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"PunBall" Equipment Types, Special Skills, and Upgrade Guide

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"PunBall" guide

"PunBall" guide

Equipment in PunBall

Equipment functions fairly normally in PunBall, acting simply as gear you assign to slots on your character, granting your character additional stats and perks. There are six types of equipment you can use, including:

  • Wand
  • Ring
  • Bracers
  • Crown
  • Robe
  • Boots

Equipping gear into these slots will be the very first power spike in the game, as it contributes a very high percentage of the total stats available to acquire. Acquiring gear is simple and occurs consistently throughout the game. It can drop in standard rewards, purchased from many store items or from special events.

Equipment Rarity

Equipment rarity, denoted by color, determines the base stats a piece of equipment grants, what perks are unlocked, as well as how many additional stats it accumulates as you level it up and the maximum level it can reach. Rarities are:

  • Normal (White)
  • Good (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)
  • Honour (Red)

Rarity is increased by combining multiple copies of the same item. For example, you combined 2 Normal items into a 3rd Normal item of the same type to convert it to a Good item. Upon reaching Epic, this paradigm briefly changes to combining 1 Epic of the broader item type (EX: Any ring instead of just the werewolf ring) into another Epic to increase its level to Epic+1. This can be done a second time to increase it to Epic+2. Then the upgrade path returns to requiring the specific item to increase it from Epic+2 to Legendary.

Example Perks

Upon viewing an item, you can see what perks are granted by a piece of equipment when it reaches a given rarity. For example, the Lion Bracers unlock:

  • Rare: When there are more than 15 monsters, attack +40%
  • Epic: Attack +10%
  • Legendary: When there are more than 15 monsters, damage is dealt to all monsters

For a few more examples, view the screenshots below.

Relic Epics

A new twist on a typical gear system, Relic Epics are a different kind of Epic that may be more reminiscent of a unique item system. Denoted by a rainbow border, they can only be earned at Epic level, so there is no lower rarity variant and thus far appear to be exclusive to store items or special events. For example, they drop at a 0.5% rate in the Punbox, much lower than the 4.5% for Epic. They otherwise upgrade the same way other gear items do, continuing from Epic to Epic+1, Epic+2, Legendary, etc.

Relic Epics feature significantly higher stats both starting and for each upgrade than standard Epics. They also feature better rarity perks. Generally speaking, they are incredibly strong across the board but also significantly more rare. To make things even more challenging, while reaching Epic+2 can be achieved by combining regular Epics, getting to Legendary requires once again using the specific item, so you'll need dupes of an already incredibly rare item. This effectively makes Relic Epics the strongest gear but also massively more rare and expensive to achieve in the highest rarities.

Upgrading Equipment Level

In addition to rarity, each piece of equipment also has a level. Leveling up equipment increases its stats.

  • Wands, Bracers, and Rings increase in attack
  • Crowns, Robes, and Boots increase in HP

In order to level up your gear, you need to spend coins and scrolls. Coins are generic and are granted nearly everywhere in game. Scrolls are specific to each gear type (EX: Bracers) and also drop very commonly just by playing the game normally.

There is a maximum level you can upgrade your equipment to, and it's determined by the rarity of your equipment. For example:

  • Normal gear maxes at 10
  • Good gear maxes at 15
  • Rare gear maxes at 20
  • Epic maxes at 30
  • Epic+1 maxes at 35
  • Epic+2 maxes at 40

Take note that each level provides additional stats, but that stat bonus is increased at higher rarities as well, making rarity improvements a notable power spike. For example, taking a Rare at level 20 to an Epic at level 20 provides some base improvement for Epic in addition to 20 levels of higher stats for the higher bonus from each Epic level.

A Reliable System

The equipment system is nearly exactly the same as Habby's previous game Archero with just a few minor tweaks. The most notable tweaks are the change in upgrading Epics and the idea of a Relic Epic. These changes are certainly welcomed additions and add a new twist and better upgrade cadence to the game. Otherwise, the system is acceptable without being particularly unique and exciting, though it does maintain an easy simplicity.