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"Neko Atsume": Rare Cats and Mementos

Verity is a physics with teaching BSc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

"Neko Atsume" Logo

"Neko Atsume" Logo

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a free Japanese mobile game in which you take ownership of a garden. And by putting different types of food and toys (goodies) in your garden, you can attract different types of adorable cats to play. Each cat has its own unique look and personality. When a cat visits your garden it will leave behind fish as a present, you can then use this fish as in-game currency to buy more food, toys and an expansion to your garden.

This game is available in English and Japanese and can be obtained for free from the Apple Store or the Android Store (Google Play).

Guide Contents

  • Rare Cats
  • Game Updates
  • Peaches
  • Mementos
  • Power Level and Yard Expansion

Rare Cats

At of the moment of writing, there are 62 different cats to 'collect'. To collect a cat, you must take its picture and store it in your Cat Book. There are some cats (such as Snowball) who visit straight away and are easy to capture and collect. Some cats, however, are 'special'. They will only come to your garden when you have a specific combination of food and toys available for them to use and play with. Below is a table showing each rare cat's toy preference and which foods they like.

Complete list of toys (goodies) and food which attracts the rare cats in "Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector".

Complete list of toys (goodies) and food which attracts the rare cats in "Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector".

Update: April 2020


  • Sashimi Boat: Introduced for the 5 year anniversary, this special food attracts lots of rare cats! But it only lasts one hour so you need to make sure you keep checking in. You can only buy three sashimi boats at a time from the Shop. The Sashimi Boat's default price is 50 gold fish, it is discounted to 25 during the fifth year anniversary event.


The new items are as follows:

  • Cushion (Wood) [17 gold fish]; Sushi Cushion (tuna) [20 gold fish]; Sushi Cushion (shrimp) [20 gold fish]; Sushi Cushion (omelet) [280 silver fish]; Chocolate Tart Bed [290 silver fish]; Egg Tart Bed [290 silver fish]; Kick Toy (Sea Bream) [18 gold fish]


4 new wallpapers have been added, including a 5th-anniversary celebration wallpaper and one of Tubbs reclining on food!

Update: July 2017


There are three new cats available, one of which is a rare cat:

  • Hermeowne (Rare): Attracted to the Egg Bed (nightview)
  • Chocola: Chocolate Point - 'Forgetful Personality'
  • Willow: Grey Patches - 'Guileless' Personality


The new Items are as follows:

  • Aluminium Pot (220 silver fish), Cushion (B and W) [120 silver fish], Cushion (Choco mint) [120 silver fish], Cardboard (Flat) [90 silver fish], Cushion (Lemon and Orange) [15 gold fish each], Egg Bed (Nightview) [38 gold fish] and Grass Cushion (Green and Purple) [200 silver fish each]

Update: December 2016


There is only one new, rare cat:

  • Whiteshadow (Rare): This cat is unique as you do not require any goodies to get this cat. Instead after putting down food, it will appear in the background as if sneaking around. When collected, Whiteshadow's top used goodies will show as 'Espionage Activity' and 'Scouting Mission.'


The new items in the game are as follows:

  • Plum Coccoon, Orange Cocoon, Melon Coccoon, Berry Coccoon [All 350 Regular Silver Fish], Antique Chair [1500 Regular Silver Fish], Round Kotatsu [70 Gold Fish], Snow Dome [10 Gold Fish]
  • New wallpapers are also available for 20 Gold Fish each.

Update: November 2016


The new items in the game are as follows:

  • Athletic Cat-Gym [650 Regular Fish], Shroom House (in Blue, Green and Red) [210 Regular Fish].

Update: October 2016


Two new cats have been added during this update. They are both regular cats, so they should be easy to collect:

  • Macchiato: Seal Lynx - 'Sourpuss' Personality
  • Melange: Blue Lynx - 'Calm' Personality


The new items in the game are as follows:

  • Egg Bed (in White, Black and Pink) [550 Regular Fish], Mushroom House [25 Golden Fish] and Shiitake House [25 Golden Fish].


  • A new remodel is available called Cafe Style [280 Golden Fish].

