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"Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" Rank up Using Mage Lylia

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Lylia Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Lylia Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Who Is Lylia?

Lylia is one of the amazing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mages. She is a small but terrible mage that will surely kill you with her charm.

Lylia was released in July 2019. Her specialty as a mage is to push and damage. Don't be fooled by her size, despite being a child, she is a powerful hero both in early game and late game.

Lylia's Skills:

  • Angry Gloom: Lylia's passive skill comes from Gloom, her tiny monster-like companion. She gets an increase in her movement speed by 15%. Gloom gains an upgrade each time he devours shadow energy. Gloom also helps to detonate the shadow energy increasing its damage.
  • Magic Shockwave: Magic shockwave is Lylia's first skill that allows her to detonate her little bombs called shadow energy. She can send Gloom to shadow energy, which causes a great deal of damage once Gloom touches and devours. It also slows down the enemy for one point five seconds (1.5s).
  • Shadow Energy: Her second skill, shadow energy is like a tiny bomb that can be placed at a target location. Enemy heroes hit by it will be slowed and deal a certain amount of damage.
  • Black Shoes: An ultimate skill that allows this amazing mage to get back to where she was four seconds ago. Once Lylia reaches level four, you will notice her shoes following her wherever she goes. This extraordinary skill allows you to see on the map if an enemy is following you. It also restores the shadow energy charges and regenerates a small percentage of her life/health level or HP. Her movement speed is also increased for two seconds (2s). I personally use this skill to either escape or surprise an attack.

Using these skills at the right moment will surely burst an opponent's HP.

Lylia / MLBB

Lylia / MLBB

Effective Ways to Use Lylia's Skills

To effectively cause damage to an opponent, it is best to use her skills in combinations. Lylia's skills are not just for assisting allies; she herself can inflict a great deal of damage to enemies that can kill all five of them.

Magic Shockwave and Shadow Energy Combo

For her combo, place the shadow energy on a target area. This acts as a little bomb that can be detonated by her first skill, magic shockwave. Doing this the right way greatly impacts the gameplay as it increases her movement speed and slows down the enemy heroes in the affected area.

Pros and Cons of Black Shoes

Her ultimate skill, black shoes, actually has some pros and cons, so you should be careful using it. As described, her shoes follow her anywhere she goes. This also gives you visibility on the map if there is an enemy around the area. This skill allows her to get back to the previous location she was four seconds ago.

The disadvantage is when opponents sneak around to ambush, following Lylia's shoes, knowing she is in the area. Meanwhile, you can use this skill to replenish some HP and shadow energy.

Remember to equip with the right item build; this helps you survive the battle and win the game.


Aside from making sure that HP level is enough to keep fighting, mana level should always be adequate to cast a spell. This is crucial for all mages. Some immediately build demon shoes, but for Lylia, there is a selection of shoes to choose from.

Magic Shoes, Holy Crystal, and a Glowing Wand

I chose to purchase a magic necklace, an item needed to build Demon shoes during the early game. Building her magic shoes reduces the cooldown of skills. If you wish to inflict damage against naturally defensive opponents, you can also use the penetration boots called arcane boots. Choice of shoes may vary depending on your preference and or enemy lineup. Like any other mage, you can get her a holy crystal to increase magic power or a glowing wand for burning effect.

Lylia's HP and Durability

Most mage heroes are easy to kill because of their low durability, but Lylia is a trickster. She can use her ultimate skill to escape and regain a certain amount of her lost HP together with her second skill charges. It is a great advantage for her, especially when an enemy has low HP.

During the late game, where most fighters and marksman heroes already reached and completed their build items, Lylia may no longer be able to keep up. That is why building her defensive items can make her more capable on the battlefield. I personally build her antique cuirass or brute force against marksmen like Claude and Roger.

Battle Spells

As any mage, you can always use flameshot to inflict damage or to knockback and slow down an attacking enemy. I suggest using purify. It removes all negative effects and helps you gain immunity from crowd control.

Some hero skills will hinder using Lylia's ultimate skill to escape, such as Chou's combo skills or when an opponent's tank hero sets like Minotaur and Tigreal. Using purify will allow you to escape and survive those attacks, which gives you a chance to cast skills that will kill the enemy.

With all these impressive skills, there is no way you will not surpass your previous highest rank.

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