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"Mutants: Genetic Gladiators" Guide – Tips and Breeding

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Mutants: Genetic Gladiators

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators

Game Introduction

Welcome to the Mutants: Genetic Gladiators (MGG) guide! MGG is a breeding and combat hybrid Facebook game. The gameplay is very similar to Dragon City.

In this game, you breed different types of mutants and use them to fight in arenas or against other players. The goal is to become the best PvP or breeder in the game. It is up to you to decide which one you would like to be. You can also be both.

Mutant Genes

Mutant Genes

Mutant Types

There are currently six different basic mutant genes. They are:

  • Cyber: The first "robot" gene you come across in the game. It is weak against Necro but strong vs Necro
  • Saber: Saber is the "human" gene. Strong against Necro but weak against Cyber.
  • Necro: The "zombie" gene. Strong against cyber but weak against Saber.
  • Zoomorph: The "beast" gene. Strong vs mythic, weak against galactic. It is brutal(+50% damage) but pathetic(-50% damage) against cyber. This is unlocked after you complete campaign map 2 after defeating the beast boss.
  • Galatic: The "alien" gene. Galactic is strong vs cyber and weak against necro. It does brutal damage to cyber. This is unlocked after defeating campaign 3 boss.
  • Mythic: This is the last and final gene. Mythic is strong against necro but weak against saber. This can be unlocked after finishing campaign 4.
Mutants Genetic Gladiators Weakness Chart

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Weakness Chart

Game Currency and Basic Items

  • Fame: This is your experience bar. The more fame you get from combat or finishing basic quests, the faster you level up. When you level up, your battle meter used to enter campaign mission recharges.
  • Credits: The game's main currency. You can get them from your compounds that store your mutants on the rooftop.
  • Gold: The best currency you can get. You can either get them by completing quests, visiting the MGG Facebook page or buy them with real money. This currency will speed up just about everything for you. Of course, money talks.
  • Mutosterone: This is gotten after fighting in battles. If you want to breed a mutant, it will require 100% mutosterone. You can get them after completing battles or you can also buy them with gold.
  • Campaign passes: This will allow you to battle in campaign mode. You start off with 50 points. Each campaign battle takes away 10 points. It recharges after you have used some. You can get campaign passes from your friends. Invite more friends for a better chance to get free ones.

Mutants: Genetic Gladiator Breeding Guide

To breed the different types of mutants, you will have to mix and match all the different mutants you got. I excluded shop only and PvP prize mutants.

Here are the six basic mutants from each element:

  • Robot – Cyber
  • Zombie – Necro
  • Warrior – Saber
  • Beast – Zoomorph
  • Alien – Galactic
  • Demon – Mythic

Cyber Combinations

  • Android = Cyber + Cyber
  • Colossus = Cyber + Galactic
  • Deus Machina = Cyber + Mythic
  • Dead Bot = Cyber + Necro
  • Stealth Bot = Cyber + Saber
  • Beetle Bot = Cyber + Zoomorph

Saber Combinations

  • Enforcer = Saber + Cyber
  • Captain Wrenchfury = Saber + Cyber
  • Martian Marauder = Saber + Galactic
  • Valkyrie = Saber + Mythic
  • Blade Banshee = Saber + Necro
  • Bushi = Saber + Necro
  • Nordic Knightmare = Saber + Saber
  • Honey Bunny = Saber + Zoomorph
  • Rakshasa = Saber + Zoomorph

Necro Combinations

  • Zomborg = Necro + Cyber
  • Terror Doll = Necro + Cyber
  • Ghostmonaut = Necro + Galactic
  • Baron Lundi = Necro + Mythic
  • Lichlock = Necro + Mythic
  • Leech Lord = Necro + Necro
  • Dire Despot = Necro + Saber
  • Undead Dragon = Necro + Zoomorph

Zoomorph Combinations

  • Reptoid = Zoomorph + Cyber
  • Arachno = Zoomorph + Cyber
  • Parasite Queen = Zoomorph Galactic
  • Dracus Nobilis = Zoomorph + Mythic
  • Cerberus = Zoomorph + Necro
  • Rakshasa = Zoomorph + Saber
  • Leohart = Zoomorph + Saber
  • Kaiju Kitty = Zoomorph + Zoomorph

Galactic Combinations

  • Planet Cleaner = Galactic + Cyber
  • Astro Surfer = Galactic + Galactic
  • Nebulon = Galactic + Mythic
  • Tutti Gooey = Galactic + Necro
  • Bounty Bug = Galactic + Saber

Mythic Combinations

  • Techno Taoist = Mythic + Cyber
  • C'thlig = Mythic + Galactic
  • Pit Lord = Mythic + Mythic
  • Grim Reapress = Mythic + Necro
  • Gandolphus = Mythic + Saber
  • Medusa = Mythic + Zoomorph
"MGG" Battle

"MGG" Battle

Battle Gameplay

The battle style of the game is turn-based. It is kind of like Final Fantasy. You get to attack your opponents every turn. Choosing who gets to attack first will depend on the speed of the mutant. Most speedy mutants usually start attacking first, but they usually have less attack power compared to the slower mutants. I think it is all down to preference. Do you like huge damage and slow speed or weaker damage but faster speed? Pick one! You can also choose mutants that are average in both departments.


There you have it! I will be adding more stuff when there are updates!


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