Update: July 2016


Three new cats have been added, one of which is a rare cat. The two new regular cats should be easy to collect. The details of the cats are as follows:

  • Bengal Jack (Rare): This cat is pirate-themed and is attracted to the new item, the Luxury Treasure-Box.
  • Chip: Cap and Saddle - 'Young Master' Personality
  • Pasty: Pastel Calico - 'Innocent' Personality


The new items in the game are as follows:

  • Beach Ball, Treasure-Box, Luxury Treasure-Box, Dino Deluxe (Slide), Grass Cushion (Red), Grass Cushion (Navy), Aluminium Bowl, Manta Gel Mat, Mister Penguin, and Shell Tunnel (In Pink, Blue and White)

Update: March 2016


Four new cats have been added—two of which are rare cats! The names and details of the cats, as well as a pre-existing rare cat update, are noted below:

  • Sapphire (Rare): (second to last on the table above) This cat is currently believed to be attracted to the Fairy-tale Parasol and the Tower of Treats.
  • Jeeves (Rare): (last on the table above) This cat is currently believed to be attracted to the Fairy-tale Parasol and the Tower of Treats.
  • Xerxes II (Rare): (third on the table above) Now comes the Royal Bed with Frisky Bits and Risky Bits.
  • Apricot: Tan and Orange Tabby - 'Slacker' Personality
  • Ganache: Chocolate - 'Pragmatic' Personality

Update: February 2016

Neko Atsume was updated in February of 2016 with some new items added this expands the table above and allows for the following additions:


  • Chairman Meow (fourth on the table above) can now also be attracted with the Sunken Fireplace as well as the Earthenware Pot. You can serve any food from Frisky Bitz to Sashimi.
  • Frosty (last on the table above) is now attracted to the following items: Pillow (Purple, Yellow or Green), Silk Crepe Pillow, Sakura Pillow, Maple Pillow, Snowy Pillow, Thick Cooling Pad, Marble Pad, Large Cooling Mat, Basket Case, Tent (Blizzard) and Bureu with Pot. It is currently unknown which food combinations work in conjunction with which item. So, for now, your best bet is to put down Sashimi with the above items at all times.
This is the snap of Peaches that I got when they used the Kotatsu.

This is the snap of Peaches that I got when they used the Kotatsu.


Peaches is technically not classed as a rare cat as it has no 'special' interactions with any items. However, they do have a low power level and a capricious personality, meaning they are a bit shy and can be difficult to collect. The food that I have found best to put down to collect Peaches is Sashimi. The following items can be used to attract Peaches:

Table of Which Items attract Peaches
(Information found at

Balls, Boxes and ScratchingToys, Tunnels and MiscBeds


Zebra Grass Gadget

Sakura Pillow

Rubber Ball (Blue/Red/Yellow)

Wing Thing Teaser

Snowy Pillow

Watermelon Ball

Mister Dragonfly

Cushion (Beige and Yellow)

Ping-Pong Ball

Mister Mouse

Fluffy Bed (Pink)

Soccer Ball

Kick Toy (Fish/Mouse/Bunny)

Orange Cube

Stress Reliever

Kick Toy (Saury)

Navy-Blue Cube

Ball of Yarn

Twisty Rail

Tiramisu Cube

Toy Capsule

Busy Bee

Thick Cooling Pad

Temari Ball

Tunnel (U/T/3D Piece)

Marble Pad

Cake Box

Fish Stick Tunnel

Large Cooling Mat

Gift Box

Cow Tunnel

Fluffy Cushion

Shopping Box (Small and Large)

Doughnut Tunnel

Sheep Cushion

Cardboard Truck


Sakuramochi Cushion

Cardboard House

Sunken Fireplace

Burger Cushion

Cardboard Cafe

Hot Water Bottle

Black Head Space

Cardboard Choo-Choo

Hot Mat (Small and Large)

Chestnut Cushion

Scratching Board

Heating Stove

Zanzibar Cushion

Scratching Post

Space Heater

Bean Bag

Scratching Log

Plastic Bag

Giant Cushion


Paper Bag

Hammock (Pink and Woven)


Pile of Leaves

Tent (Nature and Pyramid)


Fruit Basket

Tent (Modern Red)


Pickling Pot

Pom-Pom Sock


Snow Sled

Colourful Sock


Bucket (Blue)

Arabesque Blanket





Goldfish Bowl



Snow Sled



Glass Vase



Cat Pancake



Cat Macaroon (Green and Pink)



Cowboy Hat



Lacquered Bowl



When a cat visits your garden multiple times it will become 'friends' with you. This event is marked by the cat bringing you a special present. In-game, upon startup, the screen will fade to dark and the cat bringing the memento will walk onto screen, tap and you will receive your present. Each cat has a unique memento meaning, so for completionist, you don't stop playing when you've collected all the cats; you have to collect their mementos too. Below is a table showing each cat and which is their memento.

