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"Mobile Legends": Khufra Skill Guide

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Character Overview

Khufra is a tyrant tank that was awakened from his slumber with hatred and anger. Due to his skill set, he specializes in crowd control and functions as an initiator. Partner him up with heroes like Ruby or Vale with magnificent gank styles, and you'll have a chilling team to dominate any lane.

Khufra - Tyrant's Revenge

Khufra - Tyrant's Revenge

Khufra's Skills

Tyrant's Revenge

This is a dash skill with insane range that lets you pass through walls. The longer you charge, the farther Khufra can travel, and he will immediately stop when he hits the first enemy hero. He can't move while charging, but if you release the charge, the enemies will be knocked up and dealt physical damage based on Khufra's max HP. Using this on Jungle monsters will only deal some damage.

Khufra - Bouncing Ball

Khufra - Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball

Khufra's second skill will wrap himself with a bandage and turns into a bouncing ball that deals magic damage every time he hits the ground. It also slows the enemy down, slightly increases his movement speed, and his Physical and Magical defense will increase by 100%. These effects also make him good in escaping and in tower diving (make sure you go first before your teammates). Another thing is that this skill can block Fanny, Flicker or Dash skills.

Ultimate—Tyrant's Rage

This skill will pull enemies around him or rather to the direction you cast it. Although it has a very short range, it still deals physical damage and slow down effect. If enemies collide to a wall, they will receive extra 150% damage and will be stunned instead of slowing. Better use it with 1st skill, and it will be easier to deal huge damage and control enemies for a long time.

Passive—Spell Curse

Every 12 seconds, this skill increases his next basic attack range. It deals magic damage that was based on 8% of Khufra's Max HP, has slow down effect and it also heals him after hitting the enemy. There will be an icon at the bottom of the screen to show the cooldown time. Take note that you can reduce the cooldown by 4 seconds if you CC the enemy with your skill and this effect can be stacked. So if you crowd control more than 2 enemies, his passive cooldown will be instantly refreshed.


I personally recommend this one because it will help him take more damage or help his teammates in crucial moments.


This is suitable to aim his ultimate since there's a slight delay in casting it. Also, this is very helpful because he is always inside in team fights.


This is only for extra mobility, and it also works while Khufra's in Bouncing ball state.

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Emblem Set

Tank Emblem

This works best for Khufra, put talent points in "HP" and "Cooldown." Use "Brave Smite" talent; it will regenerate HP every time you CC enemy heroes.

Fighter Emblem

If you want Khufra as a damage dealer this emblem is suited for him. Select talents: "Bravery", "Invasion" and "Disabling Strike". This way he can deal more damage and adds slow down effect.

Physical Emblem

This is an alternative if you don't have Tank emblem or if it is low level. Spend talent points in "HP" and "Physical Attack." Use "Open Fire" talent; it will increase 5% of physical damage after using a skill that lasts 3 seconds.

Skill Usage

  • Combo 1 (Surprise Attack): 1st skill + "Tyrant's Rage" + 2nd skill + Spell Curse. This combo will prevent enemies from using any dash skills.
  • Combo 2 (Optional): 2nd skill + "Tyrant's Rage" + Spell Curse + 1st skill

Always keep in mind (and as much as you can) that you should use the Ultimate against an obstacle to deal more damage.


Khufra is a pretty good tank, and I think he is a slightly good fighter. Most of his damage is based on his max HP, and he has tons of disabling skills, to be honest. All of this is very useful in clustered team fights. Getting the right combination of heroes will definitely increase your chance of winning.

He is strong against heroes that primarily depend on dashing skills like Fanny, Harith, and Lancelot. But he is weak against heroes that have knock-up skills because they can cancel his Bouncing Ball state.

What do you think of this hero? Post your comments below.

Questions & Answers

Question: Which heroes in "Mobile Legends" are best against Khufra?

Answer: Akai, Helcurt or Diggie are good for delaying Khufra's combo.

Question: Can I use fighter emblem for khufra?

Answer: Yes, you can use fighter emblem. I recommend you select "Bravery", "Invasion" and "Disabling Strike". This will add more damage and slow down effect.

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Ian on February 22, 2020:

What is the best build for khufra?

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