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"Mobile Legends": Hylos' Skills and Abilities Guide

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Learn more about Hylos' skills with the help of this handy guide.

Learn more about Hylos' skills with the help of this handy guide.

Who Is Hylos?

In the northern mountains of the Land of Dawn, there exists a centaur like no other. His name is Hylos—and he has the mystical forces of nature under his command.

With nature as his source of energy, Hylos can summon a high level of power, which he can freely use to protect everything that’s dear to him. In battle, he is a divine figure to behold. He’s extremely durable and supportive. As an ally, he is extremely dependable. As a matter of fact, just staying near him makes one stronger!

What This Guide Covers

This guide not only lists all of Hylos’ skills and abilities, it also expands on each one of them and details some tips on how to use them effectively. Learn how to use Hylos to his full potential. Demonstrate your overwhelming might on the battlefield and create a path to victory as the Grand Warden!

Hylos' Skills and Abilities

Thickened Blood (Passive Skill)

Law and Order (1st Skill)

Ring of Punishment (2nd Skill)

Glorious Pathway (Ultimate Skill)

Thickened Blood (Passive Skill)

Hylos hails from a rare centaur clan that possesses blood thickened by countless difficult battles. As such, he has to ability to transmute mana into life force. For every point of mana that he gains from equipment and emblems, he gains 1.5 points of HP. Moreover, if he ever runs out of mana for his skills, he can use his HP instead.

Thickened Blood is what makes Hylos a durable tank. It allows him to possess a lot of HP and take full advantage of mana-increasing items and emblems. As for the unique ability to use his own HP to fuel his skills whenever he runs out of mana, it is guaranteed that Hylos never runs out of energy source for his skills as long as he’s alive.

Law and Order (1st Skill)

As a protector of the land, Hylos has the compelling power to command the forces of nature. Using stored nature’s energy, he can lock down a single enemy for 1 second and deal 300 [+80% Total Magic Power] magical damage.

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  • Level 1: 300 Base Damage, 12 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 2: 350 Base Damage, 11.2 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 3: 400 Base Damage, 10.4 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 4: 450 Base Damage, 9.6 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 5: 500 Base Damage, 8.8 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption
  • Level 6: 550 Base Damage, 8 Seconds Cooldown, 80 Mana Consumption

Law and Order is Hylos’ primary crowd-control skill. Not only does it deal significant damage, it also stuns a single enemy in place for a full second. That’s enough time for you to dish out more damage with your basic attack and Ring of Punishment or let your allies snuff the life out of the enemy. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to use this skill is to stun the enemy with it and immediately activate your Ring of Punishment thereafter so that they suffer a continuous crowd-control debuff (stun and slow) and receive significant damage.

Ring of Punishment (2nd Skill)

Hylos has the ability to unleash the power of the majestic centaurs by summoning a Ring of Punishment. With the Ring of Punishment active, Hylos can deal 95 (+20% Total Magic Power) magical damage to enemies surrounding him and stack Warden’s Fury. For each stack of Warden’s Fury, enemies get a reduction of 6% from their movement speed and 5% from their attack speed. Additionally, they receive 7.5% more damage from Ring of Punishment on top of its base damage.

Warden’s Fury can stack up to 10 times. Note that Ring of Punishment will continue being active until Hylos depletes his HP and Mana reserves or he deactivates it.

  • Level 1: 95 Base Damage, 7.5% Damage Bonus, 1 Second Cooldown, 30 Mana Consumption
  • Level 2: 125 Base Damage, 10% Damage Bonus, 1 Second Cooldown, 30 Mana Consumption
  • Level 3: 155 Base Damage, 12.5% Damage Bonus, 1 Second Cooldown, 30 Mana Consumption
  • Level 4: 185 Base Damage, 15% Damage Bonus, 1 Second Cooldown, 30 Mana Consumption
  • Level 5: 215 Base Damage, 17.5% Damage Bonus, 1 Second Cooldown, 30 Mana Consumption
  • Level 6: 245 Base Damage, 20% Damage Bonus, 1 Second Cooldown, 30 Mana Consumption

Ring of Punishment is the skill that enables Hylos to truly shine in battle. It is a skill that is capable of both impairment and destruction. Once activated, it deals significant amounts of damage to nearby enemies and considerably slows them down. Not only that, the effects of this skill become more lethal the longer the enemies stay within its range.

The only downside to this skill is its mana requirement. Since it continuously depletes mana (and HP if your don’t have mana left) while it is active, it is best to keep your eyes on Hylos’ HP and mana bars all the time, else you suffer the consequences of this skill’s double-edged sword nature.

Glorious Pathway (Ultimate Skill)

At the peak of his power, Hylos can summon a pathway of light for 6 seconds. While on the pathway, Hylos regenerates 4% of his maximum HP every second and becomes immune to slow debuffs. Furthermore, allies moving towards the pathway of light are granted an increase of 60% in movement speed while enemies moving away from the path of light suffer a decrease of 70% in movement speed.

  • Level 1: 4% HP Regeneration, 60% Bonus Movement Speed, 50 Seconds Cooldown, 150 Mana Consumption
  • Level 2: 4.5% HP Regeneration, 65% Bonus Movement Speed, 46 Seconds Cooldown, 150 Mana Consumption
  • Level 3: 5% HP Regeneration, 70% Movement Speed Bonus, 42 Seconds Cooldown, 150 Mana Consumption

Glorious Pathway is Hylos’ best supportive skill. Although Hylos reaps the most benefits from this skill (due to the fact that it regenerates a lot of HP for him), it is still a blessing for his allies (thanks to its speed-increasing buff) and a curse to his enemies (thanks to its speed-decreasing debuff). This skill is best used as an initiating skill. The mere sight of the pathway of light sends enemies into a state of panic. Other great ways to use it are healing and escaping. Don’t hesitate to use it whenever Hylos is in a state of grave danger.

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