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"Mobile Legends": Dyrroth Build Guide

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Best Dyrroth Build in “Mobile Legends” (Items, Spells, and Emblems)

So you've chosen Dyrroth as your hero, huh? His role is Fighter, and his specialty is Charge/Burst. Looks like you're in for a good game!

As the Prince of Darkness, Dyrroth needs to be equipped with items that perfectly match his role, specialty, and skills. Moreover, he needs a battle spell and an emblem that suits his playstyle perfectly.

Lucky for you, this guide provides all the help you need in the deciding the best build for Dyrroth. All troops deployed, smash them!

Dyrroth Items

Here are some items you should consider for your build.

Athena’s Shield

  • +900 HP
  • +62 Magic Defense
  • +2 HP Regen
  • Shield (Unique Passive) – Reduces Magic Damage from enemy heroes by 25% for 3 seconds upon taking Magic Damage. This effect is regained after 10 seconds of leaving combat.

Athena’s Shield is an optional item for Dyrroth. It is a situational item, meaning it is used mostly to counter enemy heroes that deal serious burst Magic Damage. It is advisable to build this item mid-to-late game.

Blade Armor

  • +90 Physical Defense
  • +20% Crit Damage Reduction (Unique Attribute)
  • Bladed Armor – Deals Physical Damage equal to 20% of the incoming damage (from Basic Attacks) and 20% of the hero’s Physical Defense to the attacker and slows them by 15% for 1 second.

Blade Armor is an optional item for Dyrroth. It is a situational item, meaning it is used mostly to counter enemy heroes that deal serious Physical Damage from Basic Attacks. It is advisable to build this item mid-to-late game.

Blade of Despair

  • +160 Physical Attack
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • Despair (Unique Passive) – Grants 25% extra Physical Attack for 2 seconds after dealing damage to enemy heroes with less than 50% HP.

Blade of Despair is a core item for Dyrroth. It can be built mid-to-late game or even earlier.

Dyrroth reaps the benefit of gaining a whooping 160 Physical Attack (the largest in the game) and some additional 5% Movement Speed from this item, which helps a lot in chasing and hunting enemy heroes. These are all on top of Blade of Despair’s Unique Passive (Despair), which grants even more Physical Attack for Dyrroth whenever he deals damage to enemy heroes who have less than 50% HP.

Bloodlust Axe

  • +70 Physical Attack
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +20% Spell Vamp (Unique Attribute)

Bloodlust Axe is a must-have item for Dyrroth. It is built as early in the game as possible for its beneficial attributes, i.e., Physical Attack, Cooldown Reduction, and Spell Vamp.

This item helps Dyrroth deal sustainable damage early in the game by increasing his Physical Attack by a decent amount and allowing him to increase the frequency of his usage of skills. Bloodlust Axe’s Unique Attribute (Spell Vamp), on the other hand, increases Dyrroth’s survivability by granting him some added life-stealing capabilities, which works well with his own passive skill (Wrath of the Abbys), regenerating HP according to the damage he deals.

Bruteforce Breastplate

  • +770 HP
  • +45 Physical Defense
  • Brute Force (Unique Passive) – Grants 2% Movement Speed, 4 Physical Defense, and 4 Magic Defense for 4 seconds after using a skill and/or dealing basic attacks. This can stack up to 5 times.

Bruteforce Breastplate, although an optional item for Dyrroth, has great synergy with his skills and playstyle.

The stackable increase in Movement Speed, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense allows Dyrroth to chase and hunt down enemy heroes without worrying about his own survivability. The more HP and Defense he has, the better his chances to deal sustainable damage whilst regenerating HP with his life-steal ability, and hence successfully carrying out his onslaughts.

It is best to build Bruteforce Breastplate early-to-mid game where its stats and effect—HP, Physical Defense, Movement Speed, and Unique Passive—are at peak potential for hunting and survival.

Dominance Ice

  • +500 Mana
  • +70 Physical Defense
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction (Unique Attribute)
  • Arctic Cold (Unique Passive) – Reduces nearby enemy heroes’ Attack Speed by 30% and Shield and HP Regen effects by 50% (excluding those affected by Life Drain).

Dominance Ice is an optional item for Dyrroth. It is a situational item, meaning, it is mostly used to counter enemy heroes with high damage and high attack speed, as well as life-stealing capabilities. It is advisable to build this item mid-to-late game.

Endless Battle

  • +65 Physical Attack
  • +5 Mana Regen
  • +250 HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • +10% Physical Lifesteal
  • Divine Justice (Unique Passive) – Deals 60% Physical Attack as extra True Damage with the next Basic Attack after casting a skill. This Unique Passive has a 1.5-second cooldown.
  • Chase Fate (Unique Passive) – Grants 10% extra Movement Speed after triggering Endless Battle’s Unique Passive (Divine Justice).

Endless Battle can be built for Dyrroth for extra sustain and damage. It is an optional item that can help Dyrroth deal extra damage, reduce the cooldown of his skills, increase his Movement Speed, and add some Physical Lifesteal (which works well with his innate life-stealing capabilities).

It is best to build Endless Battle in the early game (preferably after Bloodlust Axe) to boost sustainable damage and survivability.


  • +800 HP
  • +20 Physical Defense
  • Immortal (Unique Passive) – Resurrects the hero 2.5 seconds after death, gaining 16% Max HP and a 220-1200 shield (scales with level) that lasts 3 seconds). This Unique Passive has a 210-second cooldown.

Immortality is an optional item for Dyrroth. Since he has high sustainable damage and life-stealing capabilities, this item increases his odds of survival during duels or clashes.

With Immortality, Dyrroth can choose whether to make a tactical retreat after activating the Unique Passive (Immortal) or make full use of his life-stealing capabilities to assault enemies and recover HP.

