How to Beat Plague Inc. Evolved Virus on Normal

Plague Inc. Virus on Normal

Welcome to my walkthrough for Plague Inc. Virus on Normal. Before we get started, please note that this level is extremely complicated. Make sure that you follow this tutorial carefully, step-by-step. This tutorial works for both the mobile and the PC version of the game.

First things first:

  • A virus in this game mutates rapidly and is hard to control.
  • Allow all symptoms.
  • Remember to pop bubbles as they appear.
  • Start your virus in Saudi Arabia.

Before you start, don't forget: follow these steps closely and carefully! I've separated them out into singular moves for your convenience:

  1. Allow your points to reach the first mutation (usually 13-15).
  2. Get Drug Resistance 1.
  3. Build your points to about 20.
  4. Get Air Transmission 1.
  5. Build your points to about 20.
  6. Get Heat Resistance 1.
  7. Build your points to about 20.
  8. Get Air Transmission 2.
  9. Build your points to about 30.
  10. Get Water Transmission 1.
  11. Get Water Transmission 2.
  12. Build your points to about 30.
  13. Get Drug Resistance 2.
  14. Get Genetic Hardening 1.
  15. Build your points to about 40.
  16. Get Heat Resistance 2.
  17. Get Cold Resistance 1.
  18. Build your points to about 70.
  19. Get Cold Resistance 2.
  20. Get Environmental Hardening.
  21. Build your points to about 70.
  22. Get Blood Transmission 1.
  23. Get Blood Transmission 2.
  24. Build your points to about 100.
  25. Get Genetic Reshuffle 1.
  26. Get Genetic Hardening 2.
  27. Build points until everyone is infected.
  28. Go to Symptoms choose deadly symptoms i.e. Total Organ Failure.
  29. Now, watch everyone die.
  30. Don't forget to comment and subscribe!

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Comments 163 comments

Matt 41 hours ago

it works great but Greenland, being the pain in my ass that it is, keeps closing its ports and i lose with almost the same results each time.

Copperpot 4 days ago

Krakatoa_01 wiped the planet in 592 days with 56% cure research completion.

Kayla 12 days ago

Worked perfectly :)

581 days, 48% cure completed, 13,610 points, wiped out the entire World with no problem.

As everyone keeps mentioning, it took Greenland the longest to become infected. So what?! Patience! It happens, you just gotta give it an extra 5 minutes.

I really love your tutorials and I appreciate you posting them to help all of us! :) Keep up the good work, girl!

illusivesnail360 3 weeks ago

if you see bacteria for me it worked like a charm but Greenland was so damn slow to get infected greenlad has less than 50k people and is as big as Africa in real check vsauce he saya that Greenland is as big as africa

Jim Smith 5 weeks ago

Worked like a charm!

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 5 weeks ago from Alabama Author

Glad you could make it to the tutorial. Thanks for the tips.

This is risky 5 weeks ago

Ok first off, as a Player who has beaten everything on mega brutal, This specific guide leaves too much up to chance its a good guide don't get me wrong but this can in no way guarente 100% and the best advice i can give you for future levels is to be as agressive as you can, try to get as much infectivity as soon as possible.

Thanks 7 weeks ago

Took Me 618 Days and 48% of the cure was done on Mobile... Thank you Ashleign

Tsarcastic21 7 weeks ago

It was amazing, I stumbled at the beginning but followed the rest and the result was the same :)

Wiped the world out in 634 days at 48% cured

Manon 8 weeks ago

556 days cure 52%!

NovanCrusader 2 months ago

So... Do I devolve symptoms? Because my God they kept mutating and wasted all my damn points and made itself become cured.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Finished in 652 Days and %56 Cure.


rookie 2 months ago

463 days , 35%

Sohom Ghosh 2 months ago

Briliant it worked 621 days and 45%cure but used virus instability


Caitlyn 4 months ago

i killed the world in 657 days and 80% cured

Ethan 4 months ago

I didn't need Genetic hardening 2 or Genetic reshuffle. I had the 100 points to buy those when everyone was infected and total organ failure mutated, so I just went ham on symptoms. Thanks a ton.

Moo 4 months ago

Oh wow it really did help thanks a ton (( adds to bookmarks ))

Tati69 4 months ago

I beat it in 589 days with the cure 63% complete. However, in order to save my game, I may point out it may be necessary to evolve Genetic ReShuffle 2 in order to avoid the cure being completed.

