How to Beat Plague Inc. Necroa Virus on Normal

Updated on April 13, 2016

Beating the Necroa Virus

The Necroa Virus is a strange level—it is unlike any other level of Plague Inc. It does take a certain amount of skill. Make sure that you watch my video below or follow the steps exactly as listed. Also, I cannot stress enough that this tutorial was written for the paid version of Plague Inc. In other words, I highly recommend shelling out the two or three bucks needed to buy this game. IN this case, if not just to use Creationist Gene alone. Trust me, you'll need it and it'll be well worth it.

Before we dive in, here are the Genetic Codes I used for this tutorial:

  • Metabolic Hijack
  • Creationist (as mentioned, for the best results, you will need this genetic code.)
  • Aerocyte
  • Xerophile

Phase 1: Infect Them

(I started my plague in Saudi Arabia.)

  1. Build your DNA points to 15. Transmissions: Blood 1.
  2. Build your DNA points to 15. Transmissions: Saliva 1, Air 1.
  3. Build your DNA points to 20. Transmissions: Gastrointestinal Expansion. Saliva 2.
  4. Build your DNA points to 20. Abilities: Cold Resistance 1, Cold Resistance 2.
  5. Build your DNA points to 21. Transmissions: Water 1; Abilities: Drug Resistance 1.
  6. Build your DNA points until everyone is infected. This should be around 60-62 points. If you do not have that many, you will want that many so just keep building.

Phase 2: Zombie Mode

Note: You should have around 60-65 points before you start this phase.


  • Insomnia
  • Fever
  • Photophobia
  • Delirium
  • Cytopathic Reanimation
  • Anaerobic Resuscitation

  1. Pop Cure Bubbles.
  2. Build your DNA points to 20. Abilities: Autolytic Delay.
  3. Build your DNA points to 30. Symptoms: Psychosis.
  4. Build your DNA points to 30. Symptoms: Acute Encephalitis.
  5. Build your DNA points to 30. Abilities: Putrefactive Resistance; Symptoms: Enhanced Sensory Integration.
  6. Build your DNA points to 30. Symptoms: Adrenal Surge, Enhanced Motor Control.
  7. Build your DNA points to 20. Symptoms: Hyperosmia.
  8. Build your DNA points to 30. Symptoms: Peptide Surge.
  9. Build your DNA points to 20. Symptoms: Acidic Reflux.

Video: Plague Inc. Evolved Necroa Virus on Normal Walkthrough

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      • profile image

        wwei23 5 weeks ago

        Can you make a tutorial for Necroa Virus without zombies?

      • profile image

        Lyreen 7 weeks ago

        Well, I didn't evolved at all once, by luck, and research still happened.

        Voila, didn't bother devolving at all and I have tried Brutal to the point I want to go in there and choke all those Z coms ugh

      • profile image

        Jimmy Jones 7 weeks ago

        They sure made a horrible game. Really stupid the way you can't play this the way you want and still win.

      • profile image

        Sam H 3 months ago

        I had one problem with this strategy

        You short changed it

        Tried using this on Brutal (nothing else was working)

        Cure 100%

        Z-Con growing strong in Turkey

        My Zombies were like...nope

        Z-Com destroyed, those in Turkey who had been cured were consumed

        Day 17000-the world falls silent

        Bio-hazards 4/5

      • profile image

        ca da ms 4 months ago

        Do i let the symptoms evolve?

      • profile image

        Redleg320 4 months ago

        If you follow this word for word it will work

      • profile image

        :/ 5 months ago

        The problem with this is it doesn’t take into account that even with the creationist gene, it’ll still mutate and in this scenario the devolutions cost 7+ DNA points

      • profile image

        me 5 months ago

        3 weeks cure 100 percent on easy

      • profile image

        sandbo 6 months ago

        I lost like 10 times before I finally won.

        Got it in 6xx days and cure was only less than 70%.

        I started in Central Africa, and realized that the most important factors are:

        -Increase water transmission as early as possible

        -As I started in hot place, increase cold place tolerance

        -Then I started with the left side symptoms which reduce future research speed.

