Plague Inc. Evolved: Simian Flu on Normal

Updated on April 14, 2016

Planet of the Apes Trivia

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Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

So it seems like yesterday I crawled out bed and ran down stairs at 10pm at night to see my father watching Planet of the Apes. Of course back then we had this ancient technology called VHS. Kids today of course have no idea what that is, unless their parents were 80's babies and still have old copies of the Lion King.

No the day of recording over crappy movies to record all your favorite shows is over unfortunately. With the end of VHS and the move into DVD which will soon be replaced by BluRay or whatever else those squirrelheaded tech gurus over in silicon valley come up with next.

Here we have the Simian Flu.. A Plague that you will want to start in the Country of Indonesia.

This one is a lot different than the others. I am just going to let you know, you may encounter a moderate amount of BS in this tutorial.

Take a deep breath

Let's get this thing started here guys. We are venturing into unknown territory. Plague Inc is renowned for it's casual gameplay style. Not anymore. Simian Flu is going to take some serious attention and ability to react quickly.

Allow all Symptom mutations except: Neuro-Enhancement 1 and except: Lethal Symptoms

Our Mission:

Infect the entire world. Allow Apes to take over. Kill the entire world. Sounds simple right? Wrong.

Start in Indonesia

Build your DNA Points to (20)


Simian Neuro-Genesis

Organised Travel

Build your DNA Points to (15)


Ape Colonies

Use Your Ape Colony ability on Indonesia

Build your DNA Points to (16)


Cognitive Shift

Ape Rampage

Build your DNA Points to (30)


Fomites 1

Fomites 2


Cold Resistance 1

Once Indonesia's Ape Colony Bar is full, use Migration to move them to another country. (doesn't matter which)

Create another Colony in another Country (Doesn't matter which just not Indonesia)

Build your DNA Points to (40)



Drug Resistance 1


Inter-Genus Dissemination 1

Create another Colony in another country (Doesn't matter which)

Build your DNA Points to (50)


Fomites 3

Air 1

Water 1

Sebaceous Excretion

Build your DNA Points to (60)


Primal Awareness

War Paint


Horseback Riding

This would be a good time to pause your game and move your colonies around. You want to spread them across the map. (This is for when the research facilities come into play) Spread them out but not too far apart.

Unpause your game

You should see any moment now, little grey cure blocks they will have a beaker on them.

Build your DNA Points to (80)


Hominidae Bridge

Air 2

Water 2

Now, use your little fist or (Ape Rampage) on any grey cure countries. If you cannot use the little fist, migrate a colony to that country and try again.

Build your DNA Points to (75)

(Global Action Message should have come up by now)


Primal Hunt

Weapon Creation

Cold Resistance 2

If you encounter Drones, or new research facilities, Pause your game, Migrate from drones, or use the little fist on the research facilities. Don't forget to unpause your game.

Keep watching for the lethal symptoms, you don't want it to be too lethal before everyone is infected.

Continue to look around the map for cure / research facilities, they will keep coming.

Once you receive the "There are no healthy people left in the world message" Use your DNA points in Symptoms to make it as deadly as possible. Continue to use your DNA points, you will have tons and tons of them to do this.

Remember, Keep migrating out of drone strikes and keep destroying those research/cure facilities.

In the next several minutes you will be migrating and destroying research facilities. It is very easy to lose track of the cure progress. Just remember to pause the game if things get out of hand.


Apes have taken over and the Humans are dead!

It took me roughly 1000 days to complete the tutorial, How long did it take you?

I want to know if you mixed it up a little or if you have an easier way. Leave a comment below.

Be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube as well. A follower here is great too!

Monkey Love started this.

What did you name your Simian Flu?

Did this damned dirty tutorial work for you?

See results

About Ashleign aka ChillBilly

Hey guys, I'm ChillBilly aka Ashleign. I have been playing video games for more than 20 years. I enjoy a good bit of strategy style games mixed with online economies. MMOs are my specialty, but I do enjoy all kinds of games. My experience with Plague Inc. started when I picked up the game on my mobile phone. I immediately was hooked due to a long interest I have had in biology. I posted my first tutorial here on hubpages and it was so popular I decided to make more.

