"Mobile Legends": Badang Skill Guide

Updated on April 7, 2019
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A father and a developer who loves to game. Since console and PC games are not convenient for me, I choose to explore mobile gaming.



Badang is a flexible fighter, good at ganking and with enough escaping abilities. Partner him up with heroes like Grock and Minsitthar, they can dominate any lane with his skills.

Badang - Basic Stats
Badang - Basic Stats

Badang Skills

Qigong Fist

Badang gathers all his strength to perform an overwhelming fist wind. It deals Physical Damage to a designated area and slowing them down. This skill will explode when hitting the wall and deals extra damage. Qigong Fist is considered a basic attack, so if you have life steal items, it will definitely work, and it also adds one stack for his passive.

Badang - Qigong Fist
Badang - Qigong Fist

Fist Breaker

This is Badang's core skill; it will dash him towards the designated direction. If he hits the enemies, it will deal damage and create a wall around the target. To increase the hit rate of this skill, use "Qigong Fist" first to slow the enemies down. This skill can deal damage for 2 times. The first damage is dealt when he hits the enemy while the second is when the enemy collides on the wall. Using this to minions and monsters can only deal damage.

Badang - Fist Break
Badang - Fist Break

Ultimate - Fist Crack

Fist Crack is like throwing many "Qigong Fist" that deals damage to all enemies in the area and will also explode if it hits a wall. Additional information about this skill is that it can trigger basic attack effects like Life Steal, Critical hits, DHS passive, etc. During the execution of the skill, Badang will have a shield that absorbs up to 1000 damage (it bases with his total physical attack) and makes him immune to control effects. You can cancel this skill immediately when you are in trouble, by simply move or use another skill.

Badang - Fist Crack
Badang - Fist Crack

Passive - Chivalry Fist

Each basic attack of this skill will give a stack, and after the 4th basic attack, the 5th will be enhanced that will lasts for 6 seconds. It deals high damage, knocked back effect and if they collide to a wall, they will be stunned. Better use the control effect with Fist Break and slay enemies with ease. Take note that this can damage your enemies in the line, same as the skill mechanism of Moskov. This also works on minions and monsters, and they will be stunned immediately.

Badang - Chivalry Fist
Badang - Chivalry Fist

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Recommended Battle Spells


I highly recommend this because he can use Flicker+Ultimate combo. This can also be used for ambushing or escaping from enemies.


This can increase his Ultimate's shield.


This can help Badang to farm faster in early game.

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Emblem Set

Fighter Emblem

Select talent points on "Physical Attack" and "Attack Speed." Then choose "Disabling Strike" talent, this will increase the physical attack and has a slow down effect after using first skill. This custom emblem set gives more emphasis on Badang's attack and ensures damage in team fights. This suits "Quigong Fist" because it can build an advantage in the early game.

Physical Emblem

Another option is Physical Emblem if you don't have Fighter emblem. Use the talent points for "HP" and "Attack Speed." Then choose "Open Fire," this will increase physical attack after using a skill.

Skill Usage

Combo 1 (Surprise Attack): 2nd skill + 1st skill + Fist Crack

Combo 2 (Wall advantage): 1st skill + Fist Crack + 2nd skill

Super Combo: 1st skill + 2nd skill + Basic Attack (Chivalry Fist) + Fist Crack

Optional Combo (No Ultimate): 2nd skill + Basic Attack (Chivalry Fist) + 1st skill


I think he's a pretty cool hero although he lacks cc and slow down effects. He can block heroes from escaping or chasing your allies if you're trying to save them. The best partner for him is Grock; he can also create walls to increase skills hit rate for his passive effect. Minsitthar is good as well; his Ultimate can stop high mobility heroes that are difficult for Badang.

Keep in mind that Badang is weak against heroes like Lancelot, Chou, Martis, and Akai. They have multiple crowd control skills and high mobility which is hard to catch, and their skills can cancel his ultimate. If you are in a ranked game make sure to be very careful or avoid these guys.

What do you think of this hero? Post your comments below.

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