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"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Metal Bat Skill Guide

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Metal Bat’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Metal Bat’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Who is Metal Bat?

Metal Bat is an S-Class Hero whose weapon of choice and trademark is a gray metal bat with a black handle. He’s well known for his powerful swings, his ever-growing strength, his brash fighting style, and his tremendous fighting spirit. Among the 17 S-Class Heroes in the Hero Association, he ranks 15th.

When he’s not doing hero work, Metal Bat is simply known as Bad. He has a younger sister named Zenko who he loves so much that he dotes and spoils her whenever he can, albeit excessively at times. She is probably his only weakness, as he’s very adamant on keeping his promise to her to never engage in violence while she’s around.

As an S-Class Hero, Metal Bat can easily take on threats that are Demon-level and below. When he’s serious, he’s confident that he can even take on threats that are Dragon-level and above. After all, the potential of his innate fighting spirit is unimaginable! The more damage he takes and the more anger he builds up, the more powerful he becomes.

How Strong is Metal Bat in One Punch Man: The Strongest?

In this mobile game, Metal Bat is an SSR (Specially Super Rare) unit who is a member of the Duelist series and the Hero faction. His roles are the following:

  • Column Attacker: He can pummel enemy units in a single column with the help of his ultimate skill, dealing a considerable amount of damage and a chance to inflict the Injury effect.
  • Brave Soul: Due to the synergistic effect of his basic attack skill, his ultimate skill, and his passive skill, he can sustain attacks from round to round without worrying about compromising his own survivability.

This guide explores and details Metal Bat’s skills in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Metal Bat’s Skill Set

Metal Home Run (Attack Skill)

Dragon Thrashing (Ultimate Skill)

Fighting Spirit (Passive Skill)

Metal Home Run (Attack Skill)

This is a single-target attack skill that deals 120% of Metal Bat’s ATK as damage.

After dealing damage, it heals 10% of Metal Bat’s HP. The HP-recovery effect of this basic attack skill can only be triggered 3 times per round.

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Like most basic attack skills, Metal Home Run deals average damage. However, its real strength lies in the fact that it heals Metal Bat for up to 3 times per round.

If Metal Bat can sustain his onslaught by doing Follow Up attacks through his passive skill, he can continuously recover his HP and survive longer on the battlefield. This allows him to carry on his incessant onslaught to the next rounds.

Dragon Thrashing (Ultimate Skill)

This ultimate skill attacks all enemy units in a column for 5 hits, dealing 150% of Metal Bat’s ATK as damage.

It has a 50% chance of inflicting Injury for 2 turns. Enemy units afflicted with Injury receive extra damage for a few rounds whenever they are attacked.

Additionally, this ultimate skill activates Tenacity. It provides Metal Bat a shield that absorbs damage equal to 10% of his HP.

Dragon Thrashing is a well-rounded skill that is capable of dealing damage, inflicting a status effect, and granting a buff.

This ultimate skill can hit up to 2 enemies in a column for significant damage. It can also inflict Injury on enemy units, albeit with a fifty-fifty chance. But most importantly, it grants Metal Bat a Tenacity effect that absorbs a decent amount of damage.

It is noteworthy that the the Tenacity effect granted by this skill further improves Metal Bat's survivability and defensive power as he retaliates with Follow Up attacks and recovers his own HP through the synergistic effect of his basic attack skill and passive skill.

Fighting Spirit (Passive Skill)

This passive skill provides a damage reduction effect that scales with Metal Bat’s missing HP. The more HP he is missing, the higher the damage reduction effect. This can go up to 50% damage reduction.

Another effect of this passive skill is that when Metal Bat’s HP is below 80%, he can automatically trigger a Follow Up attack on the attacker, dealing 80% of his own ATK as damage.

Fighting Spirit is a passive skill that grants Metal Bat overwhelming offense and defense. Every time an enemy unit attacks, he retaliates with a Follow Up attack of his own that not only deals a decent amount of damage, but also recovers his own HP for a few times each round. The condition, of course, is that his HP remains below 80%.

Then, there’s also the fact that this passive skill reduces incoming damage by up to 50%, depending on how low Metal Bat's HP is. If you gear him up with DEF-based equipment, the effectiveness of this passive skill increases even more. If you also have ally units in your team that are capable of Healing, bestowing Tenacity, and/or improving the efficacy of Healing and Tenacity effects, then the potential of this passive skill becomes truly boundless.

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