I love helping people, and when I receive good comments and compliments, I feel that I have accomplished something.

Be sure to leave a comment with...

The amount of days it took you to win. I wanna know.

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        Ethan Marcello 5 hours ago


        It does not work at all.

        Apparently I need to keep my eye on the cure and somehow get DNA points out of nowhere to by reshuffles and hardening on top of your crap guide. I tried it 8 times and it did not work.

      • profile image

        L Bigelow 7 weeks ago

        1017 days, score 61,000, 4 biohazard, cure progress 19%... Named it CHPotA 13 (Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes 13... hehe) followed ur guide to the letter and it was easy, once it had infected everyone, made it as lethal as possible ASAP. I had to VERY proactively run from drones and destroy research facilities as soon as they cropped up. had to pause a lot so it didn't get away from me. Thanks for the guide, helped me thru this one and necroa virus

      • profile image

        Lachlan 3 months ago

        Took me 1068 days with 27% cure completion and a score total of 122740

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 3 months ago

        I try not to make recommendations, the reason I chose to do this without them, is that not everyone has them unlocked. Metabolic HiJack is my favorite because I am lazy.

      • profile image

        leo 4 months ago

        hi i just wanna ask a question but what are the suggested genes you recommend?

      • profile image

        Mink 4 months ago

        995 days

        Cure 41%

        Instead of doing formites 2 I did air 1 but added formites later. That helped spread a lot faster than my first try. I didn't even try to get formites 3

      • profile image

        redwolftrash 4 months ago

        research facilities began WAY too early for me to properly upgrade fomites and infection spreading transmissions like air and water; as a result i had stupid apes when i should've had smart ones that could migrate and since the virus kept mutating i wasted most of my DNA devolving that neuro-enhancement symptom! now the virus i made was cured and i lost all access to the simulation since i have to defeat every illness of brutal to unlock it (not wasting anymore money on the game).

      • profile image

        Johnny 6 months ago

        In the little quiz, the actor who spoke the phrase was tom felton

      • profile image

        Jacob 6 months ago

        DNA Sequence: Complex

        Time: 1030 Days

        Cure Progress: 36%

        Score Total: 11890

      • profile image

        Kristina 6 months ago

        Sinister Primate: 1465 Days, 62% Cure, Score of 38910, 4/5

      • profile image

        Carly 8 months ago

        Named mine MNKY-BIZ. Not very creative, but made me giggle.

      • profile image

        Dia 8 months ago

        1435 days cure was at 9% 5 stars 356360 for points loved the tutorial

      • profile image

        Tom 9 months ago

        1230 Days, 28% Cure, 4/5 Stars with 86850 Score

      • profile image

        Sergiu 9 months ago

        1070 days. Thank you very much!

      • profile image

        Monkey Madness 10 months ago

        Took me 1002 days

        Cure was at 60%

      • profile image

        Anonymous 10 months ago

        1030 days, 26% cure, 198450 score with 5 bio hazards on first attempt using this strategy. Works very well!

      • profile image

        Robyn 10 months ago

        Adjusted it a bit and managed to win with 5 biohazards and a 103290 score, but it took 1407 days and the cure got to 45%. Great tutorial!

      • profile image

        Poop Dick 11 months ago

        My disease, called Poop Dick, wiped out humanity in 1308 days

      • profile image

        Vitiate 11 months ago

        931 days with this tutorial, cure at 11%, great guide and a lot of fun to play.

      • profile image

        That Girl with the Metal Panties 11 months ago

        It workd!

        Here, have a piece of pie.

      • profile image

        Acey76 12 months ago

        could you do a walkthrough of the Shadow Plague???

      • profile image

        Chris 13 months ago

        1083 days, 39% cure, 136980 score. Youre a lifesaver.

      • profile image

        Dom 13 months ago

        1036 days...very effective

      • profile image

        jordan 15 months ago

        took me 1295 days.

      • profile image

        Tom 15 months ago

        Wow, this works well!