Ryan 4 months ago

561 days, cure 46% complete. Brilliant!

ryan 4 months ago

worked on ps4 version


??? 4 months ago

It worked for the most part ...but green land didn't get infected

... 5 months ago

42% cure, killed them all in 601 days

hoi 6 months ago

it is so hard w/ mutatos so -3 dna

Rob 7 months ago

Nope, sorry. Ran it exactly as you described but wasn't fast enough to beat the cure. Tried it 3 times.

NoNameGamer 8 months ago

My virus killed all its hosts...

a virus 8 months ago

Thank you so much dude it was awesome. That was the only bacteria i couldn't beat thanks and good luck on your future.

Tanner 8 months ago

wow. at first, I was skeptical, i mean, come on, why would you not devolve your synptoms? that way you can remain undetected. then, i started using the guide. wow. in 770 days, and with the cure 87%, i won. thank you.

Dirty Dan 9 months ago

They cured it in 212 days -_-

followed instructions to the letter...

Rozack 10 months ago

i have genes at the start

Nameless 11 months ago

holy shit this works!!! you rock sister. will use your site as reference till i finish this game.

wiped out in 614 days!!!

cure 48 per.cent.

Thanks!!! :-D

John 11 months ago

Hey Ashleign! Thanks for the tutorials I followed everything you posted here and it worked out well because of your help I've managed to beat all the plague types on ONE TRY now I'm in the middle of completing them in brutal mode so far so good Thanks again Ashleign!

Cassidy 11 months ago

It worked perfectly! I finished in 583 days, with the cure 56% done. All countries wiped out.

I had a bit of help from the Genes but apart from that, it worked brilliantly!

(The genes were; ATP boost, Suppresion, Ionised Helix, Genetic Mimic and Extremophile)

(Ionised helix I didn't need)

Galein 11 months ago

First i would just like to say thank you for the beginning advice/tips, they have helped me drastically when it came to spreading my plague, etc. Now i don't know if anyone has done this and/or noticed... but there is a really easy way to unlock all the genetic code perks if one does not have them already unlocked.

It's real easy and it works for ALL the plagues...

right when you are near the very end of humanity (death to all humans), before your plague wipes out everybody save your game (1 of each plague type), then after it kills everyone and you get your final score, simply load up the same game, play it to the end (or fwd like i do), everyone is dead, game end - final score again, then wash & repeat until you have ever genetic perk available. EASY!

that way you don't have to sit, watch, and wait til you get your hands on the good stuff

Trffgg 11 months ago

Lol this helped me so much thank you

Johncena2372 12 months ago

I beat it in brutal and here is what I got

DNA sequence complex

Difficulty brutal

Time 586 dAys

Cure progress 60%

Biohazards 3

And I did use Your tutorial but I made it easier to beat on brutal

Aly 12 months ago

Thank u.. on the first atempt too.. in 733 days and with 52% cure

Jaylen 13 months ago

I tried out your tutorial for the Bacteria, and it actually worked! Thank you SO much for these tutorials!

dave 14 months ago

Virus brutal 617 days cure 95%

:) 15 months ago

Worked great on first attempt!

bailey 15 months ago

Everything worked out fine until Greenland closed there ports and borders then there's no way to infect Greenland

Wg 16 months ago

Thanks so much! And how can we say you're beautiful if we can't see you?! ;)

nobody u know 17 months ago

Greenland has less than 100k people and its quite big, so diseases will have a hard time reaching others especially without cold resistance and air transfer.

Ivan 17 months ago

Incredibly worked for me, wiped out the entire human race in 900 days, amazing! Thank you so much!

Allie c 17 months ago

My cure got up to 76% and Greenland never got infected and Iceland became healthy after it was already infected and I followed all these tips, why.?

G33k 18 months ago

Another thing, I've passed it in no time with a different strategy:

- Genes: ATP Bonus/Metabolic Jump, Darwinist, Teracyte, Rurophile, (zero)

- Started the disease in India

- Hoarded about 20-25 points and researched all the quick mutation abilities

- Hoarded about 20 points and researched the basic transmissions

- Hoarded 55 (35+20) points and researched the l2 transmissions and bioaerosol

- Hoarded around 100 points to research the climate resistances

- Hoarded 50 points to research drug resistances

- At this time, everyone's already infected, so I've researched my way to TOF, necrosis and dysentery if they weren't already mutated

- Researched combos first and then other symptoms

- Watched everyone die shortly after

G33k 18 months ago

Works on every difficulty, kills everyone and whatnot, but you're especially lucky if TOF mutated :P

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 18 months ago from Alabama Author

That's exactly the intention of the tutorial. No strategy just tutorial.

