 – 600 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown

Similar to Demonic Grip, Meteoric Sword is a skill that boosts Argus’ mobility, allows him to close the gap between him and the enemy, and deals considerable damage. Its edge as compared with Demonic Grip is that it deals a lot more damage! It also ruptures the enemy, enough to cause bleeding, which Argus takes full advantage by following the trail of blood and increasing his own movement speed. This is a damage-and-chase skill like no other!

Since Meteoric Sword is also an offensive skill, it is best to use it alongside Demonic Grip. For Argus, it is always good to dish out as much damage as you can. Using Meteoric Sword and Demonic Hand side-by-side ensures that you always deal the greatest damage output in the shortest amount of time.

For the skill point prioritization, allocate the points as you see fit. There is no right or wrong allocation of points. As long as you have both Meteoric Sword and Demonic Grip, there’s no point in getting stressed over thinking which skill to prioritize.

Argus Slashing the Enemy with his Meteoric Sword
Argus Slashing the Enemy with his Meteoric Sword

Eternal Evil (Ultimate Skill)

As the Nightstalker, Argus can transform into the Fallen Angel of Eternal Evil. In this mode, he becomes immune to death for 5 seconds. He also instantly charges his demonic blade to its maximum power for one time. And to top it all, 100% of the damage that he absorbs during this brief state of invulnerability, wholly restores his life force after it ends. The more damage he receives during this mode, the more HP he recovers thenceforth.

  • Skill Level 1 – 80 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 2 – 65 Seconds Cooldown
  • Skill Level 3 – 50 Seconds Cooldown

Eternal Evil is what makes Argus extremely powerful and annoying! For a brief moment of time, he can become invincible. And not only that, during the time that he is invincible, he also gains HP from enemy attacks! This skill is especially useful whenever you’re trying to tower dive or initiate team attacks. Since many players have the “auto aim low HP enemies” setting activated, many times, they will attack Argus at low HP without any regard to their actions. As a result, Argus can soak up damage and heal as much HP as he wants under the effects of this skill.

Despite being a very powerful skill, Eternal Evil requires impeccable timing. Depending on your timing, you can either make it or break it. Use it too soon and you won’t be able to heal enough HP and make full use of the temporary invincibility. Use it too late and you risk getting crowd controlled and dying unceremoniously. Always remember that timing is key for Eternal Evil!

Argus Reigning Supreme as the Eternal Evil
Argus Reigning Supreme as the Eternal Evil

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