How to Beat Plague Inc. Bio-Weapon on Normal

A Walkthrough of Plague Inc. Bio-Weapon on Normal

The Bio-Weapon on Plague Inc. is certainly an interesting bastard. I have spent the last several days compiling a straightforward guide—you'll find this to be much easier to follow than other guides on the Internet.

Be sure to utilize the genetic codes. If you are playing the free version of this game on your mobile device, be sure to buy the game. At two dollars, it's totally worth it for the additional perks you'll get.

First off, use the following Genetic Codes (they are extremely helpful):

  • Metabolic Hijack
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Native Biome
  • Xerophile
  • Ionized Helix

Infecting on Evolved Bio-Weapon on Normal

  1. Start your Plague in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Build your DNA Points to 10. Abilities: Gene Compression 1, Gene Compression 2, and Deactivate Modified Genes 1.
  3. Build your DNA Points to 15. Abilities: Gene Compression 3
  4. Build your DNA Points to 15. Transmissions: Air 1; Abilities: Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 1
  5. Build your DNA Points to 20. Abilities: Cold Resistance 1; Transmissions: Water 1; Devolve Symptoms for extra points.
  6. Build your DNA Points to 17-20. Abilities: Deactivate Modified Genes 2, Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 2
  7. Build your DNA Points to 10. Symptoms: Cysts, Abscesses.
  8. Build your DNA Points to 20. Abilities: Deactivate Modified Genes 3.
  9. Build your DNA Points to 20. Transmissions: Bird 1.
  10. Build your DNA Points to 30. Abilities: Cold Resistance 2; Symptoms: Coughing.
  11. Build your DNA Points to 50. You can allow your symptoms, but pop cure bubbles. Transmissions: Air 2, Water 2; Abilities: Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 3.
  12. Build your DNA Points to 50. Abilities: Drug Resistance 1, Genetic Hardening 1; Symptoms: Sneezing.
  13. Build your DNA Points to 50. Abilities: Drug Resistance 2.
  14. Wait until everyone is infected. Abilities: Unlock Annihilate Gene.
  15. Kill them all!

Congratulations! You've completed the tutorial for Plague Inc. Evolved Bio-Weapon on normal. My record is 760 days, but if you beat it, I want to know about it. Make sure you post it in the comment section below.

Video: How to Beat Plague Inc. Evolved Bio-Weapon on Normal

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Comments 783 comments

Corerupted 24 hours ago

653 days

58% cured

8110 Score

Trevor 45 hours ago

I beat it in 644 days

Stefan 46 hours ago

641 with a 62% cure

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 3 days ago from Alabama Author

Damn your cold black heart Greenland!

yeah 3 days ago


Ivan Egorov 6 days ago

805 days, no genes, but I didn't allow any symptoms to evolve, and I went ahead and got the Extreme Aerosol upgrade.

Eugene 7 days ago

thank you

584 days

kiritokun 9 days ago

723 days 66%cure without genes:)


veronica! 11 days ago

693 with 30% but I used the genetic reshuffle

Asenov 12 days ago

602 days

Kash 13 days ago

I did it in 546 Days!

Luke 2 weeks ago

628 days

Someone 2 weeks ago

Wait, can we use extremophile?

Red1Flame 2 weeks ago

646 days, 32% complete.

BP94 3 weeks ago

558 days, cure at 25%.

redfire 3 weeks ago

it failed for me

mike 4 weeks ago

581 days

Ethan 4 weeks ago

200 days and a 1% cure. I know you guys don't believe me but trust me I am not lying

Maya 4 weeks ago

615 days. Did not see an annihilate gene, but still killed them all!! :D

Ryan 4 weeks ago

636 days

Cure at 33%

Thanks for the advice!!

Ty 4 weeks ago

650 days, 44% cure completion

Luc1F3R 4 weeks ago

683 days, 26% cure, 16370 score

No genes were used

Bob 4 weeks ago

597, 53% complete. THANK YOU!

Jake 5 weeks ago

593 days 31% cure

NotYourMom 5 weeks ago

641 days , 51% cure lol

JJ 5 weeks ago

603 days

Josh 6 weeks ago

602 days, first try.

Matt 6 weeks ago

Eradicated world just in 582 days, with 33% of cure, even without all genes used.. your tutorials are awesome bro, thank you !

Arcticfire 6 weeks ago

592 days. 56%

Cliff 7 weeks ago

I would have never won without your help!

629 Days, 59% cure

Aj 7 weeks ago

I followed your tutorial for biochem and won in 559 days really loving this game its fun and now I am gonna try and come up with my own strategies to beat this game on Brutal

/b/ 7 weeks ago

216 days with 18% cure research. Thanks!

SeñorPink 8 weeks ago

596 days and cure in 37%, thanks for your guides dude, you are amazing!

