Neko Atsume: Character Profile - Tabitha

Updated on August 6, 2017
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Verity is a Physics with Teaching Bsc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

What is Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume is a kitty collecting mobile game in which the player puts down food in their garden to attract lots of different cats. When a specific cat visits your garden enough times it will leave you a present called a memento and each one is unique for each cat! The aim of the game is to collect all kitties in your cat book and to collect all mementos from each cat.

What does Tabitha look like?

The in-game sprite for Tabitha in Neko Atsume
The in-game sprite for Tabitha in Neko Atsume | Source

Description & Info

Name: Tabitha (しまみけさん Shimamike-san)
Description: Calico Tabby
Personality: Leisurely
Power Level: 40
Food Attracted to: All food from Thrifty Bitz to Sashimi

Memento: Random Seeds

Tabitha's Memento

The memento that Tabitha leaves after enough visits
The memento that Tabitha leaves after enough visits | Source

The Goodies that attract Tabitha

Balls, Boxes, Baskets, Furniture, Heating & Misc
Antique Chair
Rubber Ball (Red, Blue and Yellow)
Arabesque Blanket
Stress Reliever
Basket Case
Watermelon Ball
Bean Bag
Cardboard (Flat)
Biscuit Mat
Cardboard House
Burger Cushion
Gift Box
Cat Macaron (Pink)
Shopping Box (Small)
Cozy Blanket (Red & Yellow)
Cat Macaron (Pink)
Cushion (Beige & Yellow)
Cream-puff House
Dice Cube
Cowboy Hat
Fluffy Bed (Brown, Pink & White)
Earthenware Pot
Fluffy Cushion
Fruit Basket
Giant Cushion
Glass Vase
Grass Cushion (Navy & Red)
Goldfish Bowl
Hammock (Pink, Woven & Yellow)
Lucky Cushion
Rice Kettle
Luxurious Hammock
Snow Dome
Melon Coccoon
Wood Pail
Mister Penguin
Cat Condo Complex
Mushroom House
Cat Metropolis
Navy-blue Cube
Tower of Treats
Orange Cube
Two-tier Cat Tree
Pancake Cushion
Heating Stove
Pillow (Green, Purple & Yellow)
Hot Mat (Large & Small)
Plum Cushion (White)
Hot-Water Bottle
Sakura Pillow
Sakuramochi Cushion
Panel Heater
Shiitake House
Round Kotatsu
Stump House
Space Heater
Tiramisu Cube
Sunken Fireplace
Warm Sock
Cow Tunnel
Butterfly Swarm
Wing-thing Teaser
Paper Bag
Pile of Leaves
All of the goodies that can be used to attract Tabitha to your garden.

I Hope This Guide Has Been Helpful

If there is anything that you feel that I have missed, or anything that you would add to this profile, please do comment below and let me know!

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    • kingdombunniez profile image


      2 years ago from Europe

      Nice guide! I'm a fan of anime/ japanese style of games and didn't know this one yet. Will give it a try :)


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