Pokemon Go - How to Level Up With a Lucky Egg

Updated on August 18, 2016

What is a Lucky Egg?

A lucky egg is a cash shop item that can be bought from the item shop or from leveling up.

A lucky egg can be activated for a time period of 30 minutes where all experience points (exp) are doubled for the duration.

Lucky Eggs
Lucky Eggs per PokeCoin

How Many Lucky Eggs Should You Buy?

You should buy however many lucky eggs you think that you will need in order to level up. You should also buy the eggs based upon how many PokeCoins you have, or how many you are willing to purchase.

It is always cheaper and more cost-efficient to purchase more Lucky Eggs because it becomes cheaper to buy them in bulk. As shown in the table above, the least cost-effective way of purchasing lucky eggs is one at a time, but keep in mind that you'll never know how many lucky eggs you'll need.


How do you use a Lucky Egg?

In order to use the Lucky Egg, you need to go to your items and simply tap it. Afterwards, you need to get to work earning exp and making sure that it's being used to its' full potential.

There is a strategy that you can use involving evolving Pokemon that can be used to maximize the use of a Lucky Egg, which will be described below.

How to Use Evolution's to Maximize the Use of a Lucky Egg

When evolving Pokemon normally, you get 500 exp if it's being evolved into a Pokemon you don't have, and a base 500 exp just for evolving. This is a lot of exp, and can be utilized with a lucky egg.

By using a lucky egg, your exp will be doubled for 30 minutes. Thus, you can evolve a Pokemon and get 1,000 exp for evolving and 1,000 exp if it's being evolved into a Pokemon that you do not have. Thus, it is more cost effective to save all of your evolution's for when you use a Lucky Egg in order to get the bonus 500 exp for free.

In order to maximize the use of evolving, it's best to calculate how many evolution's you can get per lucky egg ahead of time. The best Pokemon to use for evolving a large amount of Pokemon are Pidgeys and the other Pokemon that you commonly see everywhere you go. Thus, it's worth it to spend time to catch all the Pokemon that you can, simply because you can get one evolution and 1,000 bonus exp for every 4 Pidgeys that you catch when evolving with a lucky egg.


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