AH90 2 months ago

472 days with cure 27% completed. Thanks for the tips :D

Roby 2 months ago

Without genetic codes, in normal, i beat it in 702 days with a 67% cure progress. Nice tutorial

Logmania1 2 months ago

603 days

Soapyenvelope39 2 months ago


Daniel 2 months ago

651 days 59% cure! Best guild

Kimberley K. 2 months ago

572 days

Cassandra 2 months ago

601 days!

Tiffany 2 months ago

697 days 54% cure

Sam Williams 2 months ago

i did it in 498 days

Frank 2 months ago

609 days

MsKailyM 2 months ago

531 days, 40% cure, thanks!

Francis 2 months ago

707 days, cure 30%

Tommy 2 months ago

688 Days with 53% cure, thanks for the guide!!

Rivish 2 months ago

This one was my favorite. Probably because it was the quickest lol.

615 days

43% cure

12670 score

Thank you!

Auriel 2 months ago

631 days

Cure 60%

Score total 5900

3/5 biohazards

Maria 2 months ago

609 days

59 percent cure

.Vesper 3 months ago

669 days and 87% of the cure, thx!

MMM 3 months ago

This was awesome thank you! did it in 688 days without any gene boosters.

3 months ago

647 days

Noah 3 months ago

577 Days

37% for cure

Thanks a lot,


Tyler 3 months ago

615 Days, didn't have the same genes (free version) but did it first try

Bob 3 months ago

616 days

Robyn 3 months ago

Followed your guide and finished in 640 days, cure at 41%

ZeroAim 3 months ago

524 Days 29% cure

deathpickle911 3 months ago

439 days. Love your tutorials.

NikoKarro 3 months ago

593 days!

Plague Doctor 3 months ago

416 days with 29% cure :)) named stupidity

Waqar Yousuf 3 months ago

554 days.... Started from Egypt...... Once before followed your techniques..... Lost the mission..... Then applied mine own.... Won it..... 74% cure

HinaGirl 3 months ago

605 Days

Cure 33%

For number 8 I did Cold Resistance 2.

Then followed the rest of your steps.

Also checked the points to the T for faster results.

Thanks a million :)

rae 3 months ago

576, cure 49%

Ashella 3 months ago

725 days. Cure progress 61%

death 3 months ago

600 days

Bob 3 months ago

615 days! Never thought it would work

3 months ago

i beat yours on the first try, yay!

Andy 3 months ago

514 days thanks

Tony Stank 3 months ago

I didnt follow the guide exactly, as I was constantly having Iceland skipped over. So I did it a little differently, by introducing Cold Resist earlier, and adding rats and Livestock, but I won within 691 days with a 14% cure.

Faith 3 months ago

633 days

Kamillu 3 months ago

687 only 3 genes in the beggining

Hehe 3 months ago

573 days.

Peter 3 months ago

551 days, 37% cure

Nick 3 months ago

678 days

123ABC 3 months ago

620 days

David 4 months ago

581 days

Bigboi 4 months ago

588 days, 18% cure progress

eee 4 months ago

101 on brutal

Liam 4 months ago

602 days at 36%.

hiss 4 months ago


632 days



Millie 4 months ago

652 days with 43% of cure complete

No Name 4 months ago

675 days...

Steve 4 months ago

590 days. Cure at 48%, Normal, score 9250

Also, playing on PS4 version

JOYSOY 4 months ago

i got 636 with 59% (7350 points)

i changed metabolic hijack for metabolic jump

i also got genetic hardening 2 and extreme bioaerosol

JM 4 months ago

425 days and 30% cure

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 4 months ago from Alabama Author

Well, you did a great job anyway!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 4 months ago from Alabama Author

Frigging awesome!

Julian 4 months ago

397 days and 46% cure on BRUTAL

Sam 4 months ago

I finished in 663 days with the cure at 34%.

Plague player 4 months ago

676 days

I'm not giving my name 4 months ago

636 days and the cure was 100% but I have no idea how I actually pulled that off, but unfortunately I had to add another genetic reshuffle to win the game. I didn't have the genes at the start though that you listed so maybe that's why.

Alexis 4 months ago

594 days, cure 66%

Zuko 4 months ago

582 days

Melissa S 5 months ago

No joke, I defeated it in 386 days!

Amy 5 months ago

546 days siiiiick

jojo 5 months ago

693 days! and 82% cure

TLD_Arby 5 months ago

In 742 days

Freshavcado 5 months ago

Did it in 412 days 23% cure

WoodenToaster 5 months ago

Just did it in 505 days at 31% cure on brutal

Christian Smith 5 months ago

578 days amd 42% cure

Anonymous 5 months ago

My Bio-Weapon, called BBB, just wiped out the world in 632 days!

Paulina 5 months ago

680 days, cure 51%, score total 10590....good tutorial, tanks!

Sylvester Edward 5 months ago

I killed them all in 514 days

Gilen P 5 months ago

Is this possible to use without the required genetic codes? I tried doing it but I'm not sure if it would work.

