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"PunBall" Daily Challenges Guide

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Daily Challenges in PunBall

Added to the game in early December 2021, this new mode allows players to earn extra rewards playing a unique challenge that rotates daily. It's the first alternate mode to be added to PunBall and aims to add some texture to the gameplay for those stuck on certain stages. Grinding the same stage can obviously be boring or tedious, but Daily Challenges allow a way for players to make meaningful progress, enjoying a different type of gameplay, even if they are otherwise stuck in the main mode.

Entry Point

To view the daily challenge, tap the button on the main screen to the left of the standard start button.

To view the daily challenge, tap the button on the main screen to the left of the standard start button.

How It Works

Daily challenges aren't particularly confusing, but there are a few things to take special note of.

  1. You get a new challenge every day based on the game's server time. For reference, the day turns over at 8am PST (GMT-8). However, you can view the remaining time of a challenge at the top of the screen below the max level text.
  2. There are daily modifiers changing how the game works. They can be minor or dramatic. A few examples including increasing damage or enemy health, but they can also be weirder, such as enemies only take 1 damage when hit from behind or can spawn anywhere on the board. I once had a modifier where you got all 3 skills randomly given from the blue cube rather than just picking 1.
  3. You get 2 free attempts; they cost 20 energy each. You can pay gems to make a 3rd attempt, but I do not recommend doing this. If you can't do well enough in 2 attempts, the 3rd is unlikely to be profitable for you. However, given your remaining rewards, confidence, and the general high drop rate of loot in this mode, it's not always a bad idea.

The levels seem to be a bit more aggressive with more enemies spawning and 2 bosses in the 40 levels; in the main line you may only get 1. You also seem to start with a lot of balls to compensate (which may increase the priority of combo skills). Given the modifiers, there are often a lot of high health enemies and high ball count shots. Though this does make the mode more explosive, it also makes it take a lot more time than a standard play. However, this comes with much greater rewards.


Rewards from Daily Challenges come in 2 forms:

  1. There are stage chests granting gems for clearing 20, 30, and all 40 levels. They can vary, but they tend to offer a decent amount of gems, easily over 100 for a full clear.
  2. Stage rewards are high, with more coins, items, etc., than a typical play as well. At a rough estimate, I'd estimate somewhere between 50% more to 100% more than where you are in the normal stages.
  3. Stage rewards (and difficulty) do scale with your progress in the main stages, so this system will always be a challenge, but it is also very rewarding.

Altogether, this makes Daily Challenges very rewarding to play. It should generally be the first point you should be engaging in the game. If you only plan to play a little in a day, then play this mode! However, admittedly, it can be a little irritating because the level notably takes longer due to more balls and higher combos. Regardless, it is worth the extra time.

Final Thoughts

As of December 2021, PunBall is fairly early in its life. As such, it has limited features beyond the standard gameplay modes. This Daily Challenge feature introduces a welcomed additional way to play and some meaningful texture to the experience. The modifiers can be interested though I do wish they would push the designs further. It can also be annoying as it takes so much longer to play. However, it's certainly more interesting than grinding the same level repeatedly and the rewards are there to justify any added time or cost.