Rangga 19 months ago

I tried not to search a walkthrough for this game, but i was stuck. And you one of very few people that give very clear explanation, thanks

anon 20 months ago

It worked much better the second time thank you :)

anon 20 months ago

GREENLAND!!! it worked perfectly until Greenland didn't get infected at all

Camus 20 months ago

Great game !. Thank you ash !

barbaric dude 20 months ago

well, all i can say is that greenland sucks... the tutorial worked perfectly until i found that greenland was so slowly infected!

Mike 20 months ago

this is so friggin amazing!!!!!!! Here is what happened...


Raz 21 months ago


I started in Saudi Arabia, but I missed Greenland; in fact, this is not the first time I miss it - so I started by it this time.

The strategy worked :) But the cure went up to 65% - what I would recommend is switching heat and cold resistance next time :)

thank you!

Esteban Marin 21 months ago

dangit greenland

Yougotnojams 22 months ago

Oh my god thank you soooo much this worked!

Name: ohorat

DNA sequence: complex

Difficulty: normal

Type: virus

Time: 444 days

Cure: 12%

Score: 45180

4 biohazards symbols

Bless your beautiful self for making this equally beautiful tutorial

Eliian 22 months ago

Thanks for this! It was a bit scary at the end as the amount of people dying and the progress of the cure were racing hard. It all worked out though.

DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Brutal

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 655 Days

Cure Progress: 79 %

Score Total: 14030

Plague 22 months ago

Severity increases the amount of DNA you get from infections (red bubbles gives 4-5 points instead of 1-2 with no severity)

So it's the best to start with some symptoms and try to get every transmission (especially the animals transmissions as they increase your mutation chance). After every country is infected get some viral instabilities and you will start mutating many lethal symptoms like total organ failure, hemorrhagic shock, necrosis, etc. At the end get some reshuffles to increase your score . It works well on the mega brutal difficulty and I was able to kill the whole world in 363 days (with 47% cure research) It also works on speed runs

Marc 22 months ago

2/2 from your guides thanks onto the fungus!

DeadSoul86 22 months ago

How can you do it with out get and cure percent?

Postman97 22 months ago

DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 498 days

Cure Progress: 53% complete

Score Total: 17250

Biohazard Symbols: 3/5

Thanks for the help! I was having a lot of trouble with the virus. I didn't follow your tutorial completely, but I took some ideas from it. I had never even considered that I should keep all randomly mutated symptoms; I had been trying to keep a low profile until everyone became infected.

Bob fakenamington 22 months ago

Thanks a mill (no sarcasm intended) i kept restarting because i always start with insomnia as my first symptom because then you can get the walking dead thing early so i had to restart like a mill times

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 23 months ago from Alabama Author

Brutal is not necessary to beat the game. I simply provide tutorials to teach people the game. I make it up to them to beat them on the harder levels. You do the harder levels for the challenge. If you use a tutorial you are cheating no? I've beaten most of them on Mega Brutal.

0897867564 23 months ago

I've been killing for the brutal tutorials. Think you can do it?

Diddles 23 months ago

598 days cure was at 30 percent!

:D 23 months ago

DNA sequence: Complex

Normal difficulty

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 645 days

Cure progress: 63%

Score total: 10880

zbaerenlovesme 23 months ago

Three tries so far and Greenland is not having it. :(

I will keep trying though and thanks for the tutorial it's easy to follow even if Greenland hates me.

vadermonk 2 years ago

I couldn't infect greenland :(

Holly 2 years ago

Mine was:

530 days

Cure: 18% complete


Arthur 2 years ago

665 days with none of the genes. :P

Vardaan 2 years ago

Thanx bro IT Worked

SitchBlap 2 years ago

Awesome walk through, it worked like a champ.

texanten5 2 years ago

awesome tutorial! Works exactly as planned.

