My First Thoughts on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Updated on February 16, 2018
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Recently, Nintendo has released games on smartphones. They started with Super Mario Run and then followed up with Fire Emblem Heroes. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the latest mobile game from Nintendo. I have always loved the Animal Crossing series. It was a huge favorite of mine as a kid. Is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a good game in the series? I am going to describe what I like about the game and any issues I have with it. I am going to go over my first thoughts on the game.

Goals of the Game

You are made the head of a campsite at the start of the game. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp uses touch controls to move your character around. I like how easy the controls are to use.

Animal Crossing has always been about setting personal goals. You can set goals to meet certain animals or have certain furniture themes completed. The game has timed and stretch goals to complete. You build and customize your campsite, and you meet animals and invite them to your camp. As you level up you unlock new things to craft.

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Here are some goals you can complete.
Here are some goals you can complete. | Source

Your Campsite

The camp is an area you can customize with furniture and other things. Moving and placing furniture is easy. I like how this game uses a grid-based system. In older Animal Crossing games you had to push and pull items around.

You craft new items by collecting and saving materials. You get these by helping animals and completing goals. If you want to craft things from a certain theme, you will need essences. Animals give the essences of the theme they like. For example, animals that like the cool theme give cool essences.

My camp.
My camp. | Source

Personal Space

You own a camper that you can customize. You can pay to upgrade your camper. Animal Crossing has always had a relaxed attitude when it comes to paying off your home. It is no different in this game. You pay these upgrades off when you feel like it. You can also customize and change the paint job on your camper. The camper reminds me of the house you own in previous games. So far I have focused more on customizing the campsite.

Meeting New Friends

You meet new animal friends at various places on the map. You chat and do favors for them. I remember making a joke that this is Animal Crossing: Fetch Stuff. The things the animals want are quite simplistic. So far they have wanted me to give them fish, bugs, fruits, and shells. They only want so much help at once. If they stop asking for favors you have to wait or use a request ticket to get more tasks. I have seen other players on the map at various locations. You can visit other people and view their camps and camper. You can add other players as friends as well.

The map and the locations you can visit.
The map and the locations you can visit. | Source

Becoming Best Friends

As you interact with animals, you boost their friendship level. You get bonuses as this level goes up. When you become close friends with animals, they give better rewards. Animals will not visit your camp until you complete certain requirements. They want certain items to be in your camp. Each animal has a theme they like. I am inviting animals that like natural and cool themed items. So far I have not reached a point where my camp is full. It is neat that you get to choose what animals you want in your camp. In previous Animal Crossing games, they moved in and left randomly.

The crafting screen.
The crafting screen. | Source

Free to Play

The biggest difference in this game is the free to play mechanics. If you want to stock up fruit, bugs, and fish, you will need fertilizer, honey, and fishnets. The game is going down the route of tempting you to pay to speed up timers. Paying to speed up things is an option many free to play mobile games have. When I upgraded a level two cool tent to level three, it took 12 hours.

Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets are the premium currency of the game. Anything convenient costs Leaf Tickets.

  • You use them to craft items faster.
  • You use them to pay for things when you can not afford to craft something.
  • You use them to unlock new slots to craft more things at once.
  • You use them to unlock more slots in the listing box.
  • You use them get extra space in your listing.
  • You use them get extra space to hold items.
  • You use them to get better fertilizer, fishnets, and honey.
  • You use them to enter Shovelstrike Quarry. You find minerals here that are worth bells (money).

So far I have been getting new Leaf Tickets from completing goals. The game gives you 10 Leaf tickets every time you level up. You can get Leaf Tickets when you check in as well. The people that pay are those who can not wait or want instant progress. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is reasonable for a free to play game so far.

I like the Game

So to answer the question in the introduction. Is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a good game in the series? Yes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a fun addition to the Animal Crossing series. It is a more simple and free to play game. But it has what I love about Animal Crossing games. Even the cute noises the animals make when they talk.

The title screen.
The title screen. | Source

What Do You Think

Do you think Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp sounds like a game you would play? Post your thoughts in the comments. I would love to read them.

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      Kathy Jones 2 weeks ago

      Your description was very detailed and clear to my understanding. I would love to play this and share with my grandchildren!