        -At a point where half the population (mostly southern hemisphere) is infected, start making zombies

        -Two important abilities: Moving the zombies (upgrade sea option), and slowing down the decay

        -Then slowly increase the combat ability

        There will be places which shutdown the port, but then the movement allows you to transfer the zombies into wherever you want

      • profile image

        Jacob 6 months ago

        ok ignore my last message I replaced the gene 'Metabolic Hijack' with 'Metabolic Jump', and I was able to beat it within:

        DNA Sequence: Complex

        Time: 1139 Days

        Cure Progress: 100%

        Score Total: 15780

      • profile image

        Jacob 6 months ago

        I used the exact genes and i followed step by step over 6 times and I keep losing

      • EXOISLEGIT profile image

        EXOISLEGIT 7 months ago

        If you want to unlock the genes just beat them again that's what I did and I unlocked them without buying the genes

      • profile image

        Arran 7 months ago

        This walk through was helpful but I still didn't win which is crazy :(

      • profile image

        grenian 9 months ago

        This guide works maybe half the time, I haven't found a better solution yet though. This particular disease is just difficult. It will often try to evolve despite creationist and with the auto-popping deal on you won't have enough dna with devolve costs to make up the difference. I suggest getting the one that gives extra dna for the orange or red bubbles. I've switched to this and generally have 60+ dna even devolving twice per run. I've tested it a few times and went from about 50% clearance to 100% in normal. I haven't tried it on brutal but it should work there too.

      • profile image

        V1rus47 9 months ago

        Worked but got 2 biohazards but still good

      • profile image

        boi 9 months ago

        didn't work. insomnia auto-evolved before everyone was infected so i had to change my strategy and Z-COM got to powerful

      • profile image

        Anonymous 11 months ago

        If you've unlocked this plague type shouldn't you already have creationist?

      • profile image

        Dratt 11 months ago

        Thanks, managed to get this to work however you might want to say that if you don't have "Creationist" then your going to be devolving it every other second and you can easily burn your DNA stock. This plague nearly requires "Creationist" just to help keep it in check.

      • profile image

        Jiyu 11 months ago

        In case you don't have the creationist genetic code you can actually follow a slightly diffenrent strategy using the darwinist g. code. Follow the infection phase as described in this tutorial and then once you have 65-70 Dna points proceed to zombie phase. Then build your Dna points and spend them on the "zombie migration" tree until you're able to move millions strong hordes of your zombie puppets. Then you can spend dna points moving millions of zombies to infect any uninfected countries and enhancing the combat abilities of zombies. At this point you don't care if the virus is 100% cured as the zombies will simply kill all the uninfected humans. As for the notorious Z Com 2-3 raids of really big zombie hordes would be enough to stop them on their tracks. Be sure to move the zombies quickly enough from an area with no food or they will starve. Also depending on where Z Com has landed it's first base you may need to invest some points on the "zombie mobility" tree in the abilities section to ensure the will arive in time but don't overdo it, one or to abilities are enough.

      • profile image

        Dino 11 months ago

        Bad one. Not for everyone and much depends on luck. Especially if you don't have required genetic codes. It just automatically evolves some symptoms and I got cured before even start zombie phase.

        Also this Walking Dead spoilers ... not cool dude. Totally lame

      • profile image

        orteam 11 months ago

        Worked! :) Thanks!

        1634 days 87% cure

      • profile image

        Danni 12 months ago

        Cant get it to work.... got to about 6.5 billion deaths then z com flies to a country miles away from my zombies n thats game over

      • profile image

        Ik 13 months ago

        It doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Drew 13 months ago

        I fowllowed this guide exactly and it worked out amazingly but partaily because of some really good luck even tho i used the creationalist gene it mutated anaway but the good luck part was that for some unknown reason every mutation was actualy unlocking the next step in the guide without using my dna and at the end i had like 150 dna left that i did not have to spend its some crazy stuff

      • profile image

        FkucedyouurMomformonths 13 months ago

        Success! Finished in 852 days, bonus are the Zombie Hordes, useful to infect greenland and help the other zombies destroy ZCom. If Zcom is near on the center of the world, then Zcom would be easier to be destroyed, keep watching on your starting country to make it a little faster, because it slows down when you are watching the world or other countries.

        I used Metabolic Jump, (a gene that makes your plague harder to cure), Aquacyte, Extremophile, Sympto-stasis.

      • profile image

        ze plague 14 months ago

        i got a popup about a religion named "PewDieism" being the fastest growing around the globe, minutes later, nuclear explosion in Sweden. What is pewdiepie up to????

      • profile image

        Anais 15 months ago

        It works for brutal !!

      • profile image

        Rein 15 months ago

        It did work and I find the creationist gene essential along with Xerophyle. Shortly after the cure started, I had to put all my points into slowing the cure's development but then continued as usual and finished with 75% cure.