Jorge 5 months ago

661 days- 50%

Ellie Howard 5 months ago

i did it with 419 days ^^

Kh 5 months ago

I did it in 517 days with the Aerocyte, Atp Boost, Darwinist, and Hydrophile Genes

Stormblade 5 months ago

698 days 43% cure

Joe 5 months ago

609 days, cure progress 57%

Nagi 5 months ago

570 days with 25% cure. worked wonderfully

Maraya 5 months ago


Time: 551 days

Cure: 66%

Score: 7330

Brand0n2003 5 months ago

Hey I've looked at a bunch of ur tutorials they're AWESOME!!!! Also I beat u! I used total organ failure!

#Berniewinsagain 5 months ago

648 35% cure

Rommie 5 months ago

622 days. 48% cure. Works great when you add "extremely aerosolar" as transmission and more symptoms that lead to "total organ failure" as well. Thank you:D

tou 5 months ago

641 days

40 cure %

bo diddly 5 months ago

618 days

Tim 5 months ago

649 days. 21%cure. 11050 score cheers. Helped a lot

lel 5 months ago

beat it in 499 days

David r 5 months ago

565 days. Followed your lead and finished

CJ 5 months ago

Normal difficulty took 599 days!

Rylie 6 months ago

684 days! Thanks so much, your guide is so helpful!

Raelynn 6 months ago

584 days

22% cure completion

3/5 biohazards

13340 final score

Lewis 6 months ago

593 days - great guide!

Paul K 6 months ago

534 days, 35% cure, 14750 points...following your guide! Awesome...thanks

duriel 6 months ago

611 days, 39% cure

score : 12460

it worked very well :D

Buddy 3.14 6 months ago

636 Days

66% Cure

ZDFsadf 6 months ago

566 days cure at 36% score 13000

oct 6 months ago

628 day...

cure 61%

RKW 6 months ago

B825 annihilated everyone in 647 days.

Thanks for the tips

tre 6 months ago

606 days cure 65% complete

JennaStewie 6 months ago

Free version, normal level

632 days

42% cure

10820 score

drumguy86 6 months ago

626 days 45% cure

Dylan 6 months ago

1 day -999999% cure

Marie 6 months ago

598 days, 39% complete, 14500 points

aaron 6 months ago

621 days

Cure Progress 79%

Score Total 6430

Dc2003 6 months ago

I ve tryed most of ure tutorials and they work helped me unlock the things i wanted to thnx so much

PR0GAMER 6 months ago

66o days!!! Thanks!! Been working an hour to beat this!! Appreciate your help!

Bahaha 6 months ago

666 days hahaha! Wtf yo! Haha

camz 6 months ago

562 days, 35% cure, 13680 points

Zoarander 6 months ago

612 days

reteszelo 6 months ago

561 days thanks!

Lord Bendtner from Sweden 6 months ago

683 days! TNX

Ender 6 months ago

705 days

Erik P 7 months ago

591 days

JBT1061 7 months ago

678 days using your tutorial on xbox one with score of 5880

Audrey 7 months ago

573 days using your formula score 8650

Pingwyn 7 months ago

I did it in 578 days! 38% cure and score of 10680! :)

Cybron 7 months ago

Great tutorial! Did everything exactly as you said spending DNA points on suggested upgrades as soon as I had enough of them. 713 days, 42% cure, 9570 score. No powerups, free version

Lumberjack 7 months ago

I did it in 595 days

Atomic-Leader 7 months ago

Normal Difficulty

Time: 623 Days

Cure Progress: 49%

Total Score: 6530

Bl00ded1ct 7 months ago

593 days, kept having symptoms that I needed to get be the ones mutate in

corey 7 months ago

467 days 13% cure

drsparky 7 months ago

499 days with no extras.

NohH 7 months ago

455 days


Weds 7 months ago

602 days in free version mode without genetic codes. great tutor. two thumbs :D

Mike 7 months ago

631 days :P

Nat 7 months ago

603 days. THANK YOU

Alex 7 months ago

589 days and the cure only got up to 27% after using genetic shuffle 1 and 2. Also, I only used 2 of the 5 genetic bonuses at the start, aside from all that. Followed your guide to the end, and had more then 100 DNA points after unlocking the annihilate gene, and just used the rest of the points on anything I could in the Abilities tab. Even have a screenshot of it, but I doubt I could post it. Thanks for the help. :)

Cassandra 7 months ago

568 days 42% cure

7 months ago

616 days with cure at 35%. Thanks!

Khusari 7 months ago

668days, 34%cure. Following ur guides. Thanks

slaterbrews 7 months ago

594 with 28% cure

MI 7 months ago

602 days @45 % cure

Sally 7 months ago

648 days with 44% cure!

joe shmoe 7 months ago

585 days, cure 49%

Jester69 7 months ago

My record is 538 days! Cure progress 36%

Dal3 7 months ago

I got 519 Days with 31% cure and 18350 points

AdzNet 7 months ago

Complete it 608 days. I added a couple of infectious symptoms along the way to help or else I'd lose. I suggest going for haemorrhages and the like to ensure a fast kill.

