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"Neko Atsume" Character Profile: Sunny

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What Is Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume is a kitty collecting mobile game in which the player puts down food in their garden to attract lots of different cats. When a specific cat visits your garden enough times it will leave you a present called a memento and each one is unique for each cat! The aim of the game is to collect all kitties in your cat book and to collect all mementos from each cat.

What Does Sunny Look Like?

The in-game sprite for Sunny in "Neko Atsume."

The in-game sprite for Sunny in "Neko Atsume."

Description and Info

Name: Sunny (とびみけさん Tobimike-san)
Description: Turkish Calico
Personality: Mischievous
Power Level: 120
Food Attracted to: All food from Thrifty Bitz to Sashimi

Memento: Shiny Acorn

The Goodies That Attract Sunny

Balls, Boxes, & BasketsBeds & ToysFurniture, Tunnels, & Misc

Ball of Yarn

Black Head Space

Bureau with Pot


Burger Cushion

Cat Condo Complex

Soccer Ball

Cool Aluminum Pad

Cat Metropolis

Cake Box

Hammock (Pink)

Three-tier Cat Tree

Cardboard Café

Large Cooling Mat

Tower of Treats

Cardboard Choo-Choo

Sakuramochi Cushion

Two-tier Cat Tree

Cardboard House

Thick Cooling Pad

Carp Tunnel

Cardboard Truck

Tiramisu Cube

Tunnel (3D Piece)

Luxury Treasure-box

Busy Bee

Tunnel (I, T & U Piece)

Shopping Box (Large)

Kick Toy (Mouse)



Mister Dragonfly

Panel Heater

Bucket (Blue, Red & Yellow)

Mister Mouse

Paper Bag

Cowboy Hat

Tail-thing Teaser

Pile of Leaves

Glass Vase

Twisty Rail

Plastic Bag

Goldfish Bowl

Wild-thing Teaser

Scratching Board


Wing-thing Teaser


Snow Sled

Zebra Grass Gadget


Wood Pail



I Hope This Guide Has Been Helpful

If there is anything that you feel that I have missed, or anything that you would add to this profile, please do comment below and let me know!

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