How to Beat Plague Inc. Evolved Virus on Normal

Updated on February 6, 2018
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Ashleign has been playing video games for more than 20 years. He enjoys a good bit of strategy-style games mixed with online economies.

Plague Inc. Virus on Normal

Welcome to my walkthrough for Plague Inc. Virus on Normal. Before we get started, please note that this level is extremely complicated. Make sure that you follow this tutorial carefully, step-by-step. This tutorial works for both the mobile and the PC version of the game. You should also take a look at these tips if you need more help.

First things first:

  • A virus in this game mutates rapidly and is hard to control.
  • Allow all symptoms.
  • Remember to pop bubbles as they appear.
  • Start your virus in Saudi Arabia.

Before you start, don't forget: follow these steps closely and carefully! I've separated them out into singular moves for your convenience:

  1. Allow your points to reach the first mutation (usually 13-15).
  2. Get Drug Resistance 1.
  3. Build your points to about 20.
  4. Get Air Transmission 1.
  5. Build your points to about 20.
  6. Get Heat Resistance 1.
  7. Build your points to about 20.
  8. Get Air Transmission 2.
  9. Build your points to about 30.
  10. Get Water Transmission 1.
  11. Get Water Transmission 2.
  12. Build your points to about 30.
  13. Get Drug Resistance 2.
  14. Get Genetic Hardening 1.
  15. Build your points to about 40.
  16. Get Heat Resistance 2.
  17. Get Cold Resistance 1.
  18. Build your points to about 70.
  19. Get Cold Resistance 2.
  20. Get Environmental Hardening.
  21. Build your points to about 70.
  22. Get Blood Transmission 1.
  23. Get Blood Transmission 2.
  24. Build your points to about 100.
  25. Get Genetic Reshuffle 1.
  26. Get Genetic Hardening 2.
  27. Build points until everyone is infected.
  28. Go to Symptoms choose deadly symptoms i.e. Total Organ Failure.
  29. Now, watch everyone die.
  30. Don't forget to comment and subscribe!

I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have enjoyed this game, you should check out this list of similar titles that may interest you.

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      • profile image

        Anonymous 6 weeks ago

        Worked great! Cure got to 84% but tgere was still 10 years left to get it finished.

        *Romans 8:18*

      • profile image

        woody johnson 7 weeks ago

        its funny when you name it the kkk

      • profile image

        Someone 8 weeks ago

        I started in russia to infect the greenland because i have troubles with infecting it

      • profile image

        Courtny Bindewald 2 months ago

        I tried using this in Brutal, and still worked. Cure got up to 75% though, still won!

      • profile image

        Wassup 3 months ago

        Brilliant idea:START IN GREENLAND

      • profile image

        Yui 3 months ago

        Greenland is kinda lucky to get, you need to decrease mutation rate by genes then focus on transmission and Cold/Heat resistance then kill them all!

      • profile image

        Ella 3 months ago

        Yes, but I had to evolve around 8 more symptoms as the cure got to 90%

      • profile image

        Simone 4 months ago

        My virus “comunism” have destroy all humanity in 534 day and 31% cure.

        Start from Russia

      • profile image

        Choo choo 4 months ago

        Is the first mutation the ability or does it just happen?

      • profile image

        Hannah 4 months ago


        600-something days and 31% cure

      • profile image

        Thanatos 5 months ago

        Work great, lucky to have TOF in my mutations. 40% cure progress, around 650 days.

      • profile image

        Jason 5 months ago

        Worked apart from I didn’t get Greenland.

      • profile image

        Anon 5 months ago

        killed everyone and infected everyone... EXCEPT GREENLAND FOR THE 7TH TIME XD

      • profile image

        David 5 months ago

        It worked for me (don't devolve anything)

      • profile image

        No 6 months ago

        Didn't work at all. At step 20 it fell apart. I could no longer devolve any symptoms and couldn't recover.

