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"Mobile Legends": Guinevere Skill and Build Guide

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Guinevere Overview

Guinevere looks like a creepy kind of doll but I like her design. She is a fighter mage with a specialty of charge and bursts skills.

Guinevere - Basic Stats

Guinevere - Basic Stats

Guinevere Skills

Energy Wave

The first skill is similar to Cyclops. But what does it do? It says that she sends an energy out that deals magic damage with the additional effect of being slowed down by 70% for 1 second. After this skill hits the target (will also work when hitting minions and monsters) it will reduced all her skill's cooldown by 1 second. There's a red bar below her HP will be filled after using this skill, I will discuss that later. It only hits one enemy, and it's not a locked skill, meaning you need to aim most the time or you can just tap it if the enemies are standing still.

Guinevere - Energy Wave

Guinevere - Energy Wave

Magic Thump

This skill is a charge, and this is what they're talking about when they mentioned charge burst. Guinevere will jump or blink using her deadly high heels to deal damage to the enemies. This skill has two phases; the first part is that she jumps to the specified location and knocks up the enemies for 1 second and deals magic damage. The second part lets you dash out which is pretty cool. You can deal damage, knock up and if you're in trouble you can dash out in team fights.

Another thing it does is after you use a skill and if you decide to dash out, you will leave a clone of yourself for like one second. That clone can be targeted; in short, people might waste their Ultimate(s) or skills on your clone right? Also, take note that if the enemy attacks your clone, it will deal magic damage in-return plus another magic damage to nearby enemies if the clone disappears.

Guinevere - Magic Thump

Guinevere - Magic Thump

Ultimate: Violet Requiem

Violet Requiem deals magic damage around you and as well as nearby enemies for two seconds. If the enemies are knocked up they will have an additional knock up effect for 6 times. This skill is similar to Odette's ultimate. This will be canceled when you move and use another skill it will be canceled. So stay on spot and make sure you have a pretty good starter or tanker.

Guinevere - Violet Requiem

Guinevere - Violet Requiem

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Passive: Super Magic

Guinevere's passive, so every time you use a skill or basic attack you get this super magic bar underneath your HP being full slowly. By the way, Guinevere attack is close range and once her bar is full you get this glowing hands where you have a special basic attack and it increases the attack range as well. Where she will jump towards the enemy from a range or from a longer range and hits them with a magic blue ball in the head. Aside from that it also says that if an enemy is knocked up, the damage will be increased by 20% and finally it says that you also recover like 10% of your HP.

Guinevere - Super Magic

Guinevere - Super Magic


Retribution is best suited for her for faster farming in early game.


Very handy for 1v1 situation and in addition to her survival.

Emblem Set

Mage Emblem

I recommend using a custom Mage emblem. Spend talent points in "Cooldown Reduction" and "Magic Power". Then choose "Mystery Shop" talent, for a 10% discount on buying equipment. Image if you combine this to Retribution, you can easily get the items you want in early game.

Optional: Fighter Emblem

Another option is Fighter emblem, which can give you "Physical Attack" and "HP". Select "Festival of Blood" up to 12% off spell vamp.

Skill Usage

2nd skill + Basic Attack + Ultimate + Basic + 1st skill + Escape (2nd Skill).

Just always remember to use the 2nd skill before using the Ultimate to increase the CC duration.


Guinevere is a well-rounded hero. She's got mobility so you can do twice just with your skill and leaving a puppet there to add some confusion. Enemies might waste their skills on your puppet. If you use it properly and the combos, this hero is super awesome. I'm pretty sure that if you build damaged items or magic items on her, she can also be bursty especially with Lightning Truncheon. What do you think about this new hero? I think she is perfect I mean might be overpowered because of how the skills. Let me know what you think of her, post your comments below.

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