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Pokemon Go: Tips and Advice

Updated on January 19, 2017
One exception to powering up Pokemon before level 30 is finding perfect IV high-tier Pokemon with ideal move sets.
One exception to powering up Pokemon before level 30 is finding perfect IV high-tier Pokemon with ideal move sets.

Tips to navigate this advice

The first half of this advice article is for all players, regardless of their progress. The second half of this advice article is more advanced, and will be useful for veterans more concerned with gym battling than leveling. Advanced players ought to skim the beginning, and should not be discouraged from continuing. There's plenty to learn before you're done!

Do not power up Pokemon until Levels 25-30

Stardust is one of the most valuable resources in the game, and ought not to be used too soon. Do not power up any of your Pokemon until at least level 25, or you risk wasting stardust. This is mainly because Pokemon you catch level with you up to a certain point, so you will soon catch Pokemon on par with early-level power ups. Consider waiting until level 30--especially for rare Pokemon. You do not want to power up the random Dragonite you caught in the wild at level six just to catch one that is nearly perfect and have nothing to strengthen it. You want to make sure you have more than enough Stardust and candies to power up your very best Pokemon, most of which you will not find at level five. Therefore, at early levels, your main priority should be to level yourself as quickly as possible, and you should never power up a Pokemon.

Only use 5k and 10k eggs to level. Hatch 2k eggs via the unlimited incubator as soon as that incubator is available.
Only use 5k and 10k eggs to level. Hatch 2k eggs via the unlimited incubator as soon as that incubator is available.

Use eggs to level quickly

The highest-yield of experience comes from hatching 10 kilometer eggs. It provides 1000 experience points (XP). The next best yield is a tie between hatching 5 kilometer eggs, registering a new Pokemon in the Pokedex, or evolving a Pokemon. These each provide 500 XP.

An item called Lucky Egg provides double experience for 30 minutes. The best way to utilize this item is to find the method that creates the most XP per time. As you can probably guess, this comes from hatching eggs. Use incubators on 5 and 10 kilometer eggs such that they only require 0.5 to 1 kilometer to hatch. Activate your lucky egg, walk, and evolve until the hatch animation occurs. When "Oh?" appears, pinch the screen to skip the animation during each hatch.

After all eggs are hatched, continue to evolve until the Lucky Egg expires. By adding this procedure to your Lucky Egg regime, you can rack up experience. You also run the possibility of registering new Pokemon, which has a higher XP/time yield than evolving, and is the second-best way to maximize experience during a Lucky Egg run.

Catch Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie to level

Make sure can evolve about 80 times per Lucky Egg run, so you do not run out of Pokemon to evolve. You will not use all 80, but it is better to have too many than too few. The best Pokemon to evolve are those that will yield a new entry into the Pokedex. After that, any Pokemon evolution will suffice. Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie are unique, because they all require only 12 candies to evolve, which is the lowest number of all current Pokemon. They are also some of the most abundant and easy to catch, so you will find many of them, and you will waste fewer Poke Balls per experience potential using them than you will with any other Pokemon.

My case appears bulkier because of a rubber card holder I attached. Charge separately to maximize rate of charge.
My case appears bulkier because of a rubber card holder I attached. Charge separately to maximize rate of charge.

Invest in that charge case

My understanding is that the newest generation of phones likely last long enough as long as charged nightly. If you have a phone that does not require more battery life, save your money and ignore this advice. For everyone else, please continue.

External battery packs have flooded the market since Pokemon Go came out. While they work pretty well, it's very awkward to carry around two devices with a cord. Luckily, there are battery packs that double as cases. I personally use one of these with my iPhone 5c, and it works great. The only real downside is that these are often bulky.

On the plus side, a charge case will garner much less attention than a battery pack. It also effectively increases the rate of charging your phone to its prior maximum capacity, since you can charge your phone and case separately at home. Don't forget to get the correct screen protector (if you do not already have one).

Know where to stock up

Unless you are loaded, you will need Poke Stops to acquire Poke Balls and other items. You may as well hit up every one you come across, but unless you live in the city, that will not be enough. I have provided a link to a map. Use it to locate a Poke Stop dense location in your area. Consider creating a circuit that takes about five minutes to complete, since that is about how long it takes for Poke Stops to renew.

Discard items strategically

Your Potion and Super Potion take up the same amount of storage space in your bag. If you want to get rid of items to make room for Poke Balls, discard all regular Potions before you consider discarding Super Potions. Some items are objectively better than others. Be mindful of this.

Train gyms efficiently

If you find a friendly gym and want to train it, do not necessarily use your strongest Pokemon. Use Pokemon with Combat Power (CP) no greater than half the weakest Pokemon defender. This will maximize the Prestige (the quality that strengthens a gym) gained by the gym, thereby minimizing your efforts.

Learn how to place successful gym defenders

After you start gym battling, you will likely forget where you placed each defender. I designate a Pokemon for each gym, and name it by some characteristic of that location. The Vaporeon imaged has IVs of 91.1 percent (meaning its genetics place it as 91.1 percent perfect). It is placed at a gym designated by an anchor, so if it is kicked out, I know exactly where it was last placed. Its high combat power (CP) will intimidate attackers and prevent it from being knocked out before Pokemon placed with lower CP. The move-set is ideal for defending. Other fans of the franchise have devoted a lot of time into figuring this out. I will provide a link that will allow you to find the IV of your Pokemon. I will also link you to data that will help you determine the quality and uses of a move-set.

Place at long-term gyms

Once every 21 hours, you may go to your shop and collect stardust and coins for each Pokemon in a defending gym. This works for up to 10 Pokemon placed as defenders (although you can place more than 10, you may only collect for that many). This means you have incentive to take, and more importantly hold gyms.

It probably will not take you very long to realize some gyms last longer than others. I have placed defenders in gyms overtaken in less than five minutes. Through observation, I have also placed defenders that have lasted two months. The key to placing long-term defenders successfully is finding the right gym. Look in rural locations. If the gym is already your color, and also very strong already, chances are it will last at least a few days. Use the following link to find gyms that might work.

Just for clarity, it would take catching 5 Pokemon to acquire the same amount of Stardust as a single gym acquisition. This means that holding ten gyms is the same as catching fifty Pokemon, as far as Stardust is concerned. That's a lot of bacon! You also get ten coins per defender, so you can get up to about 100 coins per day. That is about one US dollar in value.


Remember to check back to refresh and catch any new advice I decide to add. I eventually plan on creating a sophisticated Poke Ball throwing tutorial, so be sure to follow. Please provide more advice in the comments section below, and I may add it.


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    • Paxash profile image

      Darcie Nadel 3 months ago from Louisiana

      I agree that powering up Pokemon at early levels is pointless, but I don't think it's necessary to wait until 30. Around 25 might be a bit more reasonable, considering how much of a grind it is to level once you hit the mid 20s or so.

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