Alisa 2 years ago

Finished in 562 days with 19% cure progress on normal. Scored 30460. Virus named Theta

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

One day I read a strategy about Plague Inc. I was incredibly bored with it. So I said to myself.. "Self, Why can't there be a No Bullshit tutorial on how to beat this god forsaken game.." So I sat out to perform to the best of my ability.

Kristi 2 years ago

This tutorial was amazing. Worked like a charm. How did you figure this out? Thank you so much. :)

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

This tutorial is for Normal.

Adlucos 2 years ago

Man wtf. I infect every country and vaccine just took over. I did exactly everything. This is bs with the game!

OMG 2 years ago

What is wrong with Greenland? It will not infect people as fast as normal. I believe this guide needs a new update because this game seems to have patched from other responses on other plagues I have seen.

Samazi 2 years ago

Brutal mode doesn't seem to work. I have tried you formula 5 times already and tried out Arakkun's advice. It is not working at all. I am just really frustrated at this game been over hours trying to fight this bitch -_- Help you be of so appreciate thank you!

IneedHelp 2 years ago

I have tried your formula over and over. Exactly 14 times/ I have also looked at other peoples ones as well. It is not working worth a damn for brutal at all. I feel like I need to start in greenland first because that country is a bitch to infected. I really need help on how to beat it on brutal mode :(

rachael_ 2 years ago

Difficulty: Brutal

Time: 570 days

Cure: 30%

4 biohazards too :)

super easy, also evolved viral instability 1 once everyone was infected to increase the mutations

Lisareneewhitcomb profile image

Lisareneewhitcomb 2 years ago

Found environmental hardening! It is after cold resistance 2. I was looking for it under drugs at first. Just beat this on brutal! Thanks!

Virus name: Suicide

Difficulty: Brutal

Disease type: Virus

Time: 765 days

Cure Progress: 70% complete

Score Total: 13500

Lisareneewhitcomb profile image

Lisareneewhitcomb 2 years ago

I couldn't find environmental hardening either and ended up choosing genetic hardening 2 and it still worked. So I guess environmental hardening is not needed?

DNA Sequence Complex

Difficulty Normal

Disease Type Virus

Time 571 days

Cure Progress 25% complete

Score Total 25270

megan 2 years ago

Victory (:

479 days!

Thank you.

Arakkun 2 years ago

Virus is one of the easiest level, even on brutal (and mega brutal).

It infect and expand the area of infection really fast, and you should make use -rape, literally- it's mutability.

You should first research the three levels of "Viral Instability", after that, research Air I & II, Water I & II and Extreme Bioaerosol.

After that it should've infected most of the map, though you should research Bird I and Bird II, Drug Resistance I (& II if needed to infect Canada/similar places) , Cold Resistance I & II(it's needed for Greenland!).

After that, your virus should've gotten lot of symptoms, and you just need to buy the upgrades that slow down the research ( Genetic Hardening I should suffice ) or just be even more aggressive buying more symptoms.

Dean 2 years ago

Nice, worked quite well. I messed up the first few steps but it worked in one go.


DNA Sequence: Complex

Time: 799 days

Cure Progress: 43%


3 out of 5 bio-hazard symbols.

Tony 2 years ago

This maybe a bit late but if a cold country close everything raise cold resistance worked for me.

phogo'th 2 years ago

it doesn't work for me but I will try again because I think that it can work ;) like we said in france: merci :)

Sean 2 years ago

Awesome walkthrough. Wiped out the world in 560 days. Cure progress 22% Lucked out and got organ failure as a random symptom.

Ben 2 years ago

Been struggling with virus. This worked perfectly. Those filthy peasants stood no chance.

David 2 years ago

My virus, called PAX-12, just wiped out the world in 568 days

Score: 19870

Cure progress: 29%

Difficulty: Normal

tezmon 2 years ago

I always started in Greenland because it has the least amount of people in ratio with land, of course I had it on casual and I still lose

Lars Rosenquist profile image

Lars Rosenquist 2 years ago

Worked quite nicely. First try I missed Greenland, but second run was successful. :)

Complex, Normal, Virus, 920 days, Cure 79%.

Tom 2 years ago

573 days and only 31% cure completion

Steven 2 years ago

Worked well on Brutal, but on the 2nd try, as Greenland shut their port down my first try really quickly.