      • profile image

        YES 6 months ago


      • profile image

        Priobanium 6 months ago

        Worked! Cure 34% 471 days with 18890 points

      • profile image

        Enodnewioncedkeex 6 months ago

        It worked! Thanks

      • profile image

        Christian 6 months ago

        It didn't work for me

      • profile image

        Jim 6 months ago

        Uhmm it didnt work...

      • profile image

        Dank 7 months ago

        Thanks for this strategy! Virus was very difficult to beat.

        In my playthrough, the cure was 90% complete, but I got lucky and got Total Organ Failure through a mutation.

      • profile image

        panpan 7 months ago

        thank you! it works! cure 55%, about 622days for everyone to die, 10330points.

      • profile image

        Kuldar 9 months ago

        Thanks man, very effective. A question arose for me, are you somekind of a doctor or a scientist or just someone who is really bored? :D

      • profile image

        Joe 9 months ago

        Thank you Ashleighn At the end make sure you have the 100 point, it really helps :Cure 44%

      • profile image

        sı 9 months ago

        You are the best ty always works

      • profile image

        MoonlitMidnight 9 months ago

        No we just need strategy for brutal and mega brutal ^-^

      • profile image

        MoonlitMidnight 9 months ago

        It worked like a nuclear exploration. Great strategy.

      • profile image

        ^^ 10 months ago

        Cure reach 32%, 503 days, about 13000 points. Love you Ashleign

      • profile image

        pat 10 months ago

        cure reached 35% then everyone died

      • profile image

        Mordecai 10 months ago

        Didn't work, the cure was finished right before everyone died, so Turkey was cured and all it's neighbors had died off. So like 100 people lived and I failed because of that

      • profile image

        Amaya 10 months ago

        I didn't even make it to step 22 before everyone was infected

      • profile image

        alex 10 months ago

        do we have to let the mutations?

      • profile image

        A Pitied Hairy Bean (Bacteria) 10 months ago

        I used this guide and I was eradicated 4 times and the game took pity on me.

        I used the guide in pity mode and still failed.

        So I decided to delete this game and waste money.

        I think it's not the guide's problem though.

        I think I'm the one that sucks.

      • profile image

        AndrewGaming 11 months ago

        Its great to see everyone on this planet including me died

      • profile image

        Captan Pee Pants 11 months ago

        There is no genetic hardening.

      • profile image

        DragonSkitters 11 months ago

        Your tutorials have been helping me so much Thanks!!!!!!! (I'm to lazy to figure it out myself)

      • profile image

        Witherkid 11 months ago

        590 days 37% cure. score 11690.

        GG boiii

      • profile image

        Random guy named lucas 11 months ago

        Works on brutal!

      • profile image

        Sebastian 11 months ago

        Worked great. Thanks.

        711 Days

        66% Cure

      • profile image

        orteam 11 months ago

        Worked,thanks :)

      • profile image

        Joshua 12 months ago

        484 days, 48% cure. Thank you!

      • profile image

        George 12 months ago

        580 70% cure

      • profile image

        xmas 12 months ago

        58% 604 days

      • profile image

        Samantha 12 months ago

        635 days 64% cure

      • profile image

        Dark Black 13 months ago

        This is the best normal mode virus tutorial around. Period.

      • profile image

        Leyla 13 months ago

        thanks SOOO much I have been stuck on Virus for ages!

      • profile image

        Kara 13 months ago

        Mine only lasted 532 days when everyone infected died and there were survivors. I can't figure this game out! My husband can kill everyone so easily but I never can!

      • profile image

        Jocelyn 13 months ago

        603 days as cure at 48. Best thing ever... I tried to supress the systems but this worked so well

      • profile image

        Drayton 14 months ago

        For me it did not infect Greenland for me

      • profile image

        jo 14 months ago

        How can you win as fungus the fungus

      • profile image

        Shawn 14 months ago

        nice tips I won in 496 days and 26%cure thanks!

      • profile image

        Dave 14 months ago

        Awesome tips, I won at 45% cure. But the first time a I tried it, I failed ant it took way too long. So plz try to shorten any further tips. Thank you.