Jason 7 months ago

I just needed Greenland but the cure got me ugh

jjj 7 months ago

595 days


Justin 7 months ago

Got it in 660!

Blahhhh 7 months ago

650 on the dot. 60% cure. Added sweating because Greenland was taking too long.

Waje 7 months ago

736 days ... Thanks

John 7 months ago

690 days. I added pneumonia, pulmonary edema and total organ failure to kill them faster.

crouton boy 7 months ago

437 days! thanks a lot!

The69Gamer 8 months ago

584 days

50 %cure

Plague master 8 months ago

I beat in 487 daya with 30% cure.


Keeano 8 months ago

549 days, 41% cure; thank you!

CanadianBrit 8 months ago

617 days. But my modifiers were different as I didn't have the ones you have

scuba 8 months ago

529 Days 49% cure

OverdoseOrder 8 months ago

605 days, 23% cure

Wabbit 8 months ago

537 days 35% cure :D

Rozack 8 months ago

Completed in 199 Days and 20 Persent Cure!

Awai 8 months ago

629 days, cure 35% complete, score: 9320 and 3 bio-stars

Rozack 8 months ago

i Get 3 bio stars

finished on 668 days


jacob 8 months ago

Beat it in 590days

Terra36 8 months ago

I Followed your guide, but instead of metabolic hijack, i used the second one, the gene that lets you have more points on orange bubbles. wiped out the world in 551 days! thanks alot! :)

Netha 8 months ago

634 days, 42%, 7440 points. Thank you!:)

Biondys 8 months ago

Didn't follow exactly, but got 503 days, 32% on the cure, and scored 14250. Great walkthrough

Dan 8 months ago

I did it in 10 minutes

Plaguer 8 months ago

546 days using this tutorial. I also spent remaining points to get organ failure after releasing the armageddon gene.

Morgan 8 months ago

655 days wooooo

ThatDude1699 9 months ago

481 days, THX SO MUCH. Only had Xerophile but it worked 1st try.

dakota 9 months ago

Followed exactly 4 times, still havnt worked. I think im done trying this way

Coni 9 months ago

605 days, 57% without that genes ;)

Thanks from Chile :*

Shift 9 months ago

581 days, 32% cure progress

amy 9 months ago

is much easier to do if you don't add symptoms but great with everything else :)

Chloe 9 months ago

653 days

73% cure

Dkp 9 months ago

My record is 715 days

Person. 9 months ago

540 days! ...and 11400 score.

Coruja 9 months ago

549 days

49% cure

TakashiYT 9 months ago

Days - 662

Cure - 52 %

Score - 8540

Tommy Sweden 9 months ago

616 days (8310 points) and 53% cure

Stuart 9 months ago

556 brutal 26% cure

NotSoInfy 9 months ago

666 days!OMG!(O_0)

Joe 9 months ago

591 days!

ClaraRycbar 9 months ago

I killed the world in 563 days!

jason 9 months ago

586 days I followed the guide perfectly cure was at 95%

Jorge v 9 months ago

630 days 0% cure. Score 429910

Someone 9 months ago

Thx for this tutorial! (I dont love you though)

Alex 9 months ago

630 days, free version, cure 47%


josh 9 months ago

Woot 620 days yah

Angel Eyes 9 months ago

Free version

651 days

Cure 48%

11400 Points

Thanks so much!

ArgentSilver 10 months ago

Beat it in 592 days. paid version, so I had some bonus, but not all that you wanted. the main difference was that, with ATP bonus gene, I was able to buy the gene compressions earlier. As such, lethality didn't rise, which meant I could skip the nucleic acid abilities until just before needing the armageddon gene. cure got to 68%, with me having specced into everything require but armageddon (not everyone was infected yet.)

Yourinfectedfriend 10 months ago

I did it in 706 days with few perks ;) thanks for the help!

anonymus 10 months ago

613 days, thanks for the tutorial

Dylan 10 months ago

607 days!

Spencer 10 months ago

652 Days!!! Thank you for this tutorial

bmk318 10 months ago

626 days

和菌 10 months ago

551 days thnx bros

MSTRS 10 months ago

585 days, no gene mods. 9310 score

bschneider 10 months ago

597 days

Geth 10 months ago

716 days

jon 10 months ago

521 days

TYKERG 10 months ago

752 days

WhatchaLookingAt? 10 months ago

671 days!

RAR 10 months ago

543!!!! Thanks man!!!

Jonathan J. 10 months ago

599 Days

William Stefula 10 months ago

980 Days

Alec 10 months ago

555 days is how long mine took

A Poster 10 months ago

574 days!

42ndsheep 10 months ago

90 lethality at end lol.