Hannah 2 years ago

Complex, normal, virus, 623 days. Cure35%

Annabelle 2 years ago

DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 384 Days

Cure Progress: 7%

Score Total: 202150

KO 2 years ago

Awesome tutorial. 503 days.

Koi 2 years ago


Twas great following your walkthrough!

virus name: YOURMOM

578 days, 26% complete cure, 28220 points!

jay88 2 years ago

Once again the guide is spot on! After following it my virus, "Man-Flu" wiped out the world in 569 days on normal. Thanks!

Syd 2 years ago

It worked perfectly on Brutal difficulty! I could even afford twitching some genes every now and then!

Mavman 2 years ago

Worked like a charm.

DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 566 Days

Cure Progress: 23% complete

Score Total: 26710

Three Biohazards

plaugeette 2 years ago

Here are my stats:

DNA complex

Norm difficulty

Virus (of course)

Total annihilation 541 days

Cure 14%

Score 30030

Thanks for the awesome guide. Towards the end I had to add avian transmission and air 3 to get Sweden to fall but those were the only changes I made.

Bactierian2014 2 years ago

765 days,57 cure

pschu 2 years ago

At step 13 forty points are needed.

Dani 2 years ago

563 Days

28% Cure Completion

mike 2 years ago

Yet another of ashleigh guides that work on brutal.:-D

Renato Machado profile image

Renato Machado 2 years ago

Worked on Brutal.


renier 2 years ago

DNA sequence: normal

Time: 499 days

Cure: 16 %

Score: 61520

Lily 2 years ago

DNA sequence : hard

Time : 482 days

Cure : 17 %

Score 41660


Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

That's the thing about tutorials. Still You should have enough experience now to finish the game on your own. If not, I have all the tutorials you need. thanks for your comment.

Shamica 2 years ago

Really helpful and effective. Took the fun out of the game though tbh

David Rinaldi 2 years ago

Days - 516

Cure - 22%

Scores - 27210


Dace Strumpe 2 years ago from London, United Kingdom

Lol thank you very much :)that one even on casual is hard to complete

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Oh yea right. Ole Simian Flu is a tough nut to crack. I'm working on it though. Should have a tutorial for it soon.

Dace Strumpe 2 years ago from London, United Kingdom

Nvm last comment :/ I thought this was walkthrough for simbian virus :) my mistake :(

Dace Strumpe 2 years ago from London, United Kingdom

Sadly didn't work for me I tried it multiple times ...I play plague inc step20 cure was at 100%

Kara 2 years ago

Been trying for days. Did this, worked like a charm, 591 days. NICE. Thanks. :)

DelicousSlurm 2 years ago


At first I was skeptic about your technique, but it turned out well!


Cylx V (One strain of Disease, Number is attempts of the whole game)

DNA Sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 640 Days

Cure Progress: 34%

Total Score: 20140

3/5 Biohazards

(HINT: With extra points at the end of the game, spend them on extra symptoms which give more points)

Lady V 2 years ago

its worked great i have been playing this game for weeks n couldn't unlock normal thanks so mch.. i name the virus after my husband Jhonny he thought we both found it funny

Karrie 2 years ago

Virus Name: KZONE


Level: Normal

DNA: Nothing added so normal.

Everyone Died In: 526 days

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Fungus is a good one. Give it a shot first, if no luck, come on back, I'm here to help :)

Kat 2 years ago

Was stuck on the virus level, kept trying to devolve to stay unnoticable, but the guide helped me win it. Managed in roughly 600 days and 24% cure. Great guide. I will hit up your fungus one if it eludes me too much.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

----- :)

Trisha Ann Turner profile image

Trisha Ann Turner 2 years ago

oops my bad, turns out id missed heat & cold resistance 2 lol

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Environmental hardening is in your abilities. Be sure you are on the correct level as well :)

Trisha Ann Turner profile image

Trisha Ann Turner 2 years ago

i couldn't get it to work :( i got stuck because i couldn't find Enviromental Hardening, it wasn't in transmissions, symptoms or abilities am i missing something really obvious?

Alyssa 2 years ago

Time: 635 days

Cure Progress: 19%

Score: 24700

I played around with the DNA points at the end. Total organ failure mutated for me shortly before everyone was infected.

Will 2 years ago

Eradicated humanity in 547 days and 22% cure progress. Great guide!