      • profile image

        DarkOtter 15 months ago

        I didn't win this first time I tried it, but I did take down 66% of humanity before ZCom whittled my undead darlings down to nothing. That's farther than I've ever gotten before, so there must be something to this guide.

        In addition to the symptom evolution (which happened despite using the Creationist gene), the whole thing stalled once I got to that last country--in this case, Sweden. I had to activate Water 2 just to get it to go anywhere, which cost me precious DNA. Then again, maybe that's where I went wrong, getting impatient?

      • WindowsErrorxD profile image

        WindowsErrorxD 16 months ago

        Wow, for once your tutorial doesn't work. Surprising.

      • profile image

        Nobidy 16 months ago

        it would be helpful if there's genes you can list

      • profile image

        Anon 16 months ago

        I can't reach Phase 2 because there are symptoms that randomly mutate before I infected everyone.

      • profile image

        Eric 16 months ago

        All of this tutorials work for me on brutal

      • profile image

        Don 16 months ago

        Hello. This had not worked for me at all. I DID in fact use the Creationist gene and still Zcom destroyed everything. I followed every step carefully. Though I did not have Teracyte or the other thing, I did have Creationist and Xerophile. What happened was that the disease mutated anyway, despite Creationist holding it back. What do I do now?

      • profile image

        Ted 17 months ago

        Should I devolve symptoms? I don't have Creationist

      • profile image

        Sp00vaFox 17 months ago

        I have been playing Plague Evolved on my YouTube channel. And ended uploading a video or two failing miserably on the Necroa. I looked to JackSepticEye's channel for a few tips. I must have played the Necroa Virus more than a dozen times and nearly winning on almost all of them. Yours is the first walkthrough I looked at - and it worked!

        It took me half the time to win too. I used almost all of the genes I unlocked so far: Creationist, Teracyte, and Xerophile. I don't even remember how far into the cure it was, but I got a three star score and 15,230 points. ^_^ Thank you so much, Ashleign.

        I wonder if I could try it on Brutal. I've only used Normal.

      • profile image

        Cody Haas 17 months ago

        This guide definitely did help, I didn't have the automatic popping of bubbles on, but I did have bonus DNA on Orange bubbles.

        Guide is awesome except that you essentially NEED the Creationist Gene activated. Without it this guide failed miserably in the face of Z-Com, because I had to start early on the zombie phase with way fewer points. However, using that gene I had 80 points before I even had everyone infected and from there Z-Com was not able to expand. I recommend grinding out Neurax Worms on Casual to get the gene. (I am on a console version of the game)

      • profile image

        agreee 17 months ago

        no, it didnt worked.

      • profile image

        Roks 18 months ago

        Didn't work. just wiped all the Z's in it's initial country and then moved on to clear other.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 18 months ago

        Well actually, you will need to beat most of the levels on normal in order to progress through the game. I rather enjoy the game design due to the fact, my tutorials have now, over 5 million views. That's why I did all the tutorials on normal. Necroa is by far one of the more challenging levels. However if you scan through the comments, some have done different strategies without using the creationist gene. Even myself, I did it without the creationist. However most of those times much of the game was left to chance. I was trying to prevent the crisis of it not working for everyone, and quite frankly, it still doesn't work for everyone because people won't follow precise instructions, but what can you do?

      • profile image

        Zombinator 18 months ago

        Worked on Brutal

      • profile image

        Jay 18 months ago

        I'm sure this will work, but it sucks that beating this on NORMAL mode requires such a specific set of genetic codes. Creationist is damn near mandatory and woe betide the player who hasn't unlocked it yet. (FFS how many games on Casual will it take to unlock the one code that allows you to progress past Necroa Virus? Ridiculous game design.)

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 18 months ago

        Thank you for the comment. Hopefully it helps some of those that haven't found success with this tutorial!

      • profile image

        Shanz 18 months ago

        The best way to win this game is to begin in europe, with darwinist, and to get some transmitions but no medicine resistance and not too much transmition because you really want your infected number in each country to remain low, because next you get some non lethal symptoms to improve your severity and get more DNA when you reach new countries.

        This will allow your infected more time to spread out on the others surrounding rich countries while still keeping their relative numbers low. Then, after some time, your disese will start spreading to eastern europe or Africa, and this is when you get medicine resistance. All of a sudden, you will have most of europe infected totaly infected and about half the world already lowly infected. You slowly bring up the symptoms to the point where you can make zombies, and you do it before the cure can be cast of course.