      • profile image

        Ben 15 months ago

        Your great

      • profile image

        Key 16 months ago

        It took a few tweaks at the end and I think the mutations just played in my favor at the end but this can be used for bruatal as well thank you for the guide!

      • profile image

        Ari 16 months ago

        My cure was at 100% forcing me to get the the third Genetic Reshuffle. After that, deaths occurred in the billions and the world was no more.

      • profile image

        Trapjaw 16 months ago

        Took 529 days with cure @ 40%. Nice one :)

      • profile image

        pavlina 16 months ago

        was a soooo closee ... in the 27. i bought more abilities. (in the close situation and cure is hight number my tip is buy paralysis,insanity (from insomnia) and paranoa (from insomnia)..... my cure was stopped in 85% .... good luck

      • profile image

        Yousha Hossain 16 months ago

        Was a close call but I made it took me 721days with 79% cure completion :D

      • profile image

        Henry 16 months ago

        This didn't work,because while i was saving up to 70 the world got infected,also my virus got discovered and every country around the world begins to research cure because these symtoms cost 10 points to devolve :/


      • profile image

        Kay 17 months ago

        Didn't work for me :/, I went back and forth making sure everything was right but it still didn't work.

      • profile image

        Plaguer 17 months ago

        Good advice but I improved Genetic Reshuffle 2 and 3 to prevent the research to go faster. Thanks for the tips.

      • profile image

        Dyuzumi 17 months ago

        Kinda eishing I had written down what I did. I beat virus within 450 days. Greenland was a sweep

      • profile image

        Matt 17 months ago

        it works great but Greenland, being the pain in my ass that it is, keeps closing its ports and i lose with almost the same results each time.

      • profile image

        Copperpot 17 months ago

        Krakatoa_01 wiped the planet in 592 days with 56% cure research completion.

      • profile image

        Kayla 18 months ago

        Worked perfectly :)

        581 days, 48% cure completed, 13,610 points, wiped out the entire World with no problem.

        As everyone keeps mentioning, it took Greenland the longest to become infected. So what?! Patience! It happens, you just gotta give it an extra 5 minutes.

        I really love your tutorials and I appreciate you posting them to help all of us! :) Keep up the good work, girl!

      • profile image

        illusivesnail360 18 months ago

        if you see bacteria for me it worked like a charm but Greenland was so damn slow to get infected greenlad has less than 50k people and is as big as Africa in real check vsauce he saya that Greenland is as big as africa

      • profile image

        Jim Smith 18 months ago

        Worked like a charm!

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 18 months ago

        Glad you could make it to the tutorial. Thanks for the tips.

      • profile image

        This is risky 18 months ago

        Ok first off, as a Player who has beaten everything on mega brutal, This specific guide leaves too much up to chance its a good guide don't get me wrong but this can in no way guarente 100% and the best advice i can give you for future levels is to be as agressive as you can, try to get as much infectivity as soon as possible.

      • profile image

        Thanks 19 months ago

        Took Me 618 Days and 48% of the cure was done on Mobile... Thank you Ashleign

      • profile image

        Tsarcastic21 19 months ago

        It was amazing, I stumbled at the beginning but followed the rest and the result was the same :)

        Wiped the world out in 634 days at 48% cured

      • profile image

        Manon 19 months ago

        556 days cure 52%!

      • profile image

        NovanCrusader 19 months ago

        So... Do I devolve symptoms? Because my God they kept mutating and wasted all my damn points and made itself become cured.

      • profile image

        Anonymous 19 months ago

        Finished in 652 Days and %56 Cure.


      • profile image

        rookie 20 months ago

        463 days , 35%

      • profile image

        Sohom Ghosh 20 months ago

        Briliant it worked 621 days and 45%cure but used virus instability


      • profile image

        Caitlyn 21 months ago

        i killed the world in 657 days and 80% cured

      • profile image

        Ethan 22 months ago

        I didn't need Genetic hardening 2 or Genetic reshuffle. I had the 100 points to buy those when everyone was infected and total organ failure mutated, so I just went ham on symptoms. Thanks a ton.

