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Pokemon Go: Tips and Tricks for 2016

Updated on August 23, 2016

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a real world single or multiplayer adventure game built on Niantic's Real World Gaming Platform based on the Nintendo's very popular video game, Pokemon. By using your Android or Apple device, this game combines the real world and the virtual world by using GPS to track your location and allow you to catch Pokemon in your own neighborhood or even in your own bedroom seen through the camera on your device.

As you explore your surroundings you can find and catch over a hundred different types of Pokemon. For those of you adults interested in the game you may recognize some of these Pokemon from your childhood!

You are not limited to your own home and neighborhood. You are able to take Pokemon Go with you worldwide. So many new world's for you to explore!

Pokemon Go Gameplay

I found that I had to learn how to play the Pokemon Go game by trial and error. There was not much for instructions on what to do after I downloaded the game onto my Android device. My suggestion is to read up on Pokemon Go game play prior to actually playing the game so that you can get the most out of Pokemon Go.

My personal Pokemon Go trainer.
My personal Pokemon Go trainer.

Your Pokemon Go Trainer

First things first. Upon first launching your Pokemon Go game you will get to customize your trainer. You can choose things like skin color, eye and hear color, hair style, clothing and accessories. There are a few options in each category of customization, however, this part of the game is slightly limited.

You will be able to see your character walking (or running) around on your map. And others will see your character when you are at the gym.

The more more you play the game the more experience your trainer gets and the higher the level they become. The higher the trainer level the more perks you will receive. Such as the ability to capture stronger, more rare Pokemon.

Although you can see your trainer on the Pokemon Go map, at this time you cannot see other player's trainer's. Even if that person is standing right next to you. This game is still brand new. Perhaps interacting with other Pokemon Go users is in the future for Pokemon Go?

The games intent is to get you out walking. Therefore, driving in your car down the highway will NOT incubate your eggs, nor are you likely to see Pokemon (or at least as many as you would walking). And it is difficult to collect all the items at a Pokestop while doing a drive by. So please be safe and do not play this game while driving. It does not benefit you in anyway.

Pikachu As First Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Your Very First Pokemon on Pokemon Go

After you have created your Pokemon Go trainer professor Willow will teach you how to catch your very first Pokemon. Three Pokemon will appear in front of you, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

You can choose any of these three Pokemon. Or you can choose a fourth, Pikachu. If you want Pikachu as your very first Pokemon on Pokemon Go all you have to do if walk away from your first three choices. Literally walk away from them. Head down the sidewalk/road/ect. in the opposite direction that they appear on your screen.

Once they are out of view they will once again pop up on your screen and ask you to choose. Simply walk again and keep walking away until Pikachu appears along side them. This make take three or four tries.

I have tested this theory and it really does work! I believe I had to walk away from the Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle three times before I was offfered a Pikachu.

Pokestop straight ahead!
Pokestop straight ahead!
Clicked on the Pokestop while standing beside it.
Clicked on the Pokestop while standing beside it.


Pokestops are a very important feature in Pokemon Go. They appear on your map screen as blue towers with a floating box on top. When you are near enough to a Pokestop you can click on it and it will appear as pictured on the right with an explanation of what the site/building is actually called in the real world.

If you are too far from the Pokestop, you can still click on it. However, you cannot get any rewards from it at a distanance and it will tell you "this Pokestop is too far away".

If you are close enough to your Pokestop use your finger to swipe on your device from one side to the other. Picture the circle as a coin and you are spinning it with your finger. The circle will then spin and drop some rewards for you such as pokeballs, potions, eggs, ect. You then will have to wait at least five minutes before this particular location will give you more rewards.

I am going to go after the Pokemon circled. It is not as close as the Ratatta. However, this is a new Pokemon for me. It appears as a shadow because I have never seen one before.
I am going to go after the Pokemon circled. It is not as close as the Ratatta. However, this is a new Pokemon for me. It appears as a shadow because I have never seen one before.
Once the Pokemon appears on your screen it is close enough to catch. Click on it.
Once the Pokemon appears on your screen it is close enough to catch. Click on it.
After clicking on the Pokemon it will appear in front of you as well as your Pokeball and it is time to catch it!
After clicking on the Pokemon it will appear in front of you as well as your Pokeball and it is time to catch it!