Queen’s Wings

  • +15 Physical Attack
  • +900 HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Demonize (Unique Passive) – Grants 20% Damage Reduction and 35% extra Spell Vamp for 5 seconds when HP drops below 40%. This Unique Passive has a 60-second cooldown.

Queen's Wings is an optional item for Dyrroth. It gives him a significant amount of survivability in the late game.

This item pairs well with Dyrroth's life-stealing abilities and the Vengeance battle spell (if you have it equipped). Queen's Wings is especially effective in clashes during the late game where Dyrroth can attack while reducing damage and recovering a lot of HP via his life-stealing capabilities. This item also allows him to go toe-to-toe (battle of attrition) with tanky enemy heroes and life-stealing heroes.

Swift Boots

  • +40 Movement Speed
  • +15% Attack Speed

Swift Boots is the footwear to choose for Dyrroth if you want increased Attack Speed for faster dealing of damage. This is best utilized for an offensive build.

Tough Boots

  • +40 Movement Speed
  • +22 Magic Defense
  • Fortitude (Unique Passive) – Gains 30% Resilience.

Tough Boots is the footwear to choose for Dyrroth if the opposing team is composed of heroes that primarily dishes out Magic Damage and Crowd Control skills.

War Axe

  • +35 Physical Attack
  • +550 HP
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Fighting Spirit (Unique Passive) – Attacks grant 10 extra Physical Attack and 2 extra Physical Penetration for 3 seconds, capped at 8 stacks (the effect is reduced to 3 extra Physical Attack and 1 extra Physical Penetration for Marksmen/Mages/Supports). Gains 15% extra Movement Speed at full stacks.

War Axe is a great item for Dyrroth in the early game. Whilst optional, it grants Dyrroth a much-needed boost in stats that are effective for assaulting enemies and chasing enemy heroes, especially from early-to-mid game.

Warrior Boots

  • +40 Movement Speed
  • +22 Physical Defense
  • Valor (Unique Passive) – Gains 5 extra Physical Defense for 3 seconds when struck by a Basic Attack, capped at 25.

Warrior Boots is the footwear to choose for Dyrroth if the opposing enemy team has heroes that primarily deal Physical Damage.

Dyrroth Item Build Ideas

Here are some recommended items for various builds.

Demon King

  • Tough Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Blade of Despair
  • Immortality
  • Blade Armor /Athena’s Shield
  • Queen’s Wings

The Demon King build boasts a perfect balance of offense and defense. Offense primarily comes from Bloodlust Axe and Blade of Despair, while defense depends whether the situation calls for Immortality, the Blade Armor, the Athena’s Shield, Queen’s Wings, or a combination of the four items.

How versatile this build is hinges on the defensive items you build. Be sure to properly check which particular heroes the enemy team possesses so that you can counter them effectively.

Brutal Devil

  • Swift Boots
  • Warrior Axe
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Butterfly
  • Blade of Despair
  • Malefic Roar

When it comes to offense, the Brutal Devil build has the highest value. It combines Attack Speed, Physical Attack, and Physical Penetration to maximize damage. Furthermore, this build provides a 30% cooldown reduction, which means more skill spamming for Dyrroth.

The major downside of this build is that it is a glass cannon build. Dyrroth is rendered vulnerable and defenseless because all resources are focused on offense. It’s best to use this build for quick assassinations, one-on-one fights, and ambushes.

Lifesteal Fiend

  • Swift Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade of Despair
  • Immortality
  • Queen’s Wings

If you want to maximize Dyrroth’s life-stealing capabilities, then the Lifesteal Imp build is for you. This build brings together items that boosts Dyrroth’s offense, lifesteal, and Spell Vamp.

With this build, Dyrroth can carry out war of attrition tactics, and see to it that enemy heroes don’t come out alive from a duel or clash.

Dyrroth Spell Build

Here are the spells you should consider.


A Flicker fan, you are, I see! Well, I can’t blame you; Flicker is, after all, a Battle Spell that drastically improves mobility! And oh, look—this game is called Mobile Legends (emphasis on “Mobile”)! Geddit? Mobile!

Whether you want a quick getaway spell or an aid for your surprise attacks, Flicker is the Battle Spell to deck out Dyrroth!


You’ve got no choice! It seems you’re stuck on “Jungling” duty, am I right? I guess it’s not a bad thing per se, as long as you know what to do as a Jungler!

Now, get on jungling! Just pick whichever enhancement you want on Dyrroth’s Retribution Battle Spell, and be on your way. I personally like using Ice Retribution, but that’s just me!


Based on experience, if I’m not the dedicated Jungler of the team, then I pick Vengeance as Dyrroth’s Battle Spell.

Vengeance is useful especially if you build Dyrroth quite defensively with Blade Armor, Athena’s Shield, or Queen’s Wings. It offers quite a punch in terms of reflected damage and even damage reduction. And yeah, that’s a big deal!

Dyrroth Emblem Build

Here are the emblems you should consider.

Assassin Emblem

You think your Dyrroth is ready to hunt enemy heroes? Whether it’s still early in the game or it’s already the middle of the game, you can build him like an assassin!

Just set up Dyrroth with the Assassin Emblem and maybe get him a devastatingly offensive item build and you’re all set to hunt all enemy heroes.

By the way, I’d recommend the “High and Dry” talent if you’re into one-on-one encounters. Else, the “Bounty Hunter” talent for general hunting.

Fighter Emblem

If you’re going for a well-balanced and no-frills configuration, then the Fighter Emblem would suit Dyrroth well.

Be sure to pick the “Festival of Blood” talent so that Dyrroth can get more Spell Vamp. The “Disabling Strike” talent works well too if you know how to use and time it.

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