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"Mobile Legends": Bruno's Skills and Abilities Guide

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Learn what Bruno can do in "Mobile Legends."

Learn what Bruno can do in "Mobile Legends."

Who Is Bruno?

Bruno is known throughout the world as “The Protector of Antoinerei.” He protects it because it's where he received his second chance in life. As such, his gratitude for the city is immeasurable! He might have lost his legs in the past due to a tragic accident, but the mechanical legs he found in Antoinerei will forever embody all of his dreams and hopes.

Ever since Bruno received his mechanical legs, he became a warrior, a fighter, and a protector! With the power of his new legs, he can shoot energy balls with extreme accuracy and power. Paired with his overwhelming potential, Bruno and his legs are peerless when it comes to any kind of competition, whether it's a fun game, an intense sports event, or a serious battle.

What This Guide Covers

This guide not only lists all of Bruno’s skills and abilities, it also expands on each one of them and details some tips on how to use them effectively. It will help you test and demonstrate Bruno's mettle in battle. Kick through the challenges of fate and overcome all obstacles in the world as the Protector, Bruno!

Bruno’s Skills and Abilities

Mecha Legs (Passive Skill)

Volley Shot (1st Skill)

Flying Tackle (2nd Skill)

Wave of the World Animation (Ultimate Skill)

Mecha Legs (Passive Skill)

Having robotic legs comes with a lot of benefits. One such benefit is increased leg power. Every time Bruno uses a skill, his critical attack rate soars by 4%. This effect can stack up to 5 times for a total increase of 20%.

Among all the heroes in Mobile Legends, Bruno has the greatest potential in terms of critical attack rate. Once his Mecha Legs passive skill is further augmented by critical rate–increasing items, then all of Bruno’s attacks are as good as critical hits.

The only downside to this passive skill is that you have to actually use all of Bruno’s skills one after another in order to increase his critical attack rate by 20%. Because of this, you won’t be able to take full advantage of attack speed–increasing items since Bruno’s attack speed will be intermittent due to the manual activation of his skills. Thus, to produce the maximum damage output, you will be better off investing in attack-increasing, critical damage–increasing, and critical attack rate–increasing items.

Volley Shot (1st Skill)

As the name suggests, Volley Shot is a technique wherein Bruno kicks a shot-refracting energy ball in a specified direction. This deals 200 [+70% Total Physical Attack] physical damage to the enemy it hits and slows the target’s movement speed down by 60%. After the energy ball reaches its designated destination, it bounces and stays at a certain point, making it possible for allies to pick it up, thus reducing the cooldown of the skill.

  • Level 1: 200 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 2: 230 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown, 90 Mana Consumption
  • Level 3: 260 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown, 100 Mana Consumption
  • Level 4: 290 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown, 110 Mana Consumption
  • Level 5: 320 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown, 120 Mana Consumption
  • Level 6: 350 Base Damage, 10 Seconds Cooldown, 130 Mana Consumption

Volley Shot shines the most during the early stages and middle stages of the game. It can be used to consistently harass enemy heroes by damaging and slowing them. This skill can also be used to effortlessly snag kills. Just stay alert for enemy heroes whose HP bars are on the critical level.

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Since the cooldown of Volley Shot decreases considerably whenever the energy ball is picked up by an ally, it is good practice to let your allies know about this condition at the beginning of the game for everyone’s benefit.

Flying Tackle (2nd Skill)

Using the power of his mechanical legs, Bruno performs an intense forward slide, dealing 140 [+40% Total Physical Attack] physical damage to the enemies and stunning them momentarily. Additionally, this skill provides a slight movement speed bonus for Bruno for a short period of time after its execution.

  • Level 1: 140 Base Damage, 7 Seconds Cooldown, 60 Mana Consumption
  • Level 2: 165 Base Damage, 7 Seconds Cooldown, 70 Mana Consumption
  • Level 3: 190 Base Damage, 7 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 4: 215 Base Damage, 7 Seconds Cooldown, 90 Mana Consumption
  • Level 5: 240 Base Damage, 7 Seconds Cooldown, 100 Mana Consumption
  • Level 6: 265 Base Damage, 7 Seconds Cooldown, 110 Mana Consumption

There are two ways of using Flying Tackle; one is for offense and the other is for retreat.

As an offensive skill, Flying Tackle can be used to damage and stun enemies while Bruno hovers towards their location. Thus, it is a great initiation skill, as well as a chasing skill.

As a retreat skill, it not only allows Bruno to cover a reasonable distance away from harm, it also increases his movement speed temporarily thereafter, further improving his chances of escape.

Depending on the situation, you can even use Flying Tackle to employ hit-and-run tactics. Just hit the enemies with all you’ve got and make a quick escape with this skill. Rinse and repeat until the enemies fall back, die, or surrender.

Wave of the World Animation (Ultimate Skill)

For his ultimate attack, Bruno kicks an energy ball with all his might towards a specified enemy hero, dealing 250 [+95% Total Physical Attack] physical damage, causing a knock-back effect, and reducing the armor of the target by 3 for 8 seconds and stacking up to 3 times. Afterwards, the energy ball ricochets among nearby enemy heroes and damages them all for some minor damage until it stops.

  • Level 1: 250 Base Damage, 3 Armor Reduction, 38 Seconds Cooldown, 140 Mana Consumption
  • Level 2: 350 Base Damage, 6 Armor Reduction, 33 Seconds Cooldown, 160 Mana Consumption
  • Level 3: 450 Base Damage, 9 Armor Reduction, 28 Seconds Cooldown, 180 Mana Consumption

Wave of the World Animation greatly improves the damage potential of both Bruno and his allies. This is especially apparent during team clashes.

Since enemy heroes are almost always stationed near one another during team clashes, Wave of the World Animation becomes really effective in damaging them all sustainably. The more damage the enemies receive, the more likely they are to get wiped out.

It is strongly advised that you use this skill only when there are multiple enemies present (including minions), to make the most out of its ricochet effect. This is due to the fact that the more enemies there are, the more ricochets the energy ball can make. Ultimately, that means more hits and a higher total damage!

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