Denys 2 years ago

At one point there was just bubbles popping up all of the place lol

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Very sorry to hear that. Don't give up though. It does work.

Bionic 2 years ago

It didn't work for me. I didn't get enough DNA points because of stupid automatic evolution.

Poh 2 years ago

It worked for me dude ! Thank you very much :D

Jekar 2 years ago

This walkthrough and all of your others helped so much! Thank you!!!

Verdon 2 years ago

Didn't work for me. Iceland made it out alive

Szimi 2 years ago

So i played the easy mode and won, i wonder if my strategy would work in normal mode?

I started in china because of the plane ans ship connections and put points into air1 and water1, i devolved any symptoms in the beginning. Then i put points into drug resistance 1 and cold and heat reaistance1. As i gained points i devolved again the symptoms to remain unnoticeable and put points into water & air 2 and bioaerosol. After a good part of the world was infected i kept any mutating symptom and put points ino insect transmission1 because in morocco (wtf morocco?!) the spreading was too slow. After i kicked morocco's ass there were no healthy people left so i put points in syptoms to get to total organ failure. At one point i was stuck because people were not dying fast enough and the cure was at 25% but luckily the total organ failure mutated by itself because i managed to build it up to only one link away. When people started dying faster i put points into genetic reshuffle 1 & 2 and any lethal symptom. The cure stopped at 35%, got a score of 5310 and survived 700 something days. Would this work in normal mode?

kon ntinos 2 years ago

Thank you so much for doing this... I was stuck on bacteria then followed your instructions and it worked! Now i just won the virus lvl also followed your instructions step by step and had the lethality bar almost full it was so cool. I was killing 150 M a day. Only 21% cure. Thanks again. The Fungus lvl awaits !

Da_Boss_MAn 2 years ago

hmmm impressive strategy, killed everyone in 539 days and the cure was only 24% done

Samuel 2 years ago

Wow this is the only walk through that actually worked, even on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, thxs man keep up the good stratigizing plz!

Christian 2 years ago

Do you have a walkthrough for the Nano Virus type on mobile?

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Glad you had success gentlemen.

Rizka 2 years ago

Whoa, it totally works! Love you ashleign :) here's my stat:

Difficulty : Normal

Disease type : Virus

Time : 582 days

Cure : 20% complete

Score: 24.850

Can't wait to try on brutal

Jeff 2 years ago

Much better 2nd time around.

673 days

31% cure

3 hazards

Only paid for a few symptoms. Thanks for doing this!

Jeff 2 years ago

Never got Greenland infected. Will try again though.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Ah sorry to hear that.

Jeff 2 years ago

Doing tutorial. Greenland is business as usual though. Closed ports and land borders.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Happens all the time Cookingsum. I have a tutorial for the bacteria too. :)

cookingsum 2 years ago

for gods sake i'm so dumb. i'm playing the bacteria, not the virus. forget everything i wrote.

cookingsum 2 years ago

"Allow your points to reach the first mutation (Usually 13-15)"

do i need to wait until it gets the first mutation or until i can evolve something?

sorry for my bad english :-D

cookingsum 2 years ago

hm, i don't know but i don't get enough dna points to upgrade everything in time.

Doom master of all doom. 2 years ago

This helped. Alot

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Did you even look at the tutorial? You are supposed to let everything evolve.

Sooper Potato eater 2 years ago

Virus was such a little stinker... I just kept trying to devolve everything to make it unnoticeable and got cured in just a few minutes.

GreenVenom33 2 years ago

What a brilliant tutorial:

DNA sequence: Complex

Difficulty: Normal

Disease Type: Virus

Time: 713 days

Cure: 30%

Score Total: 19350

Fantastic :)

HashtagDumb 2 years ago

There is genetic hardening, its in drugs

Supercool awesome bro 2 years ago

With virus there's no genetic hardening

BeerDewd 2 years ago

Awesome! This worked like a charm. Can't wait to try it on Brutal.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

It also works on Brutal.

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

That is correct. Basically you are playing the game making the flaws the advantage.

Kyle 2 years ago

So, let ALL mutations happen and don't devolve any of them?

Ashleign profile image

Ashleign 2 years ago from Alabama Author

Glad to help, Fungus is linked on this tutorial now. I will try to get a video up for it shortly.

Natasha 2 years ago

It worked! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I hope I can figure out the rest of the chapter

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