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Updated on April 29, 2019
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Pubg is a fairly complicated game with a lot of possibilities and options. There is also a steep learning curve for the game which makes it hard for newer players to adjust. I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that would help new and intermediate players in the game to improve.

Using The Free Look Option:

Free look option
Free look option

The free look option is the ‘eye’ icon which is present in the right side of your screen (as highlighted in the image). Using this option you can have a 360-degree view of your surroundings without the need to turn. You can access this option by pressing and dragging the eye icon to where you want to look. In the first-person view, you will not be able to have a full 360 view but it is still useful.

Normally when you turn around there is some movement made which can alert enemies of your presence whereas while using the free look option, your character stays absolutely still. This is also very useful while running or driving a vehicle. Always use the free look option to look at your rear for potential enemies who might be following you.

Bullet Drop For Bolt Action Sniper Rifles:

The bolt action sniper rifles (Kar98, M24, AWM) are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. They have a huge amount of damage and a headshot from one of these can knock out most enemies. But the problem is getting these headshots right as these guns are very hard to master. Since you only get one shot before the enemy is alerted you need to be aware of the bullet drop in these guns well.

The problem, however, is that after firing the gun gets reloaded and the view of the bullet gets lost. To overcome this, you can click and hold the fire option. If you hold the fire option then the character will not reload the gun and the scope view will still be present till you let go. So if you ever need to find out the bullet drop, just click and hold the fire option.

Adjusting the 8x Scope:

This is an option which most people will not be aware of but it can be very useful in many situations. The 8x scope gives a very high level of magnification and is one of the most sought-after items in the game. However, when the enemy is present closer to you this comes next to useless as the high magnification will start to work against you.

This is why there is an option to change the level of magnification for this scope. While zooming in you will see an option to change the magnification level at the left of your screen (as seen in the image). You will be able to change the magnification from 4x all the way over to 8x. So if you know that an enemy is closer to you then make sure you change the scope magnification immediately.

Enable Peek & Fire:

Enabling peek and fire
Enabling peek and fire

This option is disabled by default so you will need to enable it before you can start using it. It takes time to get used to it but is definitely worth it. It is always better to present the least amount of space for the enemy to shoot you. You can do this by hiding behind an obstacle and peeking out to shoot. This means that the enemy can see only a small segment of your body.

Try to switch your position to the right and left so that the enemy doesn’t have a lock on you. This is something that even the pros do regularly and will help you improve by a lot. This will also help you stay hidden as it is very difficult to spot players who do this. You can peek while shooting or you can do it just to scout the area without using a gun as well.

Power Of Grenades:


This is something that a lot of newer players do. They either do not collect any grenades or they collect them but fail to use them in any situation. There is a reason why these grenades are present in the game and you must know how to use them. The frag grenade can kill an enemy instantly and is one of the best items for rushing a building. Throwing a couple of grenades inside a building can cause enough confusion to make the enemy commit a mistake.

The flash grenade is more of a shock weapon. Once it explodes it blinds everyone near it directly viewing the explosion and deafens them for a short while. This gives you the window of opportunity to rush them. Smoke grenades are very helpful in creating a cover for running, healing or reviving teammates. The molotov cocktail can also be used similarly to a frag grenade with the added bonus that it creates an impassable shield of flames.

Shoot With Both Hands:

There are two shoot icons in your screen, one to the left and one to the right. It is very important that you learn to use the one on the left for shooting so that you will be able to aim by using your right hand. Without this, it is very difficult to land shots on enemies, especially if they are continuously moving.

You can also use your left thumb to move while using the left index finger to shoot. This is done while your right thumb concentrates on aiming. This is the optimal way to fight as by moving yourself, you are less likely to take hits. However, this is very difficult to master and you will need to spend some time practicing it.

Unequip While Running:

There are a number of situations where you will need to run as fast as possible. This can be while running for cover, avoiding attacks or running away from the blue zone. In most of these scenarios, you will most likely not be able to use a gun to fight so having a gun ready isn’t absolutely needed.

So if such a situation arises, unequip all your guns and then run. Your movement speed will increase a bit if you do not have any weapons equipped currently. You do not need to drop them, you just need to unequip them by tapping the gun which you are already carrying currently.

When To Go Prone?

Going prone can help you stay hidden and provide a very small target for the enemy to hit but you need to have several things in mind first. You will need to be aware of your surroundings. Going prone on an area with no grass or natural cover is next to useless. You will only be making yourself less mobile and provide an easy target for the enemy.

Do not ever go prone when the enemy starts shooting you. The main reason for going prone is to help stay hidden. If the enemy has already seen you then there is no use for lying down now. This WILL NOT make you invisible by any means. The first thing you need to do is run for cover and go prone when no one is watching you.

When To Shoot?

PUBG is a survival game. You do not win by killing the most enemies but you win by being the last person alive. This ultimately means that there is no absolute need to go around shooting people unless it's a necessity. However, it also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go after enemies. You just need to pick your targets carefully.

If you pull the trigger on an enemy, then everyone in the vicinity will hear you and will target you. So only attack an enemy if you are absolutely sure that you can finish him off quickly. Make sure that you have enough space to hide after making the kill and try to change your location soon as there will be people tracking your gunshots.

Which Gun To Use?

There are a number of guns to choose from in PUBG and each person has their own favorites. But which gun is the best that would give you the advantage? The answer is not as simple as PUBG is a complex game. Let us analyze the best non-crate weapons. For short range shotguns and SMGs are the best. My favorite is the UMP with a Mira Dot and Suppressor. This can shred through anyone who gets too close and it is stealthy as well.

For medium range, M416 is one of the best due to its very low recoil. This gun can be even used in short or long ranges with good results. For long range the Kar98 is deadly. This is a true sniper rifle. Always aim for the head and wait for the enemy to remain stationary before taking a shot. Do not attempt to hit a moving target as it's very difficult and always disengage if your position is compromised. A sniper is effective for only as long as he is hidden.

Gun Firing Mode:

Firing mode
Firing mode

Most guns have two firing modes that you can switch between by tapping on the firing mode icon. There are three basic modes: single, auto and burst. Make sure you use the right mode for the right weapon used. For taking out targets at a longer distance always switch to single mode. Having an auto-fire mode is very hard to control and not worth it.

For engaging targets which are closer, use the auto or burst fire modes. This will enable you to spray a lot of bullets at the enemy quickly. My suggestion would be to use one gun with a 4x/8x scope in single firing mode and one gun with a Mira Dot/Holographic sight in auto mode for close range.

Use Boosts Often:


There are three boosts available in the game: energy drink, painkillers, and adrenaline syringe. Boosts give a small health regeneration per second. The amount of health regen depends on the number of bars filled in the meter (there are a total of four). Apart from this the boosts also give a small increase in movement speed as well.

We all use boosts for healing but during the late game or before going into a fight it is always better to be boosted up. The increased movement speed is always useful and even though you may be in full health at the start, any damage that you take will start healing immediately. It saves precious time and during the late game, you will always have enough boosts anyway.

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