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"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Phoenix Man Skill Guide

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Phoenix Man’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Phoenix Man’s Skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest”

Who is Phoenix Man?

Phoenix Man is a bird-like Mysterious Being who possesses both the physical aspects and the innate abilities of an actual phoenix. In the Monster Association, he holds a middle management position and is outranked only by the executives.

Prior to turning into a monster, Phoenix Man was a human whose work as an actor required him to serve as a mascot for a comedy show called “Animal Kingdom.” In the show, he was known as Birdbrain, and his costume was actually a spitting image of his monster form. He claims that he transformed into a monster after falling into madness and refusing to take off his Birdbrain costume for too long.

As a monster, Phoenix Man possesses a good sense of judgment and keen intellect. He’s also a clear cut above most of the monsters in the Monster Association. His initial form and demeanor might seem feeble and unimpressive, but his true potential as a Mysterious Being lies elsewhere.

How Strong is Phoenix Man in One Punch Man: The Strongest?

In this mobile game, Phoenix Man is an SSR (Specially Super Rare) unit who is a member of the Esper series and Monster faction. His roles are the following:

  • Back-Row Burner: With his ultimate skill, he can afflict multiple enemies with Burn for a few turns, and deal a lot of damage at the same time.
  • Reviver: He is undoubtedly one of the most resilient units in the game. He can automatically revive upon death multiple times and come out even stronger than before.

This guide explores and details Phoenix Man’s skills in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

Phoenix Man’s Skill Set

Phoenix Dance (Attack Skill)

Flame of Phoenix (Ultimate Skill)

Flaming Shower (Passive Skill)

Phoenix Dance (Attack Skill)

This single-target attack skill hits an enemy unit 3 times, dealing 120% of Phoenix Man’s ATK as damage.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing impressive about this basic attack skill. It only deals average damage and has no special effect whatsoever. But, if you consider how Phoenix Man’s passive skill works, this basic attack skill can actually cause considerable damage!

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Since this basic attack skill doesn’t have a special effect, it is best to use Phoenix Man’s ultimate skill instead whenever you can.

If you want to make full use of this basic attack skill, I suggest that you invest in ATK-based and HP-based gears and gear sets. After all, the damage of this basic attack skill linearly scales with Phoenix Man’s ATK and exponentially scales with his missing HP.

Blazing Fire (Ultimate Skill)

This ultimate skill hits all enemy units in the back row 3 times, dealing 150% of Phoenix Man’s ATK as damage.

It has a 70% chance of inflicting Burn for 2 turns. Enemies afflicted with Burn receive DoT (Damage over Time) once per turn.

Just like Phoenix Dance, Blazing Fire doesn’t seem too impressive at first glance. While it does hit all enemy units in the back row, inflicts Burn at a high rate, and deals a fair amount of damage, that’s about everything there is to this ultimate skill when used on its own.

The only time Blazing Fire shows its true potential is when it used in conjunction with Phoenix Man’s passive skill. Remember that the more HP he loses, the more powerful this ultimate skill becomes.

Gear up on ATK-based and HP-based equipment to unleash the full potential of this ultimate skill.

Flaming Shower (Passive Skill)

This passive skill allows Phoenix Man to Revive with 15% HP upon receiving fatal damage. If there is an ally unit alive on the battlefield, this passive skill will automatically trigger upon Phoenix Man’s death, but only up to 3 times.

Furthermore, this passive skill allows Phoenix Man to deal 35% of his missing HP as damage when attacking.

Flaming Shower is Phoenix Man’s redeeming skill. It’s actually the reason why his basic attack skill and ultimate skill are even viable. On their own, Phoenix Dance and Blazing Fire won’t even cause considerable damage. But with this passive skill, the more HP Phoenix Man loses, the more damage he can deal with his basic attack skill and ultimate skill.

Considering that Phoenix Man automatically revives with a small amount of amount of HP upon his death for a few times, there’s a big window of opportunity to make the most out of the damage-scaling effect of this passive skill to wreak havoc upon the opposing team.

Make sure that you gear up on HP-based equipment. You can also include ally units that have HP-increasing effects in your team. Once the right conditions are met, your damage-dealing prowess can literally soar like a phoenix!

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