      • profile image

        Moo 22 months ago

        Oh wow it really did help thanks a ton (( adds to bookmarks ))

      • profile image

        Tati69 22 months ago

        I beat it in 589 days with the cure 63% complete. However, in order to save my game, I may point out it may be necessary to evolve Genetic ReShuffle 2 in order to avoid the cure being completed.

      • profile image

        Ryan 22 months ago

        561 days, cure 46% complete. Brilliant!

      • profile image

        ryan 22 months ago

        worked on ps4 version


      • profile image

        ??? 22 months ago

        It worked for the most part ...but green land didn't get infected

      • profile image

        ... 23 months ago

        42% cure, killed them all in 601 days

      • profile image

        hoi 23 months ago

        it is so hard w/ mutatos so -3 dna

      • profile image

        Rob 2 years ago

        Nope, sorry. Ran it exactly as you described but wasn't fast enough to beat the cure. Tried it 3 times.

      • profile image

        NoNameGamer 2 years ago

        My virus killed all its hosts...

      • profile image

        a virus 2 years ago

        Thank you so much dude it was awesome. That was the only bacteria i couldn't beat thanks and good luck on your future.

      • profile image

        Tanner 2 years ago

        wow. at first, I was skeptical, i mean, come on, why would you not devolve your synptoms? that way you can remain undetected. then, i started using the guide. wow. in 770 days, and with the cure 87%, i won. thank you.

      • profile image

        Dirty Dan 2 years ago

        They cured it in 212 days -_-

        followed instructions to the letter...

      • profile image

        Rozack 2 years ago

        i have genes at the start

      • profile image

        Nameless 2 years ago

        holy shit this works!!! you rock sister. will use your site as reference till i finish this game.

        wiped out in 614 days!!!

        cure 48 per.cent.

        Thanks!!! :-D

      • profile image

        John 2 years ago

        Hey Ashleign! Thanks for the tutorials I followed everything you posted here and it worked out well because of your help I've managed to beat all the plague types on ONE TRY now I'm in the middle of completing them in brutal mode so far so good Thanks again Ashleign!

      • profile image

        Cassidy 2 years ago

        It worked perfectly! I finished in 583 days, with the cure 56% done. All countries wiped out.

        I had a bit of help from the Genes but apart from that, it worked brilliantly!

        (The genes were; ATP boost, Suppresion, Ionised Helix, Genetic Mimic and Extremophile)

        (Ionised helix I didn't need)

      • profile image

        Galein 2 years ago

        First i would just like to say thank you for the beginning advice/tips, they have helped me drastically when it came to spreading my plague, etc. Now i don't know if anyone has done this and/or noticed... but there is a really easy way to unlock all the genetic code perks if one does not have them already unlocked.

        It's real easy and it works for ALL the plagues...

        right when you are near the very end of humanity (death to all humans), before your plague wipes out everybody save your game (1 of each plague type), then after it kills everyone and you get your final score, simply load up the same game, play it to the end (or fwd like i do), everyone is dead, game end - final score again, then wash & repeat until you have ever genetic perk available. EASY!

        that way you don't have to sit, watch, and wait til you get your hands on the good stuff

      • profile image

        Trffgg 2 years ago

        Lol this helped me so much thank you

      • profile image

        Johncena2372 2 years ago

        I beat it in brutal and here is what I got

        DNA sequence complex

        Difficulty brutal

        Time 586 dAys

        Cure progress 60%

        Biohazards 3

        And I did use Your tutorial but I made it easier to beat on brutal

      • profile image

        Aly 2 years ago

        Thank u.. on the first atempt too.. in 733 days and with 52% cure

      • profile image

        Jaylen 2 years ago

        I tried out your tutorial for the Bacteria, and it actually worked! Thank you SO much for these tutorials!

      • profile image

        dave 2 years ago

        Virus brutal 617 days cure 95%


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