645 dayz

75% cure

7250 score (not as good as my nano virus score though)

Terraj98 10 months ago

I did it in 636 Days

SkreD 10 months ago

Really good guide i stay blocked for like 2 weeks in this and then i follow step by step this guide and i win easy with 60% cure. My Dick destroy the humanity! Ty guys! :D

J03y h4rris0n 10 months ago

My Bioweapon, called X057Z, just wiped out the world in 213 days! This is amazing

Gibson 10 months ago

616 days on normal. Love your guides!

Charley 10 months ago



440 days

27% cure

Total score 3600

Julian (Shads) 10 months ago

I did 631 Days, 37% Cure, 11800 score total :D . Your guides are awesome dude, I really appreciate them!

Rick Mosier 11 months ago

640 days. :)

Yes 11 months ago

I finished is 613 days

Luke 11 months ago

Excellent guide. Used it step by step but different gene modifications.

Normal Bio

674 Days

64% cure

San 11 months ago

582 days

32% cure completed

Heavy bird migration sped up infectivy and walking dead combo slowed cure.

teperz 11 months ago


Score 6620

Cure Progress 59%

718 days

Used this as a guideline, but did things a little differently. Still worked great! Thank you!

Arty 11 months ago

724 days. You are a legend.

Ashley 11 months ago

674 days, 38% cure

Testicles 11 months ago

601 Days 68% cure

Franklyundead 11 months ago

Just did it in 592 days!

Ethan 11 months ago

644 days cure at 51%

Livvy 11 months ago

I beat it in 684 days with the cure progress at 31%. Thanks so much for all your guides! They're super helpful!

GBiscuit 11 months ago

779 at 98% complete

someone 11 months ago

574 days, the cure was 87% complete

D.L. 11 months ago

565days with 28%cure

Bob 11 months ago

594 days with 67% cure no genes

michel 11 months ago

that works alot , thanks man. :)

Derpface 11 months ago

356 days cure was at 14%

Sal 11 months ago

660 days with 61% cure

11 months ago

702 days with 57% cure.

Kent 11 months ago

Thanks to you I got it in 545 days with 44% cure.

Nadelle 11 months ago

602 days, 45% cure on brutal. Your tutorials rock.

Nita 12 months ago

641 days. 70 percent cure. Whewh

Joshua Jackson 12 months ago

533 days with 50 percent cure. Thanks!

Hexo 12 months ago

630 days 39% cure

that plague guy 12 months ago

603 days 64 % cure


CJD 12 months ago

649 days and 23% cure

Megalia 12 months ago

604 days with cure at 50%

Bttf 12 months ago

300 days with 21% thnks so much

Brian 12 months ago

713 Days and Cure hit 100% LoL. Thanks so much for these walkthroughs. Don't need them for all plagues but so glad I have em for the other ones!

Yosafat waluyo 12 months ago

Did it in 608 you are genius

Kaelin 12 months ago

This also works on the free mobile version but don't allow symptoms to develop on their own, the ones you evolve yourself are fine and after the cure gets to 70, start building more resistance to it. Finished in 730 days c:

Shayla M 12 months ago

565 day cure = 37%

Roope Lehtinen 12 months ago

Finished in 610 days

Alexander 12 months ago

726 days, cure progress 47%

Roland 12 months ago

600 days and 82% cure

Bryn 12 months ago

516 days and the cure was at 43% thanks!

Erik 12 months ago

very awesome guide. got it beat in 725 days with cure at 30% and i am playing the free version. thank you for the help

Cloudspun 12 months ago

639 Days, 49% cure. Followed your guide to the letter.

Ryan E 12 months ago

527 days 46% cure

Brooke 12 months ago

510 days and 11% cure!

Emil 12 months ago

631 days Cure at 43% :D

Lucifer 12 months ago

515 days fallowing your guide

Jeff 12 months ago

501 days, cure 19%

theoneandonlycomputer 12 months ago

great tutorial! 594

twali 12 months ago

663 79% cure

Simon 12 months ago

703 days 78% cure Thank you. Finally !!

lukas 12 months ago

I finished it in 569 days

Michak 12 months ago

301,days cure 98%

Ethan Nelson 12 months ago

681 days 52% cure total score 11820

ConG203 12 months ago

571 days 7% cure no gene mods playing free mode

patrick 13 months ago

622 days and 63% cure

Herb 13 months ago

Didn't work, damn Greenland got infected way too late into the game :( Otherwise perfect tutorial, will try again!

Chi town 13 months ago

639 days. 75% cure

kex 13 months ago

434 days

Bruh 13 months ago

583 days 29% cure

Steven Fast Jr 13 months ago

589 days

Johng895 13 months ago

Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to everyone who employess it, including myself. Keep up the good work for sure i will check out more posts. bacacdeafagc

Jacob Weeks 13 months ago

I did it in 500 days!

Rachael 13 months ago

644 days...Thank you!

