Neko Atsume Kitty Collector: Guide to Rare Cats (Royal Cats Edition)

Updated on September 26, 2016

Royal Highnesses

It took me exactly 31 days to collect all 49 cats in Neko Atsume. This involved checking the app at least 5 times a day and making sure that I never left the food bowls empty. It took a lot of patience, but I finally got them all! So, I want to give some helpful tips and insights on what the cats like and how to catch them based on my own experience of playing the mobile game.

I hope you find them useful, and be sure to share your own tricks and cheats in the comments below. Also, for other rare cats, you can check out the links to their guides below.

Let's start with what I call the Royalty Cats. These are blue-blooded kitties of noble lineage. Three cats fall under this category: Xerxes IX, Kathmandu, and Ramses the Great. [And though Princess, the Striped Torbie, definitely has the right title, she isn't included because she's not a rare cat.] I actually found them quite easy to catch and they're not as elusive as the other rare cats.


Xerxes IX

In the Catbook, Xerxes IX's profile appears on the bottom-left of Page 9. [Take note that you will see a blank photo if the cat has not visited you yet. A greyed out photo of the cat will appear if the cat already came to your yard but you missed its visit or had the app closed during the visit.] When you click his photo, the profile on the right will appear.


He is a Persian cat type with a Regal personality. He has a crown on his head and is wearing a robe that looks like a Persian rug. Unlike the other cats, he sits up like a person. He also doesn't smile and has a furrowed brow. His power level is 70. He will leave a memento of Pretty Stones described as "Beautiful, clear stones of unknown value." Xerxes will only come out if you have the Zanzibar Cushion (costs 20 gold fish) in your yard.

Real Royal

There's no real-life Xerxes IX. His name is derived from Xerxes I of Persia or Xerxes the Great, who you might know as the gold-painted, pierced enemy of King Leonidas in 300. The "IX" is probably just a clever reference to how cats have nine lives.

The Catch

Xerxes showed up the first time I put the Zanzibar Cushion out. This was 13 days after I downloaded the game and had most things figured out. As you can see in the screenshot below, I only had Fritzy Bitz (costs 30 silver fish for three bowls) out. So even though he's royalty, he's not a picky eater.

First time Xerxes IX showed up
First time Xerxes IX showed up | Source

Xerxes leaves a lot of fish. The most I recorded was 68 silver fish after a visit.



In the Catbook, Xerxes IX's profile appears on the upper-left of Page 12. When you click his photo, the profile on the right will appear.


His cat type is listed as Hunting Coat and he has a Refined personality. Unlike Xerxes, he looks quite amiable. He wears an attire that looks like the robes and headwear of the Japanese kuge aristocratic class. He stands up on his hind legs like a person. His power level is 150. He will leave a memento of Elegant Paint Brush described as "A new paintbrush with a fine point." [Kathmandu hasn't given me this yet!] Kathmandu will come out if you have the Temari Ball (costs 25 gold fish) in your yard. I've never caught him doing this, but apparently, he will also come out if there is another cat in the Lacquered Bowl (costs 25 gold fish).

Real Royal

There's no real-life royal named "Kathmandu." The kitty's name is derived from the name of Nepal's capital. This is odd because the rest of his profile suggests that he is Japanese in origin (i.e., attire, temari ball). The developers probably just liked the pun of "Cat-mandu."

The Catch

It took a while for Kathmandu to show up for me, especially since the Temari Ball was the first rare cat item that I bought. Kathmandu showed up 8 days after I first put the ball out. This happened when I also had Sashimi (costs 5 gold fish for 1 plate) in the food bowl. You'll have better luck luring him into your yard when you have more expensive food. Ritzy Bitz (costs 3 gold fish for 1 can) would already work.

First time Kathmandu showed up
First time Kathmandu showed up | Source

Rare cats are usually fine with some Fritzy Bitz. The most finicky ones would still be content with Ritzy Bitz. Don't waste money on a can of Deluxe Tuna Bitz that is worth 4 Ritzy Bitz cans!


Ramses the Great

In the Catbook, Ramses the Great's profile appears on the upper-right of Page 12 beside Kathmandu's. When you click his photo, the profile on the right will appear.


He is a Sphinx and he has the personality of a Riddler. His facial and paw markings suggests that he is a Siamese breed. He lies on his belly with the lower half of his body hidden inside his favorite item, the Pyramid Tent (costs 190 silver fish). His power level is very high at 230. He will leave a memento of Elegant Staff described as "A staff with a complex design." It looks like the caduceus medical symbol, which is Greek and not Egyptian.

Real Royal

Ramses the Great or Ramses II is regarded as one of the greatest and most powerful pharaohs of the Egyptian Empire. There are colossal statues in his image that still exist today, but none of them are sphinxes.

The Catch

Ramses showed up as soon as I left the Pyramid Tent out. He was also the first rare cat to give me a memento. He's not a picky eater and is fine with Fritzy Bitz.

First time Ramses the Great showed up
First time Ramses the Great showed up | Source

Neko Atsume Royalties

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Guides to Other Rare Cats

I hope you liked the Royal Edition of this Neko Atsume Rare Cats Guide. Next up is the Foodie Edition (Tubbs, Guy Furry, Sassy Fran)! You can also check out other editions:

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