A table of every cat and their memento.

Cat (Name)Memento




Soft Brush


Glow Bracelet


Cicada Skin


Shiny Acorn


Seashell Earring


Aluminum Pins


Damp Matchbox


Random Seeds


Teaser Toy Tip


Raffle Ticket


Flower Bookmark


Small Mittens


Dirty Toy Animal


Fish-stick Board




Used Hand Warmer


Silent Bell


Toy Mirror


Colored Candles


Stuffed Dime




Bird Feather


Clean Handkerchief


Bendy Straw


Eyeglass Lens


Child's Wristband


Damaged Collar


Worn Postcard


Warped Container


Bottle Cap


Gift Wrap Ribbon

Joe DiMeowgio

Signed Baseball

Senor Don Gato

Feathered Hat

Xerxes IX

Pretty Stones

Chairman Meow

Dog Tag

Saint Purrtrick

Mysterious Stone

Ms. Fortune

Oval Coin

Bob the Cat

Antique Compass

Conductor Whiskers

Hand-drawn Ticket


Fish Jerky

Mr. Meowgi

Odd Wooden Charm

Lady Meow-Meow

Novelty Sunglasses

Guy Furry

Custom Rolling Pin


Fine Quality Writing Brush

Ramses the Great

Elegant Staff

Sassy Fran

Coffee Cup

Billy the Kitten

Lucky Coin


Thaw-Proof Snowman


Tiny Toothbrush


Puzzle Piece


Poetry Book


Silver Pocket Watch


Ribbon Hair Band


Withered Plant Bulb

Bengal Jack

Old Map


Cotton Scarf


Leather Choker


Paper Shuriken


Small Glass Bottle


Game Pieces

Power Level and Yard Expansion

Power Level

This is a very simple concept. If two cats want to play with the same toy, the cat with the higher power level will 'win' and kick off any cat with a lower power level.

Yard Expansion

When you have 180 golden fish, you can go to the shop and buy a 'Remodel'. Remodeling will make your yard bigger and you will be able to put out more toys, attract more cats and get more fish. You should buy the expansion as quickly as possible. After the initial remodel, you can remodel further. However, this doesn't expand your yard, it just changes the style. No matter what style your yard is, they all have the same space for toys, there are no advantages to one model over another.

Best Wishes!

This concludes the brief guide to the rare cats and mementos to be found in Neko Atsume. I hope that this has been helpful to you on your quest to collect them all. If you haven't played the game yet then this is the perfect (or should that be purrfect?) opportunity to pick it up and use this guide to help you through. More information on the game and the description which accompanies each memento can be found at the Neko Atsume Wiki page.

If there is any extra information that you think should be added, then please mention so in the comments or send me a message. If I get some useful feedback then I can expand the guide and make it even more useful!

Best wishes on your kitty collecting!

What do you think?

Questions & Answers

Question: What is the best remodeling option in Neko Atsume?

Answer: None of the remodeling options offer any bonuses over any of the others. The only difference is the look. So, just pick the one that you think looks the best.

Question: How do you know if two cats want the same toy?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no way to know until one cat is 'kicked off' a toy by another cat. When you look in your journal to see which cats have visited there is no way to know if those cats visited 'empty' spaces or if they kicked another kitty off their space.

Question: What if the two cats have the same power level and they both want the same toy?

Answer: That's a very good question! To be honest I'm not entirely sure!

I would guess that 'challenging' cat would probably get it rather than the 'defending' cat. But I'm not sure if there's even a reliable way of trying to find out.

Question: In Neko Atsume, can I return a toy that I have used?

Answer: No, you can't sell a toy back to the store once you have bought it. But you can swap the toys out that you are using and change them as often as you like!

Question: Another article said the zen remodel attracted more cats to each area of the house, is this right?