        914 days

        22% cure progress

        5 stars and a score of 217,860!

      • profile image

        Arghtonyrgoth 15 months ago

        1123 days and 4 biohazard signs. Made me wanna watch 'rise of the planet of the apes' again

      • profile image

        Someone 15 months ago

        Named mine death :P

      • profile image

        Drugs 16 months ago

        1042 days

        35 percent cure progress

        5 biohazerd symbols

        Total score 138400

        My best score Yet! And i have played this for about three or four years thank you!!

      • profile image

        Drugs 16 months ago

        This is basicly the hardest plague in the game

      • profile image

        Ben 16 months ago

        1096 days

        37% cure

        5 star things

        Thank you

      • profile image

        Neurax 17 months ago

        Amazing tutorial, also worked on brutal.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 17 months ago

        Oh my god. I tried it for the first time the other day. It's gonna take me a little while longer to figure it out. Be sure to follow!

      • Mike Hudy profile image

        Mike Hudy 17 months ago

        Any chance of a Shadow Plague tutorial?

      • profile image

        Lolmg 17 months ago

        I mmm.. not sure if this works

      • profile image

        Laukes 18 months ago

        Your guide was perfect, ty!

        107700 Score in 1030 days and only 34% cure. Best game i had till yet!

      • profile image

        Rodan Grif 18 months ago

        Followed it exactly and still lost. Was this made for the mobile version or pc version?

      • profile image

        Totally Not an Ape 19 months ago

        What genes do we use?

      • profile image

        Anonymous 20 months ago

        I named my disease Ape$h*t

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 20 months ago

        You are most welcome all of you. Thank you for visiting / following.

      • profile image

        Plague God 20 months ago

        Thank you so much Ashleign, you have helped me so much with your tips, I really appreciate it. P.S. Did you know that with these tips, I have finished brutal on every single plague, including simian flu and nercroa virus and nearax worm with the help of your tips. THANKS ASHLEIGN!!

      • profile image

        PlagueGod 20 months ago

        Thank you so much Ashleigh, I really appreciate your amazing tips, they are the best! Thanks Ashleign! P.S. Just so you know, I have completed all of the plagues, even simian flu, necroa virus and nuerax worm on brutal because of your tips, but you have to modify them a little bit. THANKS!

      • profile image

        Cragon 21 months ago

        Thanks, I overlooked the colony importance. Once at least 3 are working it's really hard not to have enough points to go in any direction you want. I completed normal with ease with 3 colonies. I am sure brutal will need more.

      • profile image

        Anon 23 months ago

        964 days

      • profile image

        World killer 23 months ago

        1443 days

      • profile image

        Raven 23 months ago

        Thanks 923 days =)

      • profile image

        Ava 2 years ago

        934 days, cure progress 26%, 4 stars, score of 44470

        This is the best tutorial I've seen :D

      • profile image

        Emma 2 years ago

        1010 days

      • profile image

        Wtf 2 years ago

        866 days!

      • profile image

        Ashleigh 2 years ago

        This helped so much..I screwed up so badly the first few times..haha.. Took 1482 days for my simian flu to destroy all humanity. Next time I'll try for a better score. Thanks again!!

      • profile image

        ShanerX 2 years ago

        Excellent once again, 1088 days! Was hard first 2 times, this guide made it simple, gdamn h0w I messed up the first couple times!

      • profile image

        Epix Jackasaur 2 years ago

        988 days

        Cure 25%


        Bossin' guide

      • profile image

        Rozack 2 years ago

        I call it sans

      • profile image

        Care 2 years ago

        Found the solution. Click on "ape view" on the ape icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. It will show you when countries turn bright green, at that point you can create a colony. The rampage "fist" is used in places you already have a colony, instead of blue bubbles (cure bubbles in most games) it shows the gen sys labs. You use ape rampage/ the fist to "pop" them like you would cure bubbles. Hopefully that makes sense to those who were having the same issue on android. I won on my second try.

