Pokemon Go - How to Use Your Special Attack

Updated on August 18, 2016

What is the Special Attack of a Pokemon?

In Pokemon Go, each Pokemon is randomly assigned a special attack from a pool of special attacks that are assigned to each Pokemon. Some are better than others, but they all have their own abilities and animations.

There are many different elements in Pokemon Go, but the element that is chosen for the special attack may be different from the assigned element of the Pokemon that you are using!

The purpose of using the Special Attack during a gym battle is to do more damage to the Pokemon that you are fighting in order to take down the other teams' gym.


How Do You Use the Special Attack of a Pokemon?

In order to use the special attack of a Pokemon, you have to hold down your finger for a second in order to activate the special attack. In order to attack normally, one must repeatedly tap on the screen in order for their Pokemon to attack. Thus, a break from tapping repeatedly is all that is required, and your special attack will activate.

However, in order for you to use your special attack, your blue bar needs to be filled. Some Pokemon have many blue bars that fill at certain intervals, while others may only have one large bar. The Pokemon that has many small bars can use their special attack frequently, although it may be weaker. The Pokemon with one large bar must wait until it fills entirely before it can be used.

In order to fill up the blue bar gauge, you need to attack the enemy Pokemon.

You will know that the special attack has worked if the top and bottom of the screen turns dark and the name of the special attack appears on the screen.

When is the Best Time to Use a Special Attack?

The best time to use a special attack is when they have just used an attack or their special ability. This is due to the fact that after the enemy has attacked, they won't be attacking for a short period of time, which is when you need to use your special ability because it takes a little while to activate. Otherwise, you won't be able to dodge attacks or the enemies' special attack if you're in the middle of activating your own move.

Just remember that if you defeat the other Pokemon quick enough, it will not have enough time for it to use its own special attack.

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