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"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Gouketsu Skill Guide

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Gouketsu's Skills in "One Punch Man: The Strongest"

Gouketsu's Skills in "One Punch Man: The Strongest"

Who is Gouketsu?

Gouketsu is a Mysterious Being who is classified as a Dragon-level threat. He is also an executive member of the nefarious Monster Association.

As a human, Gouketsu was an adept martial artist known as the Original Super Fight Champion. But after being defeated by Monster King Orochi, he was taken to the lair of the Monster Association and forced to consume a Monster Cell, which ultimately caused him to transform into a monster.

As a monster, Gouketsu developed a grotesque physique, a cruel streak, and monstrous strength. He strongly believes that only the strong and powerful should be left to rule the world through blood and violence, leaving the weak and powerless to their demise.

How Strong is Gouketsu in One Punch Man: The Strongest?

In this mobile game, Gouketsu is an SSR (Specially Super Rare) unit who is a member of the Grappler series and the Monster faction. His roles are the following:

  • All-Attacker: With his ultimate skill, he can attack all enemy units for serious damage. Even his basic attack skill devastates with the Internal Injury effect.
  • Damage-Reducer: Most of his damage-reducing prowess can be attributed to his passive skill. Can you imagine having a permanent 30% reduction in damage just for not receiving critical hits? It’s crazy considering that there are a lot of methods to increase Block, Block Rate, and Crit Res Rate. Also, not only can he significantly reduce incoming damage, he can also recover a decent amount of HP with his ultimate skill.
  • Tank: He is undeniably one of the most defensive Grappler units. Aside from his damage-reducing prowess and self-healing ability, he has a passive ability that allows him to improve the Healing and Tenacity effects of his allied units for a few rounds. He is not just an exceptional tank, but also a decent support.

This guide explores and details Gouketsu’s skills in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Gouketsu's Skill Set

Gouketsu Kick (Attack Skill)

Gouketsu Punch (Ultimate Skill)

Legendary Martial Artist (Passive Skill)

Gouketsu Kick (Attack Skill)

This is a single target skill that deals 120% of Gouketsu’s ATK.

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It has a 100% chance of inflicting Internal Injury. Enemy units afflicted with Internal Injury receive extra DMG equal to 100% of Gouketsu’s ATK on the next hit.

Just like most basic attack skills, Gouketsu Kick is pretty average when it comes to initial damage. But with a 100% chance of inflicting Internal Injury, this basic attack skill can be pain in the arse, especially if your Gouketsu has very high ATK. You can drastically improve his ATK by gearing him up with ATK-focused Gears and Gear Sets.

It is also noteworthy that the effect of Internal Injury is similar to hitting an enemy twice per round with a single unit, albeit with the second attack hitting less harder.

Gouketsu Punch (Ultimate Skill)

This ultimate skill attacks all enemy units 3 times, dealing 180% of Gouketsu’s ATK.

After the attack, it recovers 20% of Gouketsu’s MAX HP.

Gouketsu Punch is a high-powered ultimate skill. The 180% ATK damage is really considerable! Multiply that by the number of enemy units on the field, and things can get really serious.

The 20% HP recovery effect of this ultimate skill also further increases his survivability. It actually pairs so well with his passive skill that the synergistic effect is capable of rendering him robust and impregnable for several rounds.

Legendary Martial Artist (Passive Skill)

This passive skill allows Gouketsu to reduce incoming damage by 30% if no critical hit lands on him during an attack.

It also increases the Healing and Tenacity effects of all allied units by 70% for 2 turns at the start of a battle.

The main reason why Gouketsu is a very tanky unit is because of this passive skill, Legendary Martial Artist. As long as he doesn’t receive a critical hit from the enemy units, he will continue to reduce all incoming damage to himself by 30%. This passive skill works really well considering that he already has high HP and high DEF. You can gear him up with DEF-focused and HP-focused Gears and Gear Sets to further improve his defensive prowess.

Block, Block Rate, and Crit Res Rate all work really well with this passive skill as well. You just have to keep them high enough so that no critical hit ever lands on Gouketsu, allowing him to put up his astounding 30% reduction in incoming damage for as long as he can.

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