      • profile image

        Care 2 years ago

        I'm having the same issue on android phone/ tablet as several others. I can't move the colonies, or create colonies, or get the fist to work. Occasionally it works to create them, but most of the time it does nothing, and I only seem to be able to create colonies when it does work that are right beside colonies that already exist, making it impossible to infect across the map. I've not been able to migrate at all. Anyone found a solution for this?

      • profile image

        giucolson 2 years ago

        211940 points, cure at 26% and I made it in 1086 days.

        I had so many DNA points that at the end I unlocked all of the symptomps. Great tutorial!

      • profile image

        Damian 2 years ago

        This flu is realistically the easiest. Great Tutorial though:)

      • profile image

        RafKimeon 2 years ago

        Oh, I wouldn't say what I said without trying multiple times. I still had to change a few things, like put out a lot of colonies, and also grind in Casual a little to get some of the genes.

      • profile image

        GeneralCow 2 years ago

        I just used this tutorial and beat Normal like it was nothing. 11/6/2015

        Every game has some luck factor in it, so don't give up with this guide after the first try.

      • profile image

        RafKimeon 2 years ago

        I agree with the previous poster that this tutorial is ineffective. Maybe they changed something to make this harder? I think it does need to be revisited. :-(

      • profile image

        GamerVsGaming123 2 years ago

        BS doesnt work I did every thing he did and it didnt work

      • profile image

        Guy 2 years ago

        Thank you! If i dident find you i would still be on fungus or deleted the game. So thank you for the beast tutorials on the internet ashleign.

      • profile image

        Under a Graveyard Sky 2 years ago


        1141 Days, 40% Cure, Score 153,260

        This tut was superb. Just a few tweaks and all was golden.

      • profile image

        Gabriel 3 years ago

        1128 Days with 37% cure. Thank you!

      • profile image

        Chance 3 years ago

        Thank you for this! I have been trying to beat this one for a week and couldn't. With your help I got 799 days. You rock!

      • profile image

        RIO 3 years ago

        Hey who say it doesn't not work cause the dna not enough.hah,screw that cause i got the cheat unlimited dna and its the new version

      • profile image

        Burt 3 years ago

        Thanks to your tutorial, not only did I manage to beat this level, but with an amazing score of 204110! Five stars!

        Time: 1097 days, cure progress: 28%, Complex. Every symptom by the end except for neuro-enhancement.

        Thanks for all your great tutorials. Extremely helpful!

      • profile image

        BR 3 years ago

        DNA Sequence = Complex

        Time = 856 days

        Cure Progress = 21%

        Total Score = 16,040 (3 of 5 symbols filled)

      • Alex Marquette profile image

        Alex Marquette 3 years ago

        1036 days and missed out on like 3 symptoms and the cure was at 46% complete

      • profile image

        Hexenhammer 3 years ago


        Just wanted to say that this guide worked flawlessly (with slight fexibility ofc) on highest difficulty, over 142k points with my first touch with this game thanks to you :D

      • profile image

        km373 3 years ago

        Days: 1085

        Cure: 38%

        Score: 148 530

        Symptoms: All without Neuro-Enhancement

      • profile image

        Madgeek1450 3 years ago

        Followed this, 1st playthrough on Normal was 1034 days, 20% cure, 5 stars @ 220,490 points. Thanks!

      • profile image

        Michael Due Hermansen 3 years ago

        Hi love your guides ;) very useful :D did is as you did, and got 5 stars :D it somehow took the stupid humans a lot longer discovering me, so guess i was lucky :)

      • NitroQueen profile image

        NitroQueen 3 years ago

        Ok maybe its just me but I cannot seem to figure out how to "move the colonies around" once I place a colony someplace. How do I move them? Also couldn't figure out how to get away from the drones. Do I use the Ape Rampage wherever I see one flying around or what? Not sure if it matters but I am playing the game on mobile. Any suggestions? Every other tutorial of yours has worked for me 1st try. This is the 1st time I got stuck. Help plz? Thanks!

      • profile image

        Armageddon1990 3 years ago

        Free version, 1054 days, cure 37%, score 36640.

      • profile image

        Synien 3 years ago

        1224 days and 5 stars. Thank you very much for the guide.