Catching Pokemon on Pokemon Go

To find Pokemon one must walk around outside (or sometimes your home). I usually keep to well populated areas (there were absolutely no Pokemon on my parents farmyard) that show up on my map as roads and sidewalks.

There is an area on the the lower right hand side of the screen with little Pokemon images. If you click on it it will show you how many Pokemon are in the immediate area. If there is nothing here, keep walking, that means no Pokemon are near by. The tracks below the Pokemon figure indicate how close the Pokemon is. If there is one footprint the Pokemon is very near and should pop up on your screen shortly. If there are three tracks below the Pokemon that means you need to walk a little further before you will see that Pokemon on your screen.

The Pokemon appear as shadows if you have never seen that type of Pokemon before. Once you have seen they certain Pokemon before it will then appear in colour.

Once a Pokemon appears on your map, click on it to catch it. Once you click on it, your device will use it's camera and the Pokemon will appear in front of you and appear to be in the "real world". The stronger the Pokemon the harder it will be to catch. The Pokemon may jump out of the way of your Pokeball, or just when you think you have caught it, it may break out of the Pokeball.

To throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon, press on the ball on your screen. A green circle will appear around the Pokemon and will begin to shrink. You are more likely to successfully catch the Pokemon if you throw your ball when that circle is as small as it gets. That way you are most likely to catch it. Whether the ring is big or small though, the Pokeball needs to be thrown through the ring to catch it. If the ring is green that means that the Pokemon is easier to catch, yellow/orange means that the Pokemon is medium strength to catch and red means that the Pokemon is difficult to catch.

If the ring around your Pokemon is yellow or red and you have a stronger ball such as a great ball, ultra ball or a master ball. You can use one of these balls and the circle colour will downgrade and the Pokemon will be easier to catch.

To throw the Pokeball, simply swipe your finger towards the Pokemon. If you miss, that ball is lost and you will need to start over with a new ball.

If the Pokemon breaks out of the ball or if you miss don't feel discouraged. Try again! It's not very often that the Pokemon actually runs away after breaking out of a Pokeball.

Once you have caught your Pokemon a picture of it and a description will appear on your screen. This information will tell you what the Pokemon is, the cp level, the hp level, the type, how much candy and stardust you gained from it's capture and more!

Tip: They say if you tap your Pokeball after the Pokemon has been captured it is less likely to break free.


Pokemon Eggs

You can collect Pokemon eggs from Pokestops and to hatch them can involve a heck of a lot of walking. You start with one egg incubator and can purchase more if you would like.

When you look at your eggs you will notice that some say 2 kms, 5 kms, 10 kms ect. This is how far you must walk (not drive, this is too fast!) before your egg will hatch. Pick an egg, place it in your incubator and get walking!

Once they hatch your mystery Pokemon is reveled and you can hatch another!

Tip: Be warned that your incubator may a limit on how many total eggs it can incubate.

Pokemon Go Items

By clicking on the Pokeball on the main screen you can get to your items. Some items you started the game with, some you have collected at Pokestops or were given when leveling up.

Potion: Pokemon get wounded in battle and will need to be healed so that they can fight again or protect your gym. This is where the potion comes in. It will increase your Pokemon's health by 20 points per potion.

Revive: When completely beaten a Pokemon will faint. This is where the revive comes in. It will revive your fainted Pokemon or restore a half fainted Pokemon to full health.

Incense: Burning incense creates a fragrance around you for 30 mins, bringing Pokemon to you. Find an area where your favorite Pokemon live and burn some incense.

Pokeballs: These are what are used to catch your wild Pokemon. These can be bought or usually found at your Pokestops.

Camera: You can take photographs of Pokemon in the wild.

Egg Incubator: The incubator you are given at the start has an unlimited amount of uses. While the one that you purchase can only be used three times before it breaks. Place an egg in either one of these and walk until it hatches.

Pokemon Go Shop

You can buy anything you need at the Pokemon Go shop. However, you need gold coins (or Pokecoins) to purchase these items.

