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"Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" Guide to Luo Yi

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Luo Yi Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Luo Yi Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Getting to Know Luo Yi

It is undeniable that Luo Yi is one of the powerful mages in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Today, let me share with you a quick guide to annoy your enemies and how to kill them.

Luo Yi was released May 16, 2020 (which was a year ago.) Luo Yi's specialty is Support and Crowd Control which really makes any enemy hero annoyed when damaged by her.


  • Duality: Luo Yi's Passive skill creates Yin and Yang marks to enemy heroes that lasts up to six seconds. When two opponent heroes designated by Yin and Yang approach close to each other, the Yin Yang effect happens, causing them to be stunned for one second.
  • Dispersion: The first skill Dispersion allows her to cast Yin Yang in any designated direction from the target to the enemy behind it. Applying Yin Yang marks to the two enemy heroes hit and deals a great deal of damage.
  • Rotation: Rotation is her second skill which allows her to summon "fire of Yang" or "aqua of Yin" in a designated area that lasts up to six seconds. Enemy heroes inside Luo Yi's second skill will slow down the enemy's movement and will damage them at the same time. Enemy hero with a Yin Yang mark happens to move close to her second skill will deal a great amount of damage and will leave them stunned for one second.
  • Diversion: Ultimate skill is Diversion which allows her to teleport herself or any allied hero from a designated area to another location within the 18 radius range in the battlefield. This skill is best to gank an enemy or to save an ally before they get killed.

With all these amazing skills, Luo Yi is surely an annoying enemy but a great support to allied heroes.






To inflict a great deal of damage to enemies, it is best to mark an opponent using the first skill (either a Yin or Yang) then followed by her second skill, which should be opposite to the enemy mark (yin or yang). So if the enemy hero is marked with yin, the second skill should be yang which will stun the enemy and slow its movement. As he gets out of the second skill, or worst, with the right item build, the enemy will burn and get killed.

As Luo Yi's passive skill leaving marks to enemies, it is also best to mark the enemy hero with yin and the other with yang, so when they mistakenly move close to each other, will cause them to be drawn like two magnets and stunned for 1 second or worst the cause of their deaths.

It is a battlefield, better to bring the items you will need to increase damage and to better support allies.


Most mage heroes like Luo Yi require mana to cast their spells, so giving her demon shoes to sustain her mana level will be enough at the early stage of the game. There are different item builds that you can organize for her depending on how you will use the hero, either to purely support, to be a damage dealer, or both.

For instance, building an enchanted talisman gives her mana that she requires to use on casting her skill. At the same time, it reduces the cooldown of her skill which makes her more powerful. You can also build a necklace of durance if the enemy has life-steal heroes, but if you prefer to slow down the movement of heroes even more, you can use an ice queen wand which slows down enemy heroes effectively when they are inside Luo Yi's second skill. To inflict more damage to the enemy, better gear her up with a glowing wand which causes a burning effect and a holy crystal for an outstanding deal of damage it may inflict.

Mage heroes like Luo Yi can be easily get killed with one wrong move, so to avoid this, you can get her defense items depending on the enemy lineup. You may use immortality, dominance ice, and or antique cuirass, which is best for enemy inflicting physical damage, while Athena shield for magic damage heroes. I highly suggest gear and build items for Luo Yi, depending on how you will use her as a mage. Luo Yi's skills are powerful, but it should be beneficial to the team; after all it is a team fight.

Battle Spell

Mage heroes like Luo Yi can use flameshot to surely kill an escaping enemy as it inflicts damage or to knockback and slow down an attacking enemy. You can also use purify to remove or gain immunity from crowd control, especially from tank-type heroes that will try to catch Luo Yi.

I personally use purify to counter heroes like Guinevere, Chou, and tank-type heroes like Atlas and Tigreal that will attempt to trap Luo Yi.

If it happened that Luo Yi is your enemy, how will you counter her? The truth is, any fast-moving heroes can kill Luo Yi, such as assassin-type heroes like Gusion, Lancelot, and Ling. Naturally, Luo Yi's HP is easy to reap; marksman-type heroes like Wanwan can definitely kill her. Despite all these, she can use her special skill, which is her Ultimate, to teleport to another location and escape. With the right timing and cast of spell, she certainly will survive.

Has Luo Yi gotten your attention after reading this? Comment below.

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