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Plants Vs Zombies 2: Top Six Premium Plants

Updated on January 12, 2017
Some Premium Plants
Some Premium Plants

Premium Plants

Here we are with another PVZ countdown, the series where your loyal lawn warriors battle against the undead! Today, we're scoring the best premium plants! What are premiums, oh handsome internet writer, you ask. Well, most of this game is available for free, but a few plants and bonuses may only be bought with real money.

If you're like me, you're always looking to save some dough, and will opt to play without those extras (honestly, you don't really need them). But if you want a few additional upgrades and guardians, you'll have to shell out a few dollars for each; today's countdown can help you decide where your money will best be spent.

Luckily, a few premium plants may be bought with Gems (a collectible item in the game) instead of money, satisfying the cheapskate within us all. We'll note these later; for now, let's get to it and countdown the six best premium plants!


6. Jalapeno

Cost: 125 Sun
Recharge (time before you can plant another): "Slow", 35 seconds

Premium plants are sometimes accessible in the ever-changing daily party levels as a way to demonstrate their power. Jalapeno always aids in these challenging endeavors.

For 125 Sun, Jalapeno will burn one row of zombies. It won't damage multiple columns like the Cherry Bomb, but it's cheaper, burns an entire row, and recharges faster than Cherry Bomb. Give this spicy veggie a try, and watch as your foes quickly fall!

Actually, botanically, jalapenos are fruits. Huh, who knew?


5. Squash

Cost: 50 Sun
Recharge: "Sluggish", 20 seconds

Squash looks pretty grumpy; thankfully, he'll take it out on the undead and not us. Compared to other instant-use plants, his downside is range; he'll only target one grid square. Still, you can plant him in advance of zombies; he'll wait until one comes into range; this lets you get his recharge going quickly.

Unlike Jalapeno or Cherry Bomb, you can have multiple Squash at a time, and can use Plant Food to give him a powerful effect: he'll target the two strongest zombies in any row, smash them, and then return to his original spot, ready to be used.

Also, Squash costs much less than most one-shot plants, and his recharge time is better, too. You don't need premiums to beat the game, but I'll admit Squash is definitely a helpful addition.


4. Sap-fling

Cost: 150
Recharge: "Fast", 5 seconds

This plant deals no damage to zombies, but instead flings sap at them, slowing their assault and providing additional time to build your defenses. The lack of damage is disappointing, but the slowing effect serves as a unique way to delay the undead.

We already had slowing effects with cold plants like the Winter Melon or Icebery Lettuce, who would chill the zombies, but Sap-fling uses a different effect. This means you can stack them; use both ice and sap to drastically impede your enemies.

Sap-fling recharges quickly, costs little, offers a unique effect, and has a decent Plant Food attack (he'll fling the sticky substance all over the screen, slowing zombies in every row). If you want to use premiums, consider trying this unique warrior, who also happens to work well with our next plant..


3. Torchwood

Cost: 175 Sun
Recharge: "Fast"; 5 seconds

Torchwood looks tough, but won't directly attack zombies. Instead, he lights the peas shot by many plants (Peashooter, Threepeater, Pea Pod, etc.) on fire, doubling their damage Torchwood's ignition of peas will cancel out any slowing effect your cold plants will inflict, so keep him away from Winter Melon (Sap-fling works better instead).

Consider the efficiency of Torchwood. If you put him in front of a Pea Pod, which shoots five peas for 625 Sun, you'll double the damage without doubling the cost. Plus, he has an excellent Plant Food upgrade. Instead of using a powerful but brief attack, like most, Torchwood permanently spouts blue fire, now tripling the damage of peas that pass through him.

Very few zombies can withstand a few Pea Pods supported by a blue Torchwood. Definitely recommended.


2. Pea-nut

Cost: 150 Sun
Recharge: "Mediocre", 15 seconds

If you've played any games in the series, you're probably familiar with the Peashooter and Wall-nut plants. Peashooter is the most basic offensive plant, simply shooting a pea straight ahead. Wall-nut can be placed as a defensive shield to hold off zombies, who will spend a lot of time gnawing on the tough plant.

Well, combine these two lawn guardians, and you have the Pea-nut! He'll attack foes while obstructing their path with his tough body.

150 Sun is an excellent price for a plant who can simultaneously attack and defend. Plus, he even recharges a bit faster than regular Wall-nuts, giving an extra advantage. As if that weren't enough, Pea-nut's Plant Food ability is great. He heals any damage he's taken, fires 60 peas in his row, and receives a metal helmet that will boost his max health.

If you're looking for a staunch defender who also offers a pinch of offense, give this scrumptious plant a try.

Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper

1. Ghost Pepper

Cost: 75 Sun
Recharge: "Medicore", 15 seconds

Ghost Pepper accesses plenty of boons. First, she's invincible; zombies will pass through her and cannot eat her body. Second, she acts as a somewhat delayed bomb, exploding and damaging numerous grid squares several seconds after you place her. Finally, while she's charging her blast, she'll haunt the square she's in and ones to the right and left of her, dealing damage to any foes within the range. Plant her a couple spaces ahead of the tougher zombie, and you'll have a cheap bomb that damages foes before detonating.

Ghost Pepper's Plant Food effect resets her timer, and increases her haunting range to a 4 by 3 area, which can really decimate your opposition. Best of all, she's available to buy with Gems instead of actual money, so you can enjoy her presence without paying a cent.

Sometimes she's unavailable on the market; check the store periodically for events that enable her purchase (holidays, especially Halloween, are good times to look). For her efficient cost, powerful blast, and widespread availability, Ghost Pepper claims first place in today's contest.

Which premium do you favor?

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully you've enjoyed today's glimpse at some powerful and exclusive plants. If you can afford it, give them a try to support the game and add to your repertoire.

We still have many plants and zombies to explore in upcoming countdowns, but for now, let me know which premium you prefer, check out the table below to view the premiums available with Gems, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

Premiums you can buy with Gems (when available)

Gem Cost
Ghost Pepper
Homing Thistle
Sweet Potato
Fire Peashooter
Gems are rare (zombies occasionally drop them), but keep playing, and eventually you'll collect plenty. For those in a hurry, you can buy Gems using real money.


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    • profile image

      Someone 9 months ago

      I'm surprised you've put Pea-Nut here, most of people will put it in the worst plants list, before one of the updates it needed 40 bites until it defeated, Half from a Wall-Nut, and the zombies dealt 40 damage to it, it will lose half of it's shooting speed, but in the chinese version he's fine

      And no, I don't hate you

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