Monster Legends In Depth Guide: Buildings

Updated on February 3, 2017

Monster Legends has a large variety of buildings available to choose from, each of which requires either money or food to build, and a worker or friends to open.

The first building we will look at is the Breeding Mountain, this is used to allow players to breed two monsters together, in an attempt to get different types of monsters, this will cost 150 Gold to purchase and it is always acquired very early on in the game.

The next building is the Ultra Breeding Tree, this is exactly the same as the normal Breeding Tree, except it costs 150 Gems to purchase, this will allow you to breed 4 different Monsters at the same time

The next Building is the Hatchery, this is free and will be unlocked at the start of the game.

The Hatchery is used to hatch eggs you get from Breeding, and will always cost Gems to upgrade, going like this:

Second Hatchery Egg Capacity Upgrade: 40 Gems

Third Hatchery Egg Capacity Upgrade: 100 Gems

Fourth Hatchery Egg Capacity Upgrade: 200 Gems

The next building we will look at it the Worker's Hut: Once you start Monster Legends you will already have two huts on your island, with 2 workers available, but you can buy more, these will cost:

3rd Worker: 50 Gems

4th Worker: 100 Gems

5th Worker: 200 Gems

The next Building we will look at is Farms, Farms are used to produce food for Monsters so you can increase their levels, Farms can be upgraded into three levels:


Level Required: 1

Cost: 100 Gold

XP: 100

Time: 5 Seconds

Max Food: 150

Big Farm:

Level Required: 9

Cost: 25,000 Gold

XP: 25,000

Time: 8 hours

Max Food: 3000

Huge Farm:

Level Required: 20

Cost: 500,000 Gold

XP: 250,000

Time: 1 day

Max Food: 1,000,000

And the Foods you can grow are:

Farm (Upgrade 1)

Blue Lizards Tail:

Gold: 50

Food: 10

Time: 30 Seconds

Xp: 25

Sweet Pepper

Gold: 250

Food: 50

Time: 5 Minutes

XP: 250

Sea Grapes

Gold: 1000

Food: 150

Time: 30 Minutes

XP: 1000

Big Farm:

Red Tiger Nut:

Gold: 5000

Food: 400

Time: 30 Minutes

XP: 5000

Jungle Fresh Peanuts

Gold: 15,000

Food: 1000

Time: 45 Minutes

XP: 15,000

Rainbow Snow Peas

Gold: 75,000

Food: 3000

Time: 1 hour

XP: 75,000

Huge Farm:

Garden Rocket

Gold: 500,000

Food: 10,000

Time: 30 Minutes

XP: 250,000

Winged Angel Beans

Gold: 1,000,000

Food: 20,000

Time: 45 Minutes

XP: 500,000

Black Lotus Root

Gold: 5,000,000

Food: 100,000

Time: 1 hour

XP: 2,500,000

The next Building we will look at is the Runes Building: Every Monster you have will have one Rune on it to begin with, the Runes building allows you to add two more on to the Monster, but once you have added them, they cannot be removed.

The Runes Building will cost 1,000,000 Gold and will be available at Level 20, The runes you can buy for your Monsters are as follows:

Lesser Life: Level: 20, Cost: 250,000

Increases the Monster's life by 10%

Lesser Endurance: Level: 22, Cost: 200,000

Reduces the energy cost of skills by 2

Lesser Squad Strength: Level: 24, Cost: 500,000

Increases all the Monsters' Damage by 2%

Lesser Squad Speed: Level: 26, Cost, 750,000

Increases all the Monsters' Speed by 2%

Endurance: Level: 28, Cost: 25 Gems

Reduces the Energy Cost of Skills by 4

Lesser Exploit Weakness: Level: 30, Cost: 2,500,000

Deals 15% more damage on Strong attacks

Life: Level: 30, Cost: 30 Gems

Increase the Monsters Life by 20%

Lesser Squad Life: Level: 28, Cost: 1,000,000

Increases all the Monsters' Health Points by 2%

Squad Life: Level: 30, Cost: 75 Gems

Increases all the Monsters Health Points by 4%

Squad Strength: Level: 32, Cost: 50 Gems

Increases all the Monsters Damage by 4%

Squad Speed: Level: 34, Cost: 60 Gems

Increases all the Monsters Speed by 4%

The final Building(s) we will look at are Boosts:

Boost Buildings increase the production of Gold by 10% in a fixed radius, only if the Habitat or Monster and the Boost are the same type. Fortunately, boosts do stack with each other, so you can have more than 10% boosts on your monsters, the Boost Types are as follows:

Fire Boost:

Level: 20

Cost: 1,000,000

XP: 500,000

Time: 1 Day

Nature Boost:

Level: 24

Cost: 1,500,000

XP: 750,000

Time: 1 day 12 hours

Earth Boost:

Level: 28

Cost: 2,000,000

XP: 1,000,000

Time: 2 Days

Thunder Boost:

Level: 32

Cost: 2,750,000

XP: 1,375,000

Time: 2 Days 12 Hours

Water Boost:

Level: 36

Cost: 3,500,000

XP: 1,750,000

Time: 3 Days

Dark Boost:

Level: 40

Cost: 4,000,000

XP: 2,000,000

Time: 3 Days 12 Hours

Magic Boost:

Level: 44

Cost: 4,500,000

XP: 2,225,000

Time: 4 Days

Light Boost:

Level: 48

Cost: 5,000,000

XP: 2,500,000

Time: 4 Days 12 Hours


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