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Monster Legends Tips and Strategy Guide

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If you love playing Nintendo’s epic monster RPGs, then you will fall in love with Monster Legends. This free-to-play social role-playing game lets you build your own monster island, breed strange and fascinating creatures, and fight enemy creatures in a battle arena.

In this game, you will be combining two monsters to create a powerful creature. There’s no story, just monster battles and breeding, which can become quite addicting. You can add friends, recruit them to get rewards, and fight enemy monsters to get more rewards. Quite a rewarding experience!

You may already be familiar with this gameplay style from Dragon City, but you will still want to know more to avoid losing a monster battle or paying cash for gems. This Monster Legends guide provides tips to help you win battles, earn rewards, and make those mean, green fighting creatures more powerful.

Five Ways to Get Your Battle Strategy Right

Combat Strategy Guide

Combat Strategy Guide

The Adventure map gives you a chance to battle a host of deadly creatures. You also get an opportunity to fight boss monsters and earn free gems, XP, Gold, and other rewards by defeating them. Battling monsters is simple, but defeating them is not easy. There is some strategy involved. Here are some tips to get your strategies right to defeat hard-to-beat monsters:

1. Know the elemental affiliations of your monsters and your enemy's monsters. Before hitting the "Fight" button, you get a chance to get your formation right and know who your enemy is. Check the enemy’s elemental affiliation. Remember that each element is stronger or weaker against certain other elements. For example, monsters guarded by the Water element do additional damage to monsters belonging to the Fire element. To know more about creature elements and their strengths and weaknesses, refer to the table below:

ElementStronger ThanWeaker Than


























2. Form your team correctly. Once you have identified your enemy, it’s time to get your team formation right. Choose monsters with elemental affiliations stronger than the enemy monster(s). Click on the "Change" button to switch to a stronger creature if you think the current one is weaker (level-wise or element-wise) than the enemy monster(s). Don't click the "Fight" button until your team is formed the way you want it.

3. Know your monsters' special skills. Knowing special skills beforehand can be extremely helpful. You can choose only those creatures whose skills can inflict maximum damage. Each monster has its own special skill. To know its special abilities before a battle, click on a habitat > monster icon. You can find out the unlocked and unlockable abilities in the skills menu.

4. Find out about multiple-enemy damage. Several of these skills inflict damage to one enemy at a time, whereas a few inflict damage to multiple enemies. For example: Pandaken’s Firewall skill inflicts damage to all enemies, but requires cooling down for one turn. You can check if a monster's ability does one-enemy or multiple-enemy damage by placing your mouse cursor over a skill in the "Skills" section.

Special Items

Special Items

5. Use special items during battles. While battling, you can choose special attack, healing, or defense items by clicking “Items” just below the "Recharge" button. Click on the "Buy" button to purchase them using gold, and then the "Use" button. Then click on the enemy monster (if it is an attack item) or the friendly monster (if it’s a healing or defense item).

Food Can Help Your Monsters Defeat High-level Enemies

Build farms

Build farms

Inevitably, you will encounter high-level monsters that are hard to defeat and less vulnerable to damage, so you will need your own higher-level monsters. Make sure you level-up your monsters at regular intervals and use them in the battlefield. To level-up your monsters, and make them stronger, feed them.



Build multiple farms to grow food. Click on the "Build" button associated with "Farms." Next click on the farm and select "Grow Food." You can grow three types of food: Blue Lizard’s Tail, Sweet Pepper, and Sea Grapes. The longer their growing time, the more Food points they yield (see below).

Three Crops Compared

Food TypeGrowing TimeFood Points

Blue Lizard's Tail

30 seconds


Sweet Pepper

5 minutes


Sea Grapes

30 minutes

150 Food, plus 1000 XP

Build at least three farms, grow some food, and collect the food when ready. Next, click on a "Habitat" > "Monsters" > "Monster" icon and then click on the "Feed" button. You can click on it multiple times to level-up your monsters. Tip: You can collect 500-5000 Food by fighting monsters.

