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Updated on December 10, 2017
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What is Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume is a kitty collecting mobile game in which the player puts down food in their garden to attract lots of different cats. When a specific cat visits your garden enough times it will leave you a present called a memento and each one is unique for each cat! The aim of the game is to collect all kitties in your cat book and to collect all mementos from each cat.


The sprite used for Snowball
The sprite used for Snowball | Source

Description and Info

Snowball is the cat that you are introduced to in the tutorial of the game. Snowball is probably the easiest cat to collect and will probably the first cat whose memento you will collect.

Description: Solid White
Personality: Mellow
Power Level: 80
Food Attracted to: All food from Thrifty Bitz to Sashimi

Memento: Flowered Collar

The Goodies Which Attract Snowball

Balls, Boxes, Baskets & Toys
Furniture, Tunnels & Misc
Ball of Yarn
Biscuit Mat
Art Deco Cat Tree
Cushion (Pink, Brown, Yellow & Green)
Beach Umbrella
Rubber Ball (Blue, Red & Yellow)
Lucky Cushion
Bureau with Pot
Temari Ball
Dice Cube
Cat Metropolis
Toy Capsule
Egg Bed (Pink & White)
Paper Umbrella
Cardboard Cafe
Fluffy Bed (Brown, Pink & White)
Tower of Treats
Cardboard Choo-Choo
Fluffy Cushion
Two-tier Cat Tree
Cardboard House
Giant Cushion
Carp Tunnel
Cardboard Truck
Hammock (Pink, Woven & Yellow)
Choco Cornet Tunnel
Gift Box
Head Space
Doughnut Tunnel
Shopping Box (Small)
Large Cooling Mat
Tunnel (I, T & U Piece)
Cat Macaron (Green & Pink)
Luxurious Hammock
Shell Tunnel (Pink & White)
Cowboy Hat
Maple Pillow
Heating Stove
Cream-Puff House
Mushroom House
Hot Mat (Small & Large)
Earthenware Pot
Navy-Blue Cube
Hot-Water Bottle
Fruit Basket
Orange Cube
Glass Vase
Pancake Cushion
Panel Heater
Goldfish Bowl
Pillow (Green, Purple & Yellow)
Space Heater
Lacquered Bowl
Plum Cushion (Pink & Red)
Sunken Fireplace
Pom-pom Sock
Paper Bag
Rice Kettle
Sakura Pillow
Pile of Leaves
Wood Pail
Sakuramochi Cushion
Plastic Bag
Butterfly Swarm
Sheep Cushion
Fluff-thing Teaser
Shiitake House
Kick Toy (Bunny)
Silk Crepe Pillow
Tail-thing Teaser
Snowy Pillow
Wild-thing Teaser
Stump House
Wing-thing Teaser
Tent (Modern Red)
Zebra Grass Gadget
Thick Cooling Pad
Tiramisu Cube
Warm Sock

I Hope This Guide Has Been Helpful

If there is anything that you feel that I have missed, or anything that you would add to this profile, please do comment below and let me know!

How Long Have You Been Playing Neko Atsume?

How Long Have You Been Playing Neko Atsume?

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    • profile image

      Andrea 14 months ago

      I have been playing for about 8 months. I have collected all of the cats. AND VERY EXCITING- just today Snowball was sitting on the brown cushion and moved. He (or she) took paw to face - as if washing. Several times. I showed my girlfriend also so It wasn't just me to see...

      When I went to try to capture with a photo, snowball stopped moving, has anyone else noticed this?