Answer: No, this is not correct.

Each remodel has the same number of spaces available to place toys and food. The differences are purely aesthetic. So you can just pick whichever one you think looks the best, without having to worry about losing out on kitty visitors.

Question: In the Neko Atsume app, how do you take a picture of a cat?

Answer: 1. Open the app

2. Hit the menu button in the top left of the page

3. Tap the camera button (on the far left-hand side of the middle row)

4. Tap the cat that you want to take a picture of

You can also take pictures of a large area and of your whole garden by toggling the options along the top of the screen in camera mode.

Question: What's the fastest way to get goldfish in Neko Atsume?

Answer: The best way of accumulating goldfish quickly is just to play very often, make sure to collect the fish that cats leave and make sure that the food never runs out.

You can also exchange 500 grey fish for ten goldfish in the store.

Unfortunately, there is no quicker way to farm for goldfish.

Question: I have all the goodies to attract Peaches in Neko Atsume, and I have tried putting all of them out with sashimi, but he/she just won't come! Howe, can I get Peaches to come?

Answer: Perhaps try a high tier of food, but not the top tier. The sashimi might be attracting rare cats too which have a higher power level, so get first dibs on the goodies.

I would recommend keeping the same goodies out but switching food from sashimi to Deluxe Tuna Bitz.

Question: How long does it take to get certain mementos from rare cats in Neko Atsume?

Answer: There is no set time, unfortunately. Mementos drop randomly, you might get one the second time a cat visits, or it might take until the twentieth time, there is no way of knowing. You cannot do anything to speed up the process. The best you can do is to make sure you have out the correct goodies to attract them, to ensure that they visit often.

Question: How long did it take you to get a picture of every cat and buy everything, that includes food in Neko Atsume?

Answer: My first playthrough of the game was years ago, so it is difficult to remember how long exactly. I'm pretty sure it took me a couple of months though.

I just had to get a new phone and you cannot import data over phones for Neko Atsume so I have just started a new game from the beginning. I probably won't be playing it as frequently as I did the first time, but I will take a note of how long it takes me to achieve certain milestones. I already have the memento of Joe Dimeowgio, so perhaps it won't take me too long.

Question: I am playing Neko Atsume and I put down the cardboard house but Ms. Fortune has not visited is there something wrong?

Answer: You need to make sure that you are using the right food to lure her, along with her favourite toy. Otherwise, it sometimes does just take a while, keep at it and she will visit eventually.

© 2015 VerityPrice


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VerityPrice (author) from UK on May 30, 2018:

❤️nekoatsume - No you should not be worried. It is random how many times a cat has to visit before they leave a memento. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get it eventually!

❤️nekoatsume on May 29, 2018:

Should I be worried that sunny visited 101 times and never game me a momento?

Eric Farmer from Rockford Illinois on December 01, 2017:

Nice article. I have heard of this game before and played it a little.

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Ok I need help when does Fred normally give u a memento cause he is at 60 visits and I'm starting to get worried

Darth Sideius on January 13, 2017:

You use the most expensive food anonymous

Anonymous on January 01, 2017:

I am having trouble getting sapphire and Jeeves. I have the fairy tale parasol outside and I am not sure which food they like best.

Tubbs4ever on November 15, 2016:

I got Rascal with the heating stove, Ganache with the cat metropolis, and Conductor Wiskers came with the twisty rail and thrifty bitz out. And peaches showed up with Dino Deluxe! (I mostly put out frisky bitz and thrifty bitz only)

Anonymous on November 06, 2016:

This works well. I just got Chairman Meow because of this guide!

VerityPrice (author) from UK on October 20, 2016:

TheProNeko No Pepper is not a rare cat :)

TheProNeko on October 20, 2016:

Is pepper rare VerityPrice?

Person on September 09, 2016:

I have a lot of the common cats and three rare cats(Mister Mouse Sword cat, Bob the Cat, and Tubbs).

For Tubbs, I didn't have that mat out and still got him just because I put out Frisky Bitz.

lparks on September 07, 2016:

I only have one memento left to get. I have gotten all the cats and own all the toys. What am I going to do when Frosty leaves me a memento?! They better be working on a new update with a lot more cats!