Don’t forget to upgrade your farms, which is an option once you pass level 9. Upgrading them will raise the max limit from 150 to 3000 Food.

You Can Get Gems for Free: No Hacks or Tools Required


Gems play a big role in Monster Legends. You can use them to speed up breeding, farming, and the construction of buildings. These rare trinkets can be bought for cash. Although players often seek hacks and tools to get gems, and some of these tools do work, most are just breeding ground for malware monsters.

Thankfully, there are legit ways to get gems.

One of the best ways to earn free gems is to collect XP and level-usp, because you get at least one free gem with each level-up. The level meter at the top of the game screen shows how many XP you’ve collected and the remaining XP you need to level up.

There are many ways to get XP. Follow these tips to get quick XP and level-up quicker.

1. Complete goals: Look for goals located to your left. Complete them and earn around 500 XP. You can click on a goal to find out what rewards are in store for you after completing it.

2. Clear debris: You can earn additional XP by removing trees, small and big rocks. (Large and medium rocks give 5000-15000 XP and trees up to 500 XP. The only drawback is that removing these items takes a few minutes (or more than an hour, for a big rock), and while your worker is busy with this you won’t be able to construct buildings.

3. Fight monsters in the Adventure Map: Fighting monsters will earn you 1060 XP. Each level gives you around 1000 XP. So buckle up and battle creatures to level-up faster. Fighting Boss monsters in the Adventure Map can earn you three to five gems.

4. Add friends: You can earn additional rewards by adding friends and visiting their islands.

Breed Monsters to Hatch Powerful Creatures

Breeding Mountain

Breeding Mountain

One of the best aspects of this game is monster breeding. We have seen this in Dragon City, and now Monster Legends allows players to do the same, with more unique monsters to breed. Here are some breeding tips to create more powerful creatures:

Build all four basic habitats – Fire, Nature, Earth and Water (can be unlocked at level 10). You can keep a maximum of two monsters in a habitat. Expand your habitat by upgrading, or build another.

Buy eggs and hatch them in the hatchery. Once the monster is hatched, put it in its respective habitat.

To breed monsters, you will need two monsters from two different habitats. Click on "Breeding Mountain" > "Breed" and select two creatures from the list. Next, click on "Start Breeding."

Combine elements when you breed. You can breed plenty of powerful creatures that possess qualities of both parent monsters. Just get your combos right. Keep tabs on elemental affinities of each monster and combine monsters belonging to two different elements to create a stronger monster.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you win at level 140?

Answer: It all depends on the characters you recruit on your team, their level and the skills they possess. Make sure you have Summanus on your team, as most of his "thunder" skills not only deal more damage, but also gain an extra turn.

For example, Static shocks deal moderate damage and gives one extra turn to itself. 20000 volts also gives moderate damage, and you gain one extra turn after using it. 50000 bolts deal substantial damage, plus you gain an extra turn. This way, you can keep attacking the enemy by using each skill, while giving you an additional turn.

His special skill is 10000000 volts as it deals heavy damage to all enemies.

Question: I have monsters that are said to be in "Defense," but I can't access them for battle. Why can't I access them?

Answer: When a player challenges you in multiplayer mode, your defense team is automatically assigned to fight him. You cannot use your defense team on your attack team or use it in dungeons. You can, however, change your defense team’s characters by replacing a character from your defense team with another. Now that the old character is free, you can assign him to your attack team.

To change your defense team characters, click PvP and then tap on the “Change Your Team” button. Next, select the “Defense Team” tab and tap the “Change” button underneath each character to replace it with another.


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To answer some questions...

1)You cannot send monsters to other players.

2) There is no single best Legendary monster. All have something unique depending on the situation.

3) You cannot get a skill back unless it becomes an option again when you reach a level up point.

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