3volv3 13 months ago

683 days 20% cure!

Jeanarz 13 months ago

637days cure 68% in brutal

Kimlim 13 months ago

589 days free version no gene mods

Amber 13 months ago

FINALLY! 591 days. Thank you!

TheManV 13 months ago

370 days but 34% cure

Kat 13 months ago

627 days 33% cure. Free version. Genes hardly modified. Thanks for the great guide. :)

Anonymous 13 months ago

555 days and 23%cure

Kiara 13 months ago

568 days , 36% cure free version

burnout42 13 months ago

706days 47% cure but did not modify genes

Nooonsch 14 months ago

603 days and 63% cure :)))

Dudlajda 14 months ago

Free version and completed in 743 days with 83% cure. Thx a lot,best guide

Keitaro_382 14 months ago

521 days following exactly your steps! The best guides ever! XD

Stacie Foster 14 months ago

I did it in 592 days and the cure was 56% complete! :D

Madison 14 months ago

625 and 53% cure!

Jay G 14 months ago

I did it in 573 days, cure 25% complete.

Joshua 14 months ago

Patho-stasis worked much better

Stephanie 15 months ago

615 days

Raven_Wolf2020 15 months ago

Beat it in 430 days

Amani 15 months ago

Wow! I got it in 565 days! I never expected something like that! Thank youuu!!!

Weeping Angel 15 months ago

It took me 586 days to complete this and my cure was 35% complete. Thanks for helping me out XD

Yuki 15 months ago

1048 days, 7% cure. Didnt really follow all throughout the steps. Only until step 4. No genes added too

Jeremy 15 months ago

638 days 11% cure

Craig5637 15 months ago

23% cure, 568 days

Annie 15 months ago

You are a little genius! Thank you. I love winning, hate losing.

Cure 40%

568 days

Lulu 15 months ago

504. Thanks!

Bhahaha 15 months ago

603 days with cure at 50%. Took two tries with this tutorial. I think I did something wrong the first time. Thanks heaps :)

zzzzzzzz 15 months ago

583 Days

Alson 15 months ago

Completed it in 588 days .

Brehtehdeh 15 months ago

I still managed to lose followed what you said to a T

mortirith 15 months ago

God DAMN that final update kills them fast, 7 billion people down in 50 days

Some player 16 months ago

Did it in 619 days first try thanks to your guide thanks!

Ditz. 16 months ago

449 Days

Beast 16 months ago

604 lets go

Elin 16 months ago

I did it in 599 days!! I didn't even modify any genes because I have the free version. YAY

B4team 16 months ago

643 days

Harry Hart 16 months ago

573 days

CastleCrafter123 16 months ago

700 days

Gadreel 16 months ago

I did it in 650 days the only thing I did different was I allowed some of the symptoms to run their course from the begining, but thank you and you are truly amazing.

Julia 16 months ago

543 days!

Ryan 16 months ago

Managed it in 636! Thanks for all of your guides.

Jonathon Peterson profile image

Jonathon Peterson 16 months ago

605 days!!

Antwan 16 months ago

613 days

Yow 16 months ago

616 days record broken

Eradicate 16 months ago

684 days on the first try!!!

Redneck4life08 16 months ago

Good tutorial folowsd it to a t till the end then I just bought random lethal symptoms and won in 619 days

Carmen 16 months ago

My bio weapon "Love" wiped out the world in 560 days! Hahahaha :)

Followed your guide but I change a few, focused more on water first instead of air. No gene modification ~

Google Player 16 months ago

602 days without genes

Guy 16 months ago

I used your method and it only took 630 days

MJ 16 months ago

I completed it in 706 days

Clarladys 16 months ago

611 days yeah, yeah wewt!

The_Ethmiester 16 months ago

DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Bio-Weapon

Time: 611 Days

Cure progress: 37%

Score Total: 12510

Dizzira 16 months ago

Worked perfectly for Casual and Normal!

Normal got 666 days with the cure at 32%. xD Thank you so much!!

Sean 16 months ago

Followed your modes and got 595 days

jay 16 months ago

590 days

Kc360 16 months ago

520 followed ur instructions

CT 16 months ago

578 days!

Jay 16 months ago

I bet it in 627 days

Carlo Boja 17 months ago

I did it in 631 days

Aj Kolar 17 months ago

I beat it in 624 days!!! Thanks for the awesome tutorials. I go to your website for every thing walkthrough related now :)

CaptBevo 17 months ago

Followed the tutorial, destroyed the world in 541 days, cure 25%, 2 gene mods

Reaper 17 months ago

You guys all suck, I beat this level in less than a day.