You can receive daily Pokecoins if you take over an enemy gym. This may be fairly easy if the other team does not have many gym members. Or very difficult if it's full of trainer's with tough Pokemon to beat. Once you have become the leader of the gym you will receive daily Pokecoins (roughly 10 Pokecoins every 21 hours).

You can also buy Pokecoins with real money if this is something that interests you.

Double Lure On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Lures

A lure is a pink item that you can find in your items (after a certain level). Or in the Pokemon shop. Unlike and incense a lure can only be used at a Pokestop. Choose a Pokestop that you want to sit at for 30 mins. Click on it, click on the space around the circle that you spin and select your lure.

Once you setup a lure you (and everyone else around this Pokestop) will have Pokemon in that area coming to you. Instead of you going out to find them.

You can also benefit from someone else's lure. Simply look at your Pokemon Go map and if you see a Pokestop that is pink instead of blue, with pink pieces flying in the air around it. This is a lure. Go to that Pokestop and you will have Pokemon coming to you for however much time is remaining on that person's lure.

Sharing a Pokemon lure is a good thing. Everyone around that Pokemon will be more or less seeing the exact same Pokemon. And they do not disappear for one person if someone else catches it first. Therefore, giving everyone a fair chance to benefit from the lure.

The best way to use a Pokemon lure we have found. Is to find a Pokestop in the middle of nowhere. One that shows there are no "nearby pokemon". This is the best place to set up a lure. We have found that by setting up a lure where there are no Pokemon seems to give you all kinds of rarer Pokemon. You won't get a flood of Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas. Instead you may get some Machops, Doduos, Sandshrews, ect.

More Pokemon lures means that more Pokemon will show up!
More Pokemon lures means that more Pokemon will show up!

About The Pokemon of Pokemon Go

You can view your Pokemon at any time you want simply by clicking the Pokeball on the main screen and clicking on "Pokemon".

You may see that you have duplicates, and this is a good thing. Click on the duplicate of a lower CP level and select transfer at the bottom of the screen. This will transfer (or set free) your Pokemon to the Professor and in return you will receive a candy that can later be used to evolve your Pokemon. So never let an opportunity to catch a Pokemon pass.

You can use your candy to evolve your Pokemon into the next "level" of that type of Pokemon. It will be stronger and have different attacks. You can also use your candy and stardust to power up your Pokemon so that they are stronger.

Tip: There is apparently no benefit on whether you power up or evolve the Pokemon first in regards to the end result.

Pokemon Go Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Pokemon Go

Other Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

  • Get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. When the professor offers you charmander, bulbasaur or squirtle. Literally walk away (like in real life walk away). Your phone will then vibrate and you will be offered these 3 again. Once again, walk away. Keep doing this until the professor offers you Pikachu.
  • Water Pokemon can generally be found near water such as lakes and rivers.
  • Fire Pokemon can generally be found near gas stations.
  • Circle colours around the Pokemon. Green= Easy Catch, Yellow= Moderate Catch, Red= Hard Catch.
  • Rustling leaves means that there is a wild Pokemon near by.
  • Nocturnal Pokemon come out at night.
  • Switching off the AR mode turns off your camera and allows you to catch the Pokemon in the virtual world rather than in the real world. This may increase your chances of catching the Pokemon.
  • You join at team at level 5. Either blue, red or yellow.
  • CP means combat power.
  • At level 5 you can fight at a gym. And maybe even take it over.
  • Spawning area's with will spawn groups of different Pokemon throughout the day. If you are lucky, you may find an area that often has 4 or 5 Pokemon each time you visit!
  • Save all your evolves for when you use your lucky egg. This will give you double the points and help you to level up faster.
  • Certain Pokemon can only be caught in certain area's of the world. Such as the Tauros in North America, Farfetch'd in Asia, Kangasghan in Australia, Mr.Mime in Europe. However, all these Pokemon can be hatched from eggs anywhere in the world.
  • Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo and any of the legendary birds, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno. Do NOT currently spawn in the game. This may change in the future.

Need To Get Places Quicker?

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