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I really want to know something: I've had the cardboard cafe for about a month, but sassy fran still hasn't came. Should i use Sashimi or expensive cat food?

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I adore this game. I'd also love to see a similar game about dogs, it would be so cute with them digging holes, burying bones, playing fetch and weeing on trees.

heyomayo on August 09, 2016:

My aim is to collect everything in the store. I've only got the sunken fireplace left, but it's 70 gold fish and I soent all my gold fish on remodelling (I like the zen and modern themes, how about you guys?). I've found that this combination of items earns silver and gold fish very quickly:


- Beach parasol

- Cardboard house


- Silk crepe pillow (it's red - the one Saint Purrtrick loves)

- Zanzibar cushion

- Brown head space

- Green cushion

- Tiramisu cube

- Orange cube

When trying to get fish, I honestly reccomend just buying Frisky Bits. It won't attract the most elusive cats, but it will bring some to you, especially ones that give you lots of money i.e. Ms Fortune, Saint Purrtrick, Xerxes IX, etc. Also, if you see Tubbs, leave him alone! He will give you as much as 60 silver fish or 7 gold fish if he leaves by himself. Fill the food bowl up once he's gone.

Love on July 31, 2016:

I now now how to get all the rare cats yay and I LOVE NEKO ATSUME

VerityPrice (author) from UK on July 26, 2016:

DeeBrendel That is just an incense burner similar to ones that are common in Japan. It is there as a non-functional decoration and doesn't do anything :)

LaraH33 on July 21, 2016:

Just got my memento from Chip! It's a Ribbon Hair Band. Hope this helps!

DeeBrendel on July 17, 2016:

I have a cute little pig that showed up on the back porch and never moves. I did not purchase it. Does anyone know where it came from?

VerityPrice (author) from UK on July 15, 2016:

Anon, Chairman Meow eats anything, as can be seen by the above table. Bengal Jack is so new that we are still trying to figure out what he eats but people report having success with Ritzy Bitz and Deluxe Tuna Bitz.

I hope that helps :)

Anonymous on July 15, 2016:

What does Bengal jack and chairman meow eat

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Lol this game is awesome I love cats there my favorite animal

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AJ, no there is no way, you just have to wait it out I'm afraid.

AJ on May 15, 2016:

Is there a way to entice the cats to give you mementos? I've received quite a few, but myHusband has been playing almost as long as I have and gotten none! He's a bit frustrated.

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Great game for all ages.

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I love this game and I found this very helpful. I seem to be getting the same cats over and over again and I would like to get some of the rarer ones. I liked that you did a list of all the cats and what their preferences are. Maybe you could do a hub talking about the different items and the different styles of yard's you can get?

Crazy bout cats on April 08, 2016:

Neko atsume is AMAAAAAZZZZIIIINNGGGG!!!!! IT WOULD BE AN OFFENCE NOT TO ENJOY PLAYING IT! but I need some help in getting some rare cats. Like Jeeves and Sapphire. I've put out the Tower of Treats for a month and they still haven't come. Am I doing something wrong? And I can't seem to catch Gozer when he comes. Really, AM I doing something wrong?! I'm des pert for answers! Help! Tell me what I'm doing wrong or how I can prevent or help the situation to get better. HELP!

bea on April 02, 2016:

Frosty is a low power. Put out all pillows.

Love on April 01, 2016:

I'v also got Apricot(with the Fairy-tale Parasol and Fluffy bed(pink))

Love on April 01, 2016:

I'v also got Ganache(with I'm not sure)Apricot(with I'm not sure)Tubbs(with Friscky bits)Peaches(with I'm not sure)

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I love Nekonoke Atsume!Its the best game ever!I'v got Jo DiMeowgo(with the baseball)Tubbs(missed him)Guy Furry(with the glass vase)Billy the Kitten(with the cowboy hat)Ramses the Great(with the Tent(pyramid) I have cardboard cafe for Sassy Fran but she never came ^•.•^ my sister has Xerxes

AlwaysUnknown on March 27, 2016:

Can u make a list how to get the normal cats?

