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"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Drive Knight Skill Guide

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Drive Knight’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Drive Knight’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Who Is Drive Knight?

Drive Knight is an S-Class Hero who specializes in information gathering, reconnaissance, and tactical maneuvers. It is unknown whether he is actually a cyborg or a robot. Among the S-Class Heroes in the Hero Association, he ranks 9th.

When in battle mode, Drive Knight relies primarily on his Tactical Transformations to adapt to the danger at hand and exploit the weaknesses of his enemies. He is always vigilant and strategic. As a matter of fact, he never underestimates an enemy no matter how low level they are. It is said that because of his cautious nature, he has never lost a battle in his life.

Drive Knight seems to possess no weaknesses, except the fact that his energy reserve is limited. Once he runs out of energy, he’s out of commission. But as long as he can fight, he will adapt and evolve until he can claim victory.

How Strong Is Drive Knight in One Punch Man: The Strongest?

In this mobile game, Drive Knight is an SSR (Specially Super Rare) unit who is a member of the Hi-Tech series and the Hero faction. His roles are the following:

  • Transformation: His passive skill allows him to transform, significantly increasing his damaging prowess in the process.
  • Continuous Reduction of Battle Spirit: Every time he uses his ultimate skill to attack, he considerably reduces the Energy Gauge of the opposing team.
  • No Energy Ultimate: His ultimate skill requires no Energy consumption.

This guide explores and details Drive Knight’s skills in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Drive Knight’s Skill Set

Sharp Slash (Attack Skill)

High Pressure Lightning (Ultimate Skill)

Transformation [Silver] (Passive Skill)

Sharp Slash (Attack Skill)

This is a single-target attack skill that deals damage equal to 130% of Drive Knights ATK.

Despite the fact that Sharp Slash deals above-average damage, there’s really no reason to use it considering that Drive Knight’s ultimate skill requires no Energy to use.

This basic attack skill has no special effect whatsoever, so the only time you might want to use it is when there’s only one target left in a single row. But even then, the Force Field effect of Drive Knight’s ultimate skill offers better damage output.

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High Pressure Lightning (Ultimate Skill)

This is a multiple-target ultimate skill that attacks an entire row 3 times and deals damage equal to 120% of Drive Knight’s ATK.

It has a 100% chance of inflicting Force Field on the main target for 1 turn. Enemies afflicted with Force Field receive damage equal to 160% of the attackers ATK on their next turn.

When Drive Knight is in his Silver form, he triggers Bide whenever an enemy is damaged by Force Field. Each stack of Bide increases his own ATK by 240% and decreases the opposing team’s Energy Gauge by 500 points, for up to 3 stacks

It is noteworthy that this ultimate skill requires no Energy to perform.

High Pressure Lightning is one of the most powerful ultimate skills in the game. Although it deals below-average initial damage to all enemies in a row, its power drastically increases depending on many stacks of Bide Drive Knight has. At 3 stacks of Bide, he can deal a crazy amount of 720% ATK as extra damage to enemy units in an entire row!

Let’s also not forget about the Force Field effect of this High Pressure Lightning. It’s an effect that deals extra damage to an enemy unit on their next turn. Then, we also have the Energy Gauge reduction effect of this ultimate skill on top of everything else.

Overall, High Pressure Lightning is a truly powerful ultimate skill not just in PvP battle scenarios, but also in PvE battle scenarios in general.

Transformation [Silver] (Passive Skill)

This passive skill has the effect of increasing ULT RES of all ally units by 40% for 2 rounds at the start of the battle.

It decreases the damage that Drive Knight receives from non-critical hits by 50%. Also, it decreases his own SPD by 90%.

When an enemy is damaged by Force Field, Drive Knight transforms into his Silver form.

Transformation [Silver] is a rather unique passive skill. Not only does it provide a ULT RES buff for the whole team, but it also substantially reduces incoming damage from non-critical hits for Drive Knight. However, this passive skill reduces his SPD. But in this case, the SPD-reduction effect actually favors him.

With the synergistic effect of both of his passive skill and ultimate skill, the lesser Drive Knight’s SPD is, the more chances he has to stack Bide in a round. Each stack of Bide significantly increases his next attack’s damage output, so he needs to stack them first before he attacks.

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