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"Monopoly Poker" Review

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!


Monopoly and Poker?

I was surprised at how nice of a game Monopoly Poker is. It is a much better poker game than I expected.

I am going to explain my thoughts on Monopoly Poker in this review.

There Is a Monopoly Board!

After so many hours, you roll some dice, and your token moves and lands on Monopoly spaces. You get extra chips from playing this board game.

It is one of the more fun ways to earn extra chips.

As you collect Monopoly money, you can then pay to upgrade the spots on the board after collecting so many property cards. You can then reset the board and start over with even better properties.

There is one very minor annoyance I have with the board game. Rolling doubles in a Monopoly game lets you roll again. In Monopoly Poker, rolling doubles does nothing. I feel this is quite an annoying omission.


My Thoughts on the Poker Stakes

Monopoly Poker has very few stakes. I don’t like this.

I feel having more options is better. But at the same time, I can see why a smaller game might not want to split the player base up across many smaller tables.

Not every game has the same player base as Zynga Poker, I suppose.

The Game Tries to Stop You From Selecting Your Stakes

There is one thing in this game that frustrates me to no end. Most of the time, the game tries to get you to play the highest stakes you can afford.

As a semi-serious poker player, I think this is a huge tactical mistake. I only play at stakes in poker games I can afford to lose at, and I have a plan on when to move up in stakes.

So I don’t appreciate a game trying to force me to play stakes I don’t want to.

If you tap the stakes button many times, the game finally gives up and lets you pick your stakes.

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I don’t see why they don’t just let you do this to begin with.

This is a dark pattern. Make players think they have to play the highest stakes possible. So they (probably) lose the most chips possible.

The screen lets you select the stakes you want to play. When the game lets you see it, that is.

The screen lets you select the stakes you want to play. When the game lets you see it, that is.

You Can Multi-Table!

I can’t believe this! Out of all the poker games I play, Monopoly Poker is the one that lets you play three tables at once.

The system works very well too.

No Four Color Deck

I wish every poker game had a four-color deck option. Almost none do, and it is a very easy accessibility option to enable for players.

I suppose you could argue it might give some players a slight advantage. But everybody can use it.

When you have many tables going at the same time, not having to focus and double-check the color of the cards helps a lot.

The Poker in the Game Works Well

I have no complaints.

The bets are easy to make and the game runs surprisingly very well.

I like that the game lets you always go all in hands. In some poker games, you can only bet up the point that you put the other player all in.

It is more satisfying to shove all my chips all in even when it is not necessary.


The Game Looks OK

The game looks more plain compared to some other poker games I play. But it looks good enough.

The crying sound that plays when you lose hands is annoying. It plays every single time somebody else wins a hand, even if you are not in it.

The Game Has Great Tournament Options

The game has spin and go style games and sit and go games. There are plenty of buy-in options as well.

So if you are a huge tournament player, you can get plenty of action while playing Monopoly Poker.

I don’t like playing tournaments often. But it is fun to play occasionally to do something different.


The Leagues in the Game Are Nice

Monopoly Poker has some neat poker leagues. They are an interesting format that reminds me of the poker clubs in WSOP.

You are not competing directly with anybody. You need to either make enough league points to move up or stay in your current league.

I like these types of leagues compared to leaderboard leagues. I don’t have to worry about moving up or down in league spots. I have an objective, and I try to make it.

But I suppose leaderboard leagues are more competitive, and these leagues can be a bit more fun.


The Missions Are Nice

I like the missions in the game. I feel like the rewards could be nicer, though.

It is interesting to reach the weekly milestones as you get better rewards when you do.


My Overall Thoughts on Monopoly Poker

Monopoly Poker is one of the better free poker games I have played.

Who knew Monopoly would be a great theme for a poker game?

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