Pokemon Go Is An Overrated Piece of Crap

Updated on January 29, 2018
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When the game came out, I could not get away from hearing about it on YouTube, Twitter, news sites, gaming sites, Reddit, etc. The amount of hype for this game was practically disgusting. And I bought into it and got the game and walked around catching Pidgeys in the park and looking at imaginary Weedles on my lap like a freaking lunatic, and going to whatever business had paid to make itself a Pokestop. But by now, I'm pretty bored with all that, and I wonder why the game was so popular since it's just not that great. The answer is simple: PR masquerading as journalism, the scourge of the blogging/internet journalism world. I write the simple truth about my experience, but the more financially-successful bloggers with more hits are being paid to promote bogus products. The scary thing is, it works.

What I Liked About the Game:

Pokemon Go was not terrible though. I liked a few things about it, including:

  • Appreciation for local art and historical sites, which are usually PokeStops.
  • The gameplay concept is truly a new thing I hadn't experienced before.
  • It's good that the game encourages children (and adults) to be active.


What I Disliked:

But there were numerous faults and flaws with the game that none of the glowing (undoubtedly paid) reviews mentioned, like:

  • It takes a frustratingly long time to evolve a Pokemon.
  • It's difficult to battle people, and impossible to fight in a gym at the level you CAN fight in a gym.
  • The game does not explain how battling works to you at all. I'm not going to bother Googling basic shit about the game-play that the game should explain. Everything there is to know about the game should be in the game (for the most part). This game does not have enough exposition.
  • I don't like having to walk to play it. I wish at least that there was an option for not having that. It means going out into my usually crowded and busy neighborhood when I'd rather avoid doing so. I like games you sit down to play. Guess that makes me old fashioned.
  • It's gimicky and overhyped.
  • It is a mobile game you have to leave your house to play, meaning I have to leave the comforts of Wifi-land and venture off into places where I will not get a signal.
  • Since you will often end up in a place with no signal, the game often screws up and freezes.
  • There's no real mission or story, it didn't feel like there was a point to what I was doing. It's just encouraging a mindless consumer frenzy, much like the original Pokemon phenomenon wave, except this time the actions you take as the player are less meaningful, you're not really saving a fictional world or helping out fictional people. I hesitate to even call it a video game, since it is so lacking in story development. As opposed to a game I love, Skyrim, yeah... it's not looking so good. This was hyped as practically the Pokemon equivalent of Skyrim, and uh, it's not.


If you liked the game, good for you. But I had serious issues with it. To be honest, I would regret paying for this crap if the game hadn't been free. Overall, the game just seemed empty, flat, and lazily developed, with no plot to speak of. I love Pokemon, but this game is not going to be any sort of favorite of mine in the franchise. Basically, I'm just super disappointed with this game because it started so much media buzz, and doesn't really deliver what was promised by said buzz.

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      • profile image

        RachaelLefler 20 months ago

        Another thing I want to add: I really wish the game had the option of battling wild Pokemon. The only way you can power up or evolve your Pokemon in the game is by catching more and more wild Pokemon; that's what I meant by consumerist frenzy.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 20 months ago from Illinois

        I'm sorry for the hurt feelings, but I do prefer games that don't freeze up nearly every time I play them. They clearly rushed through the development and are selling the Pokemon name, not a good game that would succeed if it were called something else.

      • profile image

        Milljun Edzel 20 months ago

        Pokemon Go game is a nice game and don't say it a crap.

        You hurt so many feelings to Pokemon fan and I'm the one of them.