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"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Flashy Flash Skill Guide

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Flashy Flash’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Flashy Flash’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Who is Flashy Flash?

Flashy Flash is an S-Class Hero who’s well known for his immense speed. Among the 17 S-Class Heroes in the Hero Association, he ranks 13th.

Prior to becoming an official hero, Flashy Flash was a member of the Ninja Village—a secret community that trains highly skilled ninja assassins. He, along with Speed-o’-Sonic, graduated as members of the Ninja Village’s 44th Graduation Class, also known as “The End.”

It can be said that Flashy Flash is the fastest S-Class Hero in the Hero Association. With his exceptional speed and his very high proficiency in martial arts and swordsmanship, most battles he engage in end before they even get the chance to start.

How Strong is Flashy Flash in One Punch Man: The Strongest?

In this mobile game, Flashy Flash is an SSR (Specially Super Rare) unit who is a member of the Duelist series and the Hero faction. His roles are the following:

  • Row Attacker: His ultimate skill allows him to target all enemy units in a single row. The good thing about this attack is that it may also inflict Shatter on every enemy unit on the row, which significantly improves the damage of succeeding attacks on them.
  • Chaser: With his high SPD and passive skill, he can wreak havoc upon an opposing team by chasing enemy units with multiple Follow Up attacks per turn. Either he outspeeds them and deal Follow Up attacks himself, or an ally unit does a Follow Up attack and he deals extra damage to all enemy units along with the said attack.

This guide explores and details Flashy Flash’s skills in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Flashy Flash’s Skill Set

Flashy Slash (Attack Skill)

Light Assassination (Ultimate Skill)

Dynamic Flash (Passive Skill)

Flashy Slash (Attack Skill)

This single target attack skill hits an enemy unit 2 times, dealing 120% of Flashy Flash’s ATK as damage.

It also increases his own SPD by 20% for 1 turn.

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Similar to many basic attack skills, Flashy Slash deals standard damage. What sets this attack skill apart from the rest is that it significantly improves SPD, which works really well as a precedent for Light Assassination and Dynamic Flash.

Light Assassination (Ultimate Skill)

This ultimate skill hits all enemy units in a row 5 times, dealing 140% of Flashy Flash’s ATK as damage.

It has a 70% chance of inflicting Shatter for 2 turns. Enemy units afflicted with Shatter receive more damage from incoming attacks for a few turns.

Additionally, after using this ultimate skill, Flashy Flash gains 7% Tenacity for each enemy unit that he outspeeds. Tenacity is a buff that grants a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage.

Not only does Light Assassination deal a decent amount of damage to up to 3 enemy units in a row, it also occasionally inflicts Shatter. The Shatter effect allows ally units to deal more damage during their respective turns. And since Flashy Flash usually has the turn priority due to his SPD, every succeeding ally unit has the chance to deal increased damage.

The Tenacity effect of this ultimate skill also helps a lot. Since Duelist units usually have sub-par HP and defense, Tenacity allows Flashy Flash to survive longer on the battlefield. It is noteworthy that Light Assassination’s Tenacity effect becomes more effective the more enemy units he outspeeds. That’s a total of 42% Tenacity if he outspeeds all 6 enemy units!

Dynamic Flash (Passive Skill)

This passive skill allows Flashy Flash to automatically trigger a Follow Up attack whenever an enemy unit that is slower than him takes a turn. This can trigger 3 times per turn.

Also, when an ally unit does a Follow Up attack, Flashy Flash deals 60% of his ATK as damage to all enemy units. This can also trigger 3 times per turn.

Dynamic Flash makes full use of Flashy Flash’s SPD to deal a continuous flurry of attacks per turn. Granted that his SPD his higher than most, if not all, enemy units on the battlefield, he can do Follow Up attacks for up to 3 times per turn. That’s like taking action 4 times in a single turn!

Moreover, if an ally unit is capable of executing Follow Up attacks as well, then Flashy Flash deals extra damage to all enemy units. This means that even if we disregard his basic attack skill and ultimate skill, he can deal a ridiculously high amount of follow up damage with just this passive skill!

To make the most out of Dynamic Flash, be sure to include ally units that are capable of dealing Follow Up attacks in your team. Make sure that Flashy Flash can survive throughout the battle as well by putting him in the back row or taking advantage of the Tenacity effect of his ultimate skill, so that he can sustain his flurry of attacks.

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