      • profile image

        Tee 3 years ago

        How in the world do we migrate the colonies on the mobile version? All of your tutorials have helped me on first tries..(thank you for that! Lol) But this? I'm stuck cuz I can't figure out where the Ape colony bar is, or how to migrate. Can you plz help with that? I can't seem to find answers anywhere on the net. Thanks!

      • profile image

        IRONEMIKE 3 years ago

        734 days with 200 DNA Genes left works well

      • profile image

        Alexander 3 years ago

        First Attempt:

        968 days

        20% cure

        5 Stars, score 338,660

        On Normal.

        I could've probably finished it even earlier, had I gone up the Neural Enhancement symptom road the moment everyone was infected. You see, as it turns out, the first neural enhancement makes humans smarter, the second even smarter, the third EVEN smarter with a small chance to die, and the fourth makes them go BRAIN DEAD.

        In other words, it is the 'Annihilation Gene' of the Simean Flu.

      • profile image

        Thomasds 3 years ago

        Good tutorial!

        have done it in 1025 days!

      • profile image

        GT 3 years ago

        First Attempt:

        1160 Days

        52% Cure Progress

        113,640 Score

      • profile image

        Saul Goodman 3 years ago

        What genetic modifications did you use?

      • profile image

        Shawn 3 years ago

        thanks for this... Beat it in 995 days!

      • profile image

        ASC 3 years ago

        Hi. Can you do the black death scenario next? It would help me a lot :)

      • profile image

        James 3 years ago

        My flu killed all its hosts. :(

      • profile image

        Mikael 3 years ago

        909 days, 5 stars! Thanks so much for the walkthrough, this worked out even better than the Necroa :)

      • profile image

        Annabelle 3 years ago

        1478 Days, 210670 score. 37% cure progress

      • profile image

        Chris 3 years ago

        This guide worked for me on my first try, but I had a really weird occurrence early on. I followed your instructions and attempted to migrate my apes from Indonesia to the Philippines. However, when the migration completed, all of the apes were dead! I was lucky enough that some apes in SE Asia had already become intelligent, and I just formed a colony there. But yeah, that was a bit problematic.

      • profile image

        Napoleon 3 years ago

        1033 days

        58% cure

      • profile image

        AJL 3 years ago

        Did it in 1155 days, named my Simian Flu Abbott (Australians will get the comparison to our ape-like Prime Minister).

        Have won on Brutal twice, but have lost several times. For some reason it often goes hyper aggressive with the labs and drones much earlier than expected.

      • profile image

        Meghan Helmich 3 years ago

        Did it in 1407 days, 4 stars, 48690 final score!

      • profile image

        Rachel Cook 3 years ago

        I can't get neuro-enhancement to devolve!

      • profile image

        grenadeh 3 years ago

        The fact that you call this game casual is ridiculous. It's insanely hard depending on difficulty.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 3 years ago

        Haha, been there! Glad you had success!

      • profile image

        Tim Sutherland 3 years ago

        Brutal, 50K 1,743 days, 70% cure. Spent the last 10 minutes of the game devolving everything as Canada and Greenland had a few hold outs. I had the kill people to slow the cure down as I had run out of other means to slow it.

      • profile image

        AeroAviation 3 years ago

        Beat it on my 3rd attempt with this guide, My first 2 attempts failed because I was not attacking labs correctly and going for deadly symptons too early...

      • profile image

        Rebecka 3 years ago

        Thanks for the tutorial, worked great for us! Only mixed it up a little once we were done with the instructions in your tutorial, increasing infectiveness and so on. Finished in 983 days, cure 40%, score 124980 and 5 stars.

      • profile image

        mike 3 years ago

        Thanks for the tutorial, had been doing a very similar plan but starting in England but kept getting close but kept losing. Score of 36650 in 1044 days with 4 stars.

      • profile image

        Jona 3 years ago

        thanks i mixed up, ape can evolve first too , faster but lower score

      • profile image

        Dan 3 years ago

        15%cure 1066 days and 16550 score, thanks :)

      • profile image

        bengast 3 years ago

        1074 days 43% cure 5 star 13440 score :')


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