Hashtag RL


Siobhan 17 months ago

573Days!!! No gene Mods :)

Tony 17 months ago

600 days exactly. Thanks

ArcaineShaper 17 months ago

I got it in 579 days with 45% Cure

Gabriel 17 months ago

636 days with 56% of cure, thank you very much

CollegeGamerGrl profile image

CollegeGamerGrl 17 months ago

Took me 408 days! thanks

Urmomisthedisease 17 months ago

529 with no gene mods and on mega brutal

Pax-12 17 months ago

759 days

batman 17 months ago

I did it in 616 days

Anthony Volturo 17 months ago

660 Days, and when I first saw what the ANNIHILATE GENE would do when I would buy it, I was amazed. I had enough DNA for that plus total organ failure and coma. HELL ON EARTH.

Bill 17 months ago

I did it in 623 days

NateDawg 17 months ago

618 Days!

Jennifer 17 months ago

600 days

Landon 17 months ago

i got 620

Bridie 17 months ago

683 days, with 76% cure - great guides thanks!

wj 17 months ago



No gene mod

Thx alot!!!

Justin 17 months ago

I did it in 634 days.

mDiis 17 months ago

Did it in under 600 days

17 months ago

584 days. Thanks!

ebola 17 months ago

do you devolve mutations?

kitsun 17 months ago

650 days

Ciara 17 months ago

This is great, I got it done in 617 days. Thank your for this tutorial

Ilikethesetutorials 17 months ago

599 days

No genes

Andrew Perry 17 months ago

376 days cure 9%

Andrew Perry 17 months ago

554 days

John 17 months ago

I got it done in 593 days with only 2 of the genetic codes

17 months ago

553 days no modifiers

17 months ago

Thanks for the guide, works really well, 588 days

17 months ago

574 days

Mach1 17 months ago

Won in 655 days

Lainie 17 months ago

I beat it 593 days!!!!!!!

bk 17 months ago

Great guide to thanks! 554 days, cure @ 52℅

JGrimes 17 months ago

I did it in 628 days. Thanks for the help!!

Ashley 18 months ago

578 days :D

Martin 18 months ago

590 days...first try with no genes. Thanks alot =)

Adam 18 months ago

557 days!

CraftMeAChicken 18 months ago

I did it in 624 days :D thx a lot for the help mate :)

Edward 18 months ago

Disease - L33T H4X

Artificial Organs Scenario using Bio-Weapon with this guide was the best choice out of the other diseases since the artificial organs would have stopped "total organ failure" which is the main killer of the other disease types. many thanks

Lee 18 months ago

639 thx really good strategy

Mikey 18 months ago

602 days on free version.

Cure: 59% complete.

After initiating the annihilation, I evolved Genetic Shuffle 1 and Gentic Hardening 2, after the cure had gotten up to 78% complete.

Rhys 18 months ago

I finished in 633 days

Melly Mel 18 months ago

669 days!!!!! :-D

Jon 18 months ago

I beat it in 601 days

Anna 18 months ago

587 days!!

Catfish 18 months ago

I wiped out the world in 695 days....your tutorial was spot on!!!!

Sam 18 months ago

Yeah I followed it exactly and it didn't work it got cured

blah 18 months ago

I got 537 days

xxx 18 months ago

I did it in 619 days and i have the free version so no extra gen

May 18 months ago

684 days ^^

Maher Najjar 18 months ago

took me 751 days

Zilias 18 months ago

it took me 593 days in the pc version and in total 1 and a half hour to beat all the normal stages with your guides thank you mate best guides ever !!!

Alex 18 months ago

I did it in 595, using your guide, congratulations.

Bianca 18 months ago

588 days!! Your tutorials are awesome and so easy to follow! The best out there! :-)

Nope 18 months ago

479 days! Oh man, you're the best. Lol

NvMeP 18 months ago

571 days

Lurendrejer 18 months ago

641 days

Gabe 18 months ago

530 days

E. 18 months ago

650 days on free version :)

Deirdre 18 months ago

563 days... you are awesome! Thank you!

MR. SWAGGER 18 months ago

618 Days

XYZ 18 months ago

631, ahh, I love you man

craig 18 months ago

504 days

awesomeguy 18 months ago

553 days no upgrades because too poor for premium.

melolol 18 months ago

540 days without premium

Thomas 19 months ago

626 days started in india

Beat This 19 months ago

407 with no gene mods!

Mihir 19 months ago

Thankyou very much . Your guide really helped me . I followed all your steps except #13 because it was not needed. but you should have started it in china .It`s more easier. Anyway my record is 605 days

lizzy 19 months ago

642 days

Bam 19 months ago

579 days

Tom 19 months ago

My record was 560 days but you should start in INDIA. It's more easier.

Victor 19 months ago

502 days. thanks to following the guide and evolving everything quickly.

JaidynW 19 months ago

603 days, thank you for this, it was so difficult.

andrew 19 months ago

541 days

Eldaron87 19 months ago

i did it just how its said to but i still failed? the hell?

Dale 19 months ago

627 days thanks to your guide

William071802 19 months ago

Your guides are soooooo helpful!!!! Thanks soooo much!!!! Now I can brag about beating this :)

David 19 months ago

Got it done in 649 days, just barely~

Will R 19 months ago

Was able to do it in 643 days.