        Now, when Zcom arrives, you don't care about it. Take the capacities to send hordes from one country to another at maximum strengh. Take every country not defended by Z com in an order do the furthest from Z com are destroyed first and the nearest last. Surround their base and send 2-3 hordes from a country that has more than 20 million zombies into it at the same time in Zcom base.

        I highly recommend you do not spend to much DNA on improving your zombie abilities or symptoms. Also, i highly recommend you use darwinist, so you can have free improvements of symptoms.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 18 months ago

        Can you explain a little bit more? ZCom is not a factor when I run this tutorial. Can you be a little more specific?

      • profile image

        OwO 18 months ago

        Tested and does not work. This tactic fails to take into account of Z-Com.

      • profile image

        IC50 18 months ago

        I didn't get any mutations and I was able to get the hard-to-reach countries, but I still got cured at an alarming rate way before everyone was infected. Bad luck or something?

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 19 months ago

        I am sorry that you have had bad luck with it. The collective has had much success. I would suggest you find a strategy for your own play style if this doesn't work for you.

      • profile image

        Zmig 19 months ago

        BS man, i dont know HOW THE HELL this worked for any1 alive, but 1, you didnt make it clear if we should devolve mutations, 2 how the hell are we supposed to infect Russia, Canada, Greenlands...? I did Exactly, copy pasted, everything (and every guide you have worked so far) and i failed miserebly/

      • profile image

        Totally Not a Zombie 20 months ago

        Funny how I started on 9/11 and ended on 11/9.

      • profile image

        21 months ago

        Worked to beat it but cure made it to 90%?

      • profile image

        Hypatia 21 months ago

        Wow! This was phenomenal, thank you! I followed your tutorial exactly. Defeated the game in 1197 days(i waited a little bit long to get 64 points), cure was at 25%. I had to devolve only once. My game was on my laptop, it might be different on tablet though. :) thanks man! Now I can move on to my new plague... ^^

      • profile image

        FiendishCatz 21 months ago

        Everyone, the reason this isn't working for you is because you're not using the Creationist gene. The beginning clearly states that it is best to use Creationist. So just keep beating more games until you can get it.

      • profile image

        Ace 21 months ago

        Do we devolve symptoms?

      • profile image

        CRYS 22 months ago

        This guide actually helped me defeat brutal stage and i've been trying to beat this on brutal for about 2 weeks lol smh

      • profile image

        Brynt 22 months ago

        if you start in Greenland then you will not have to worry about failing to infect it. Saudi Arabia is a big travel hub so it gets infected pretty quickly. took me little longer than I would have liked but once everyone got infected even if the zombies didnt kill them they still died.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 23 months ago

        You know I appreciate that you want to back link your video but it would help if you would ask next time.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 23 months ago

        The people in the government get sick they stop doing their jobs, and then anarchy. I appreciate your comment.

      • profile image

        HAHAHAME 2 years ago

        456 days and Cure was 29% Thanks man

      • Missy Fitch profile image

        Missy Fitch 2 years ago

        didn't work for me. but what did was Metobolic jump, the rest i used were the same. I did saliva 1 and water 1, Blood 1 and air 1, then Drug resistance and cold 1 and 2. Then i let it build till everyone was infected. then i went down the right side until i got to the zombie infection, then i used every available to make the zombies as bad a possible. only going to the abilities to upgrade the length of time it took them to decay.

      • profile image

        guest_user 2 years ago

        done in 575 days! thanx!

      • profile image

        Kreutzfelt 2 years ago

        this simply doesnt work

        at some point my plague mutates, and they start the cure, sweden, greenland or canada becomes unstoppable. i kill most of the world, and are left with those three, no matter what i try i lose.

        so i wont recommend this tact

      • profile image

        Anoyed 2 years ago

        Flat out doesn't work, random evolutions happen way to often usually well before you've infected everyone. It doesn't matter how many zombies are in a country, even if it's millions, as soon as Zcom shows up they are gone and the game is over. I lost FASTER with this then normally.

      • profile image

        Atomic-Leader 2 years ago

        It worked, and it had exactly 1242 days, like you had Ashleign.