VerityPrice (author) from UK on March 26, 2016:

MeMyself&I the two new rare cats (Jeeves and Sapphire) come for the Tower of Treats and the Fairy-tale Parasol. As for the other two cats (Apricot & Ganache):


Stress Reliever, Burger Cushion, Cushion (Yellow, Green, Pink, Brown), Lucky Cushion, Fluffy Bed (Pink & Brown), Navy-blue Cube, Tiramisu Cube, Orange Cube, Stump House, Plum Cushion (White & Pink), Sheep Cushion, Sakuramochi Cushion, Pancake Cushion, Head Space, Zanzibar Cushion, Warm Sock, Fairy-tale Parasol, Tower of Treats, Choco Cornet Tunnel, Fluff-thing Teaser, Kotatsu, Sunken Fireplace, Hot-Water Bottle, Heating Stove, Space Heater.


Ping-Pong Ball, Toy Capsule, Cardboard House, Cardboard Café, Cardboard Choo-Choo, Marble Pad, Luxurious Hammock ,Cool Aluminum Pad, Tent (Nature, Blizzard & Pyramid), Paper Umbrella, Beach Umbrella, Fairy-tale Parasol, Cat Condo Complex, Cat Metropolis, Art Deco Cat Tree, Tower of Treats, Bureau with Pot ,Hot-Water Bottle, Kotatsu, Scratching Board, Scratching Log, Scratching Post, Cat Macaroon (Green), Cream-puff House.

MeMyself&I on March 25, 2016:

What do I put out for the new cats? I've tried basically everything.

Anon on March 17, 2016:

This is a pretty nice list! I'm in the midst of trying to get 3 more mementos: the Conductor, Lady Meow Meow and Frosty. Now, as soon as the Conductor gives me his, I'm going to put out every single Frosty item I can acquire and invest in a smorgasbord of sashimi! At the very least Lady Meow Meow won't mind, haha.

roob on March 12, 2016:

Haha this is too cool! My mom is a crazy cat lady so I may just have to get this & show her lol.(:

Molly Layton from Alberta on March 08, 2016:

Thank you for all of these tips! This game is the cutest thing!

Nick on March 07, 2016:

I can confirm Conductor Whiskers does like Ritzy bits

Vuk on February 24, 2016:

Very useful and well-written guide. Hvala :)

Lauren on February 17, 2016:

I found that rascal was fond of the blizzard tent and came to me with sashimi or frisky bitz :)

VerityPrice (author) from UK on February 15, 2016:

Me,Myself&I SassyFran was the last cat for me too. If you keep the cardboard cafe out and try pairing it with Sashimi that should work. That's what brought her to my garden. My only issue was that I kept missing her when she did come! :)

MeMyself&I on February 15, 2016:

I can't get Sassy Fran to visit. I have had the Cardboard Cafe out for at least 3 weeks and never have anything less than Frisky Bitz out. Help me please! She is my last cat and I am desperate!!!1

VerityPrice (author) from UK on February 13, 2016:

Anon, Rascal can be a bit elusive but he will actually come for lots of toys.

You can get him with frisky bitz or sashimi.

The toys that attract him are: Rubber Ball (Red), Cardboard House, Cardboard Cafe, Cardboard Choo Choo, Pillow (Green), Cushion (Green), Hammock (Woven), Tent (Blizzard), Pom-Pom Sock, Two-Tier Cat Tree, Cat Metropolis, Art Deco Cat Tree, Kick Toy (Bunny), Kotatsu, Heating Stove, Bucket (Red and Yellow) and the Glass Vase.

So if you put out a few of these then you will get him eventually. Good luck! :)

Anonymous on February 13, 2016:

I can't get rascal to come. Every other cat has come except for rascal :( can any give me tips on how to attract him thanks

Anonymous on February 11, 2016:

Frosty showed up during my first day of playing (Missed her). So, she does show up with thrifty bitz (had snowy pillow out). But the chance must be low since her visit count has been sitting at 1 until now.

VerityPrice (author) from UK on January 18, 2016:

Thank you anonymous for your addition :)

Anonymous on January 18, 2016:

I have also found that frosty comes to the thick cooling pad

VerityPrice (author) from UK on January 05, 2016:

Thank you, I'm so glad that you find it helpful! :)

Isidora on January 05, 2016:

Very useful guide!

VerityPrice (author) from UK on December 30, 2015:

No problem! I'm glad you found them useful :)

Tasha on December 29, 2015:

Thank you for your tip!