Nathan Tran 19 months ago

Dude ur awesome!!!! Because of u, I beat the game in like 1 day!!! Btw my score for Bio Weapon is 640 days

Vie 19 months ago

594 days

36% cures.. good guide.!

Coffeepen 19 months ago

I just tried I and it didn't work. They finished the cure before I could infect everyone... :( Going to try it again though

Shadow 19 months ago

673 Days.

Orpelo 19 months ago

680 days with free version of this game 8)

DragonPotato1503 19 months ago

525 days

kenneth 19 months ago

After 1000 tries on the free version I still haven't got it.......I'm not honestly sure it's possible

Kevin 19 months ago

612 days

Boss 19 months ago

627 hype

Awaken_Shadows 19 months ago

620 Days no gene mod

Michael 19 months ago

537 days

Chas1808 19 months ago

675 days 6490

Josh 19 months ago

561 days 16250 points

19 months ago

I didn't wait for everyone to get infected b4 annihilate gene and less than 1000 people lived

Mac 19 months ago

It took me 2 try's but that was because Greenland did my get infected did it 598 days with 2 genes

Burt 19 months ago

Thank you for your *awesome* no BS tutorials! I was getting frustrated, but with your help - I completed all the normal-level plagues. Thanks so much!

Ben K. 19 months ago

603 days on first try!

TheChemist 20 months ago

Could you do a Plague Inc Black Death Scenario tutorial? I think Bio-Weapon on normal is easier than that thing!

oxy 20 months ago

571 days!

sagachan113 20 months ago

640 free version.

Aprikots 20 months ago

Didn't get all... All but 5000 on Greenland... will try again :)

Lachlan 20 months ago

596 days, cure 37%

ownzorz420 20 months ago

Just got 560 days first try

Azzamblus 20 months ago

Did it in 433 days did everythig as you said

I really do not know why it took you guys so long

MissMaryMac94 20 months ago

441 days, with different gene mods.

Thatoneguy 20 months ago

691 days

plaguedoctor 20 months ago

420 days, cure 10%, no gene mods. (I was playing free version)


plaguemaster 20 months ago

666 days XD

Janny Valentine 20 months ago

First try.

761 days, cure 25%, score 11130. :3

Andrew 20 months ago

507 days using the guide on the plague inc wiki. Very effective (11% cure).

Nate 20 months ago

712 days with 4% cure and 5 star rating. My first 5 star actually. I did modify the strategy though

Talon 20 months ago

Got it! 616 days :)

Talon 20 months ago

Cure was developed way too fast; didn't work :/

Caleb 20 months ago

Didn't work

Daseanbomb 20 months ago

568 days

mipsey 20 months ago

467 and I was having such a hard time with it

Anonymous 20 months ago

great strategy infected the world in 750 days:). Cure 71%

Stephen William 20 months ago

625 homie.

Jack 20 months ago

Thx man did it in 599 days

Psyckes23 20 months ago

683 (no genes)

John 21 months ago

567 days! Thanks man! This really helped me!

ty 21 months ago

Got 511 days thanks to your guide on 1st try thanks bud

Thomas 21 months ago

645 days! Wow! Thank you! This was really helpful!

Serserath 21 months ago

529 days can send a pic .

jonah 21 months ago

603 dayss

Dk 21 months ago

Followed to the letter. 568 days. The cysts mutated on their own...nice

JC 21 months ago

645 days, 5580

Ryan 21 months ago

631 days

%40 percent cure

Kenny 21 months ago

I did it in 693 days

cindy 21 months ago

742 days

Killer 21 months ago

No gene mod 306 days

Kristopher 21 months ago

I did it in 687 days once I get them all infected it did as you said and also added in the total organ fail with immune suppression, other than that I followed the guide.

Ezio 21 months ago

I did it in 690 days with cure on 26% complete

Xsavi 21 months ago

627 days :D And I totally enjoy making the whole world feel as horrible as I do on my sick days!

Alex 21 months ago

639 Days without gene, just like my nano virus. Thankss

Fusions 21 months ago

Did it in 614

phoenix 21 months ago

610 days, thanks :)

tits 21 months ago

597 Days

Abdillah luhur 21 months ago

After spent hours trying to beat bio weapon type plague, finally i've foud your tutorial and tried it. I've beat it in 566 days without gene mods except xerofile. Good job with the tutorial!

stephen 21 months ago

601 days ur awesome

mmrunyan 21 months ago

659 Days

Cure 54%

Score 10140

Cassie 21 months ago

i did it in 610 days.

Justin 21 months ago

Used your tutorial and i beat it in 376 days with 19% cure

Horst 21 months ago

612 days 43% cure 12% genetic code

Ykarozz 21 months ago

576 days cure on 42%.... Thank you very much for this guide :)

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