      • profile image

        HarryBawlsack 2 years ago

        First try: Won 4 Stars, Second try: Won 3 stars, Third try: All zombies wiped out lost xD

      • profile image

        Montepente 2 years ago

        Wow! Been at it for days, trying to figure it out. This one won it for me first try, only change I made is I took Aquacyte instead of Aerocyte. Cure 79%! Had to devolve once.

        Thank you so much!

      • profile image

        Dave 2 years ago

        This worked beautifully. While the cure was 100%, I beat the world in 1123 days. I've been working for a long time to beat this. Thank you!

      • profile image

        ShanerX 2 years ago

        this website acts horribly in IE11, a little better in Chrome ... do you have these tutorials on YouTube?! Will definitely add you if you do!

      • profile image

        GrayWolfXfos 2 years ago

        UPDATE: works perfect, every time, just go slower in advancements, take your time! Holy crap, finally beat this one! TNX!

      • profile image

        Rozack 2 years ago

        Last time doesn't work this time Work!

      • profile image

        GrayWolfXfos 2 years ago

        Tried 3 times, just doesn't work anymore. I've gotten the entire world infected, but then killed too fast I think. Will try different strat, but thanks!

      • profile image

        Rozack 2 years ago

        If this is not work i will do it my self!

      • profile image

        kevo 2 years ago

        no matter wat i do i have da same result this is frustrating ima end up deleted dis off my xboxone

      • profile image

        Adam 2 years ago

        611 days

        Cure 54%

        works like a dream thank!

      • profile image

        Care 2 years ago

        This does work if you make one alteration--use metabolic jump (cytochrome surge works too, but I got a bit more points from metabolic jump). DO NOT use metabolic highjack. Doing this, you will have enough points to complete the rest of this walk through successfully. The only exception being if you are unlucky (using the creationist gene) and get a premature evolution of symptoms. You could still win, but it will be more difficult, and it could go either way. However, unlike most games, you can have a 100% cure and still win.

      • profile image

        Nope 2 years ago

        Didn't work at all. Sorry but this tutorial isn't the one to follow if you wanna beat this one.

      • profile image

        Robert The Cat 2 years ago

        Cure progress: 98%

        Time: 1371 days

        Name: "headcrab"

        I'm so lucky that the world was infested with headcrab zombies :D

      • profile image

        Kevin 2 years ago

        Didnt work, lost in 1805 days, brazil survived

      • pumpkincat210 profile image

        Courtney Rhodes 2 years ago from Houston, Texas U.S.A.

        thanks! i destroyed humanity in 911 days. First try following this tutorial.

      • profile image

        Azshara 2 years ago

        Tried this many times (about 15) with this strat, failed each time, infecting greenland is what's causing the issue, it takes to long and by the time it's infected the cure is already at 70+%.

      • profile image

        sarmalac 2 years ago

        I was having huge trouble with Necroa. Tried this strategy and it worked like a charm. The cure percentage got up to about 88%, and the humans did start one Z-Com base, but by that point it was too late for them and they never managed to get on top of the threat.

      • profile image

        Jordy 2 years ago


        My lazy arshole zombies have the ability to cross to adjacent isles as stated in my upgrade tree.. Only things is.. They dont!!-_-

        I can drag hordes across the bloody world but getting to new zealand gets me an EEE buzz, it does not light up either, in other words, i can't EVER send hordes to say greenland.. For reasons unknown, this is seriously frustrating..

        I'm playing this on mobile, could they have nerft the ability?? Anyway wtf

        Please help me if possible

      • profile image

        2 years ago

        Didnt work

      • profile image

        Goatfish 2 years ago

        I did as you said but failed. So I slightly changed the genes:

        - Replaced Aerocite with Aquacite (cause Greenland is a bitch to infect)

        - Replaced Metabolic Hijack with ATP Boost (for a better head-start)

        I was able to buy first transmission straight away and somehow I had a lot of orange bubbles so I managed to infect the entire world without being noticed (tough with 50 something DNA. I won in 910 days with the cure at 89%.

      • profile image

        Lance 2 years ago

        The first try, I got everybody infected before any symptoms mutated, but the cure reached 100% before I could kill everyone.

        The second try, despite using the exact genetic codes you did, Hypersalivation mutated before everybody was infected. I then just got super aggressive and would have won, if not for the half dozen Z-com bases.

        The third try, your directions did get everybody sick before any mutations arose. I saved, and then I strayed from your directions a bit and ONLY bought symptoms, the more aggressive, the better. The cure still got into the 90s, but the zombies crushed the base and killed everybody before dying off themselves. GRAINS was victorious.

        I really appreciate your tutorials. I just think Necroa has some variability that's tough to combat with a cookie cutter guide.

      • profile image

        Savis 2 years ago

        Thanks for the tutorial. I followed everything exactly and did beat it although the cure rate got way up to 91% for some reason.

      • profile image

        Cryowolf 2 years ago

        i don't understand the mentality of this game sometimes. in virus, people are puking, crapping a lot, devolping cysts and all sorts of ugly things and it goes for awhile before the world cares. in this one, ONE person starts drooling and it's "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" .. da fuq?

      • CollegeGamerGrl profile image

        CollegeGamerGrl 2 years ago

        So I've tried this like 10 times, and every time I start to evolve symptoms, the cure increases so rapidly that I can't win. I have the right genes on and everything!

      • profile image

        Robz 3 years ago

        @John. my assumption is that there is a little difference between this tutorial using pc and us using mobile phone. for me, it will still happens once or twice. just devolve them and in my case i still get 60-70pts to unleash the zombie. in my case there are more problems:

        - the cure goes on fast despite the zombie out break. i counter this by saving some dna points and use genetic reshuffle when the cure is about 90% and a good portion of the world are destroyed.

        - after i foil the cure, zombies in some countries die out way too quickly before killing/converting enough people. you have to keep raising zombies every time you get 5 dna points (make sure you evolve regenerative activation before hand). raising zombie in a country can be done by dragging the 'hand' symbol on the bottom of the screen to the troubled country (u can do that to a country that have z com base too). just a little warning, this process gives more boredom than watching paint dry.

      • profile image

        John 3 years ago

        With creationist you shouldn't have any mutations? Yeah right. Last 2 times I did this tutorial I got a symptom at the end before I infected everyone which allowed the scientists to make the cure. What is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just bad luck?

      • profile image

        meow mix 3 years ago

        It still works, worked for me.

      • profile image

        Grymm 3 years ago

        Yeah if you look at his video he's not getting any borders shut off and the cure doesn't start until hes effectively infected the whole map. When I do this though borders are being shut down and the cure is at 16 % before I can get enough points to start the zombie process. Think they patched something that makes this guide obsolete

      • Ember Heart profile image

        Ember Heart 3 years ago

        I just can't do it. I do it EXACTLY the way you do it, with the SAME genes, and about 5 seconds after getting the upgrade to Anaerobic Resuscitation, the cure is already at 15%. Wtf?

      • James Tipton profile image

        James Tipton 3 years ago from Clarksville, Tennessee

        I owe you such an apology. A few months back I tried this for hours on end, maybe over a few days, and it just wouldn't work. Random mutations, etc. ALways blew up.

        Today, no random muts. (Still no metabolic jump.) I beat the game before I was 80% done with the guide. Total Victory.

        Thank you, and sorry again.

      • profile image

        Kannai 3 years ago

        1108 days

      • profile image

        Natascha 3 years ago

        Hey ChillBilly (with tits of course),

        Thank you for the great tutorials. I don't think I would have ever gotten past some of the levels without them. They are awesome!

        For some reason, I cannot get this one to work though. I follow the instructions to the letter and every time the cure rushes ahead and destroys all my great plans for a zombie apocalypse. I don't have the metabolic hijack gene and the aerocyte gene, but can that make so big of a difference that I get my butt handed to me every time I try?

        Hugs from Denmark

      • profile image

        sarah 3 years ago

        I followed your exact directions but came across a problem. By the time the world was completely infected I only had 47 points so I couldn't get the next group of symptoms fast enough to beat zcom. I'm going to try again now with my own tweek now that I see the strategy. But it was impossible for me to "wait for 60-65" because once everyone was infected there were no more DNA points coming. Thanks for the strategy though. I was lost as to how to beat this one!

      • profile image

        Samo 3 years ago

        If you bought the game on Steam and don't have the Creationist Gene unlocked:

        1. Play a round in Normal using your favorite type.

        2. At the very end, just before the last person is dead, SAVE your game.

        3. LOAD that game and finish it again. Each time you do finish on Normal, a gene gets unlocked.

      • profile image

        Cvwtd71 3 years ago

        I have it on my andriod phone. No creationist gene but it took me 842 days. my score was doodoo thought under 7000.

      • Ashleign profile image

        Ashleign 3 years ago

        Go